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Nanai Miguel (ナナイ・ミゲル?) is a character introduced in the animated film Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack.

Personality & Character[]

Skills & Abilities[]


Char's Deleted Affair[]

During Char's visit to the Side 3, Colony 1's newtype labs in Zum city she is working there.[1]

Char's Counterattack[]

This talented woman served as both the director of Neo Zeon's Newtype Labs and as Char's chief operation officer, responsible for planning strategies for the Neo Zeon fleet. Char clearly thinks highly of Nanai's abilities, entrusting her with the all-important assault on the Earth Federation's Luna II base. However, in the eyes of most, their romantic relationship was largely for show but although Char's exact feelings for her remain unknown, Nanai has been shown to be genuinely in love with him which is one reason why Nanai soon becomes jealous of Char's interest in the young Newtype Quess Paraya and why she cries for him when he apparently dies after his final fight with Amuro Ray.

Beltorchika's Children (novel)[]

In this novel, her name is Mesta Mesua. She does otherwise fill the same role.

Char's Counterattack - Beyond the Time[]

This story follows an amnesiac Nanai Miguel who goes through time to relive certain parts of the past with a mysterious entity in the form of a cloaked child. Past events that are shown might not be entirely accurate, due to the fact that Nanai is self aware that she is in the past, remembers certain events that will happen, and frequently interacts with the entity.

Nanai Miguel finds herself in the Augusta Newtype labs on Earth where she assaults a member of staff after he releases her restraints.

Following this she is subdued with a Taser and put in a quiet room where she hallucinates and sees a small child in a hood. Later, she meets other Newtypes in the Augusta lab and quickly befriends a girl named Angela.

After a simulation, Nanai spots Angela yelling at one of the scientists and marches off to her room. Nanai visits Angela to discover that Angela's visit with her mother was postponed again due to sickness. Nanai goes to sleep and has a dream where she was calling out to a blur. In the end of the dream, the blur cleared and showed that it was Char.

Nanai was awakened by Angela to go examine dolphins through an underwater window. Angela explains her view of Newtypes, how dolphins communicate, and then talks about how much she wants to see her mother.

Sometime later, Nanai confronts the director of the Augusta laboratory, Loren Nakamoto, and accuses him of lying to Angela about her mother. Nanai knowing that Angela's mother never existed in the first place. Loren mocked her saying that the belief of the mother's existence is a mental crutch and the only thing that is keeping Angela from a mental breakdown. Nanai suddenly felt sick as she began coughing and falling into unconsciousness. Loren then had her put in solitary confinement.

Nanai wakes up sensing Angela crying out for her mother. She also senses that Angela has went on a rampage during a test and injuring other test subjects. Nanai runs out piloting a damaged training mobile suit in an attempt to stop Angela. Nanai begged her to stop, but Angela demanded to see her mother. Nanai attempted to console her, but failed when the scientists activated Angela's mobile suit's self-destruct program. Angela dies asking Nanai if she knew the whole time that her mother never existed. For unknown reasons, Nanai would later work together with Loren on his studies on Newtypes.

Nanai wakes up in a dream. But it was no dream. The child in a hood appears and tells her that Nanai was reliving a memory in her mind. The child tells Nanai that it is a guide and tells her that the only way to return to reality was to remember everything that happened prior to Char's Counterattack.

She was then awoken by Quess Paraya and received hospitality from her Newtype friends. While eating, Christina, the leader of their group of friends, has a philosophical discussion about what Newtypes are exactly. Christina believes that humanity will eventually evolve into Newtypes and everyone will reach a mutual understanding. Nanai expresses that waiting for humanity to evolve into Newtypes is impractical, wondering if that humanity will destroy itself before that could happen. Quess expresses that the humans of Earth will never understand, even going as far as to say that those who don't will die. Nanai and Christina were shocked by her statement.

During the night, Nanai couldn't sleep and stared at the stars. Christina checks on her and then questions who she is and what is she planning with Quess. Nanai didn't really know who she was and didn't understand what Christina's getting at with Quess. Christina drops the subjects and comments that Quess is dangerous before going back to sleep. Nanai ponders her amnesiac state. Wondering if she can remember anything.

Sometime later, the group visits a river. They complain about getting in, until Christina warns Quess that the police are looking for someone like her. The police spot Quess and go after her. The entire group runs away from the police with Nanai staying behind to fight them off. However, she fails as she begins losing consciousness. The last thing Nanai sees is Christina's group surrounded by the police and Quess forcefully taken away. Most likely back to her father.

Nanai wakes up in a back of an armored vehicle with Christina's group. Nanai asks where they are being taken. One of the group members says that he overheard that they were being taken to Lhasa. Nanai sees past the bars to see that the front has built in T.V. On it, Char gives out a speech that he is going to attack Lhasa. Nanai remembers Char's plan of dropping Fifth Luna onto Lhasa. Nanai frantically implores the driver to turn around and warns that Char is serious about attacking, but the driver ignores her. Christina tries to calm down Nanai, then notices that Nanai clearly knows something's about to happen. Nanai tries telling her what she knows, while struggling to remember the events that will happen. Suddenly, the car was hijacked by Neo Zeon soldiers and forced everyone out. While everyone argues with the Federation soldiers, Christina contemplates about the asteroid drop and wonders if Nani remembers anything after it. Nanai couldn't remember as everyone looks up to see Fifth Luna falling upon Lhasa. Christina tries to get Nanai away from the impact, but Nanai stares at Fifth Luna and remembers that she is supposed to be watching this moment in space with Char.

