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Naze Turbine (名瀬・タービン Naze Tābin?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Personality & Character

Despite being the leader of the Turbines, a subsidiary of Teiwaz, Naze is courteous and easygoing. While ruthless to his enemies, he is loyal to his friends and crew, and does have clear lines of morality, being disgusted with how the Tekkadan's crew were fitted with the Alaya-Vijnana system despite being children by their former employer.

Skills & Abilities

Naze is a skilled ship captain, showing little to no worry when engaging in battle. He is also able to pilot the Hammerhead on his own.


Naze's harem of wives came to be by hiring women to be part of his crew to keep them from more dangerous work. He loved them all - although seeing most as daughters instead of wives - and made their happiness and prosperity his top priority. When Maruba Arkay requested the aid of Teiwaz in retaking what he had lost from Tekkadan, Naze and his Turbines set out to assist. While his wives proved to be a match for Tekkadan's Mobile Suits - even Mikazuki Augus's Gundam Barbatos - Naze's opinion of Maruba soured after the latter revealed his callous disregard for his former subordinates' well-being. As such, he called off the Turbines and negotiated an agreement with Tekkadan, forming a blood oath with Orga Itsuka and sending Maruba to work in a mine as punishment for "wasting" Teiwaz's resources on his grudge. Naze and the Turbines would assist Tekkadan in their battle against the Brewers, with Naze himself ordering a ramming attack against the Brewers' flagship with his own vessel, the Hammerhead. He also made efforts to support Tekkadan in subsequent conflicts, even having two of his group's Hyakurens remodeled into Roueis to let them assist Tekkadan without giving away Teiwaz's involvement.

Following the Battle of Edmonton and Tekkadan's expansion, Naze warned Orga not to push Teiwaz too hard, making it clear that he would side with McMurdo without hesitation if need be. However, he soon found himself with problems of his own; jealous of Naze's status in Teiwaz, Jasley Donomikols collaborated with Iok Kujan to destroy the Turbines and Tekkadan in one fell swoop. After Tekkadan's battle with the Mobile Armor Hashmal, Naze was framed for transporting an illegal weapon, the Dainsleif-type railgun. This resulted in the Turbines being labelled as an "illegal organization," allowing Iok to deploy the Arianrhod Fleet against them.

Realizing that the odds were stacked against him, Naze ordered all of the Turbines to evacuate, leaving him alone to pilot the Hammerhead; however, Amida Arca chose to stay behind and cover him with her Mobile Suit. He also asked Orga not to interfere to preserve his group's reputation: although the Tekkadan leader reluctantly obeyed, he was still able to send assistance under pretense of them receiving a distress signal while on a routine exercise. 

With the bulk of his group fleeing to safety (despite Iok's attempts to shoot their escape shuttles down), Naze sent the Hammerhead to meet the Arianrhod Fleet. He was forced to witness Amida's death when Iok launched a barrage of Dainsleifs against her, prompting him to make a final suicidal charge at the Kujan lord's flagship. Despite being badly wounded during another Dainsleif salvo, Naze smiled in his final moments, thinking of Amida as the Hammerhead glanced off of Iok's ship and explosively collided with another vessel in the fleet.


Prior to his demise, Naze asked McMurdo to look after the other Turbines, to which the Teiwaz boss gladly agreed. Following his death, Teiwaz held a funeral for Naze, which Jasley took as an opportunity to goad Tekkadan into pursuing him into a joint ambush between himself and Iok. Tekkadan eventually took the bait, officially breaking ties with Teiwaz in the process; however, McMurdo took it upon himself to tip the scales in their favor against Jasley. Following the McGillis Fareed Incident, Azee formed a transport company with the surviving Turbines and dressed like Naze in honor of his memory.


Hammerhead's Crew: Surprisingly Naze's entire crew are also his wives and he has fathered children with them. While it's clear that Amida is his favourite, he loves all his wives and children, managing to provide for all of them.

Orga Itsuka: Naze is Orga's mentor and his initial partner in Teiwaz. Orga calls him "big brother" and he has a deep affection and an unconditional trust in Naze. For his part, Naze believes in Orga's skills and is always encouraging him. He treats Orga with utmost care, to the extent that he declined his help and actually asked him not to intervene when he was framed.


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Notes & Trivia

  • Naze bears some similarities to Paptimus Scirocco, a charismatic, promiscuous man with a high influence, who also hails from Jupiter. Unlike Scirocco, who manipulated women for his own ends, Naze loves them genuinely.
  • He also bears some resemblance to Ricardo Fellini, both in appearance and personality. However, Ricardo only has Kirara with him, while Naze has multiple women. Nonetheless, both are womanizers.
  • Naze Turbine's voice actor, Kōsuke Toriumi, also voiced Captain Ash in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.


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