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Natora Einus (ナトーラ・エイナス) is a fictional character from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. She is the captain of the Diva in the third generation.

Personality & Character

Natora Einus only achieved her place in the military because of her grandfather, as such she does not have much skill and is unsure of herself. She also lacks self-confidence, which becomes a problem when she becomes the Diva's captain. She thinks that she does not have the ability to command the aging warship. Even so, as recognized by Flit Asuno (who has since taken her under his wing), Natora seems to hold certain potential toward her position, and at times has directed the Diva's otherwise lackluster crew with effectiveness.



Natora is part of the Einus house, a very old and noble family. From a young age she was scorned and disregarded by her father and grandfather due to the Einus house being a male-dominated family. This treatment did not change as Natora grew up, as she was not suited for military service. During childhood, she was an aspiring artist, but even this dream was not allowed by her father, who burned her pictures. This childhood memory would later reappear during the last battle, prompting her to not repeat the same mistake.

Initially, she is shown as being unreliable in many aspects, however, her personality becomes more firm as the story progresses. During the final battle she commands both forces of the Bisidian and Federation fleet against the Vagan Gear Sid. During this battle, she is described as a brave figure with no traces of her formerly timid self. This united front was instrumental in ending the Vagan war. After the war, Natora is praised by the officers and soldiers of the 13th independent fleet, with her legendary exploits making her renowned as a "War Goddess". In future generations, she is regarded as one of the most capable commanders of the Einus family.

Notes & Trivia

  • Like Quattro, Natora's last name is indirectly named after an innuendo.


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