Nanai finds herself floating in space with the cloaked child, watching Fifth Luna dropping on Lhasa. Nanai expressed her regret of doing this. Nanai explains to the child that she only did this, because she believed in Char. Though the child questions whether she wishes for humanity evolving changed upon meeting Char, only for Nani to retort that her wish remained the same. The child tells her that she has not remembered everything and that she needs to find her true wish in order to return to reality. The child then asks where she would like to go. Nanai requests that she wants to see Char again.

Prior to the events of the First Neo Zeon War in a space colony called Sweetwater, Federation soldiers barge in a civilian Psycommu research lab. They heard that Char is hiding out there and aggressively demands the researchers of his location. Nanai stands up to the soldiers. She dares them into interrogating her, but warns them that she will hold the Federation financially accountable for research setbacks. The soldiers begrudgingly leave. Char, who was hiding in a corner, applauds her for her bravery. He tells her he's interested in her research and wishes to know more. Nanai refused, knowing full well he is planning to use her research for military use. A fellow researcher tells Char about her research on imbedding raw materials with Psycommu properties and begs Nanai to reconsider, but to no avail. Char tries again after noticing that she's an avid go player and asks if she's willing to talk about her research over a game. Nanai demands Char to leave. Char abides, but not after suggesting that they play go sometime. Later, the researcher yells at Nanai. Informing her that the lab and their research is in danger of being shut down and they needed Char. Nanai says that that the man might not be Char and does not want to risk trusting him.

After the First Neo Zeon War, Nanai and her fellow psycommu researchers scattered and continued their research in secret with the help of the Flanagan Institute, Federation defectors, Axis Zeon researchers, and other kinds of people. This will eventually lead to her creating the Psycho-Frame Project. This in turn caused the Federation to send agents to spy on Nanai. One day she noticed them stalking her, but was saved by Char. He would take her to a marketplace in Sweetwater where the community knows who Char is and greet him warmly. He and Nanai then eat at an outdoor restaurant. Nanai questions Char's beliefs and philosophy. Char quotes his father of humanity moving into space, until a little girl hands everyone a lit candle, and then a blackout happens. Nanai notices that the girl's a Newtype and wonders why are the people not frightened by her powers. Char tells her that he wishes humanity and Newtypes to coexist like that little girl and this community, to a point where being a Newtype isn't a unique thing.

Nanai returns to her lab to find it ransacked by repo men who work for the Federation and all of her research confiscated. She would later meet Char for a game of go at his hideout and tells him what has occurred. Char expresses his sadness over it, but Nanai knew it would happen and the research information the Federation took was fake. Nanai then offers her services to him. Char asks for proof that she isn't a Federation spy. Nanai tells him that she has already created a psycho-frame prototype and made it in the form of go pieces that Char is playing.

After explaining how the psycho-frame works, Nanai would be given another lab and befriends a researcher named Marge. One day, Nanai was having a conversation with a pregnant Marge about her baby. Marge hopes the baby would be born in a world Char envisioned. However, she expresses her fear of the Earth Federation starting a war and Sweetwater getting dragged into it. Nanai warns her to be careful what she says with all the extremists around.

While walking around, Nanai meets Rezin Schnyder waiting for her in the hallway. Rezin snidely questions Nanai about her creation. Nanai tells her if she wants to increase her pilot abilities, she should find someone else. Feeling insulted, Rezin pulls out her gun on Nanai. A Neo Zeon officer orders Rezin to stop. Rezin complies, stating that she doesn't need psycommu technology to shoot down the Federation.

After watching the Neo Zero soldiers angrily expressing their impatience and worries about Amuro to Char, Nanai would later meet Char at the same outdoor restaurant they dined at in the past. She informs him that Federation friendly citizens have evacuated and that she has recently finished a new prototype of the psycho-frame. She thanks Char for believing and saving in the psycho-frame project. She also tells him that she is putting everything she has on the line for him to change the world. Char thanks her and with this psycho-frame, he can have Neo Zeon officially go public. He also says that he desires a woman as resolute as her.

Nanai would later be promoted to lieutenant and was made the director of Neo Zeon's Newtype Labs. While packing all her belongings in her old office, Marge comes in and congratulates her. However, she expresses her issues with Nanai's decisions of approving the military use of the prototype psycho-frame. Nanai explains that Neo Zeon is still a ragtag group and psycho-frame gave the people reassurance that Neo Zeon can stand a chance against the Federation. Marge expressed that her worst fears came true and believed Char was planning this war from the beginning. Nanai gives her resignation papers and emigration papers to a neutral colony, then bids her farewell in hopes that Marge will live happily with her baby. Unfortunately, Marge's shuttle would be shot down by a Geara Doga, because Marge stole sensitive information while heading towards a Federation vessel. Nanai would later be informed about this and apologized for not stopping her in time.

Nanai would eventually meet Gyunei Guss and develops his Cyber Newtype abilities. After confirming that his mental stability is excellent during a test, Nani would later meet up him. Gyunei informs her his health is perfect, but is worried about the enhancements causing him problems. Nanai assures him that he's not a test subject that Newtype researchers toss out. He is the prime example of humanity's future and Char's counting on people like him. Gyunei expressed his attraction to her by asking her out for some tea, but she has already walked away. A man in the area told him that Nanai's not interested in him and told him that there's a rumor that she's seeing Char.

Inside Char's house, Nanai informs Char of Gyunei's progress while drinking. She also has informed him that progress of equipping the psycho-frame onto a mobile suit is proceeding smoothy. Char merely nods at the news. Nanai thinks about Char's plans on dropping asteroids on earth and expresses her wishes that she will not let Char die. Char promises her he won't die and the two have a friendly conversation. Later Char goes to bed and Nanai is sitting next to him. Telling him that she believes in him. Char suddenly stirs in his sleep. Having a nightmare and murmuring about Amuro and Lalah, much to Nanai's surprise. During a shower, Nanai thinks