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In the Cosmic Era, a "Natural" refers to naturally born human being, who has not undergone the process of genetic enhancement that creates Coordinators.


It is common in the Cosmic Era for genetic engineering to be used to correct hereditary genetic defects, but people who have received this kind of corrective treatment are still considered to be Naturals rather than Coordinators. As Naturals do not possess the enhancements of the Coordinators, most of them are initially incapable of piloting the complex mobile suits, which were invented by the ZAFT forces, and this left the Earth Alliance in a disadvantage during the First Alliance-PLANT War. However, through the development of highly automated operating systems, the Alliance forces managed to deploy mobile suits usable by Naturals, putting it on an even footing with the ZAFT forces.

Notes & Trivia

  • In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Battle Destiny, the only real disadvantage of a Natural is being unable to pilot advanced MS to full capacity. However, their stats generally grow faster than Coordinators and if they are not converted into Biological CPUs or Extended, being able to freely equip two Passive Skills at a time can potentially turn them into "Coordinator Ace Killers". The combo of the skills "Hatred" (Deals 1.5 damage to pilots of an opposite genetic type) and "Superior Conquest" (Deals 1.5 Damage to Star-branded Ace Pilots) can have them dealing triple damage against the likes of Kira Yamato and Shinn Asuka.
    • In the case of Natural Aces however, the "Hatred" skill has to be swapped for either "Eagle Eye" (Additional 1.2 Damage for Projectile Weapons) or "Fighting Spirit" (Additional 1.2 Damage for Melee Weapons) depending on the player's fighting style.
  • Also in SEED Battle Destiny, some major characters were given unique passive skills to offset MS limitations while retaining Natural status:
    • Mu La Flaga has the "Super Ace" skill which adds +12 to all stats except Stamina.
    • Cagalli Yula Athha has the "SEED" skill. It has no passive stat bonuses as is but when SEED mode is activated at 30% MS HP, all stats get an additional +30.
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