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Nastasha Zabigov (Наташа Забигов) (ナスターシャ・ザビコフ) is a fictional character from Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Personality & Character

Nastasha is an iron woman with a no-nonsense personality. A competent and able commander, she is ruthless, intimidating and fearless. Not one to tolerate failure, she is willing to use whatever methods necessary to achieve her goals and her county's victory.

However, she also has strong moral values and a sense of honor. She was perfectly willing to put aside nationality and work with her fighter's rivals if faced with a greater threat (mainly the Devil Gundam). Nastasha is also highly intelligent and a great leader. An excellent strategist and tactician, her strategic plans have given Domon and the others a fighting chance on more than one occasion.


Argo Gulskii's intimidating prison warden, she oversees all Neo-Russian matters in the Gundam fight. Even though she is easily half Argo's size, she manages to look far more threatening and bent on winning by any means to secure victory in spite of her part in helping the Shuffle Alliance. However, she eventually warms up to Argo and admits her own equal disgust towards Neo-Russia's methods. By the end of the Gundam Fight, Nastasha releases Argo and his crew, stealing the Neo-Russian ship the crew were brought in to battle the Devil Gundam. In the end, Nastasha becomes a space pirate in Argo's crew.


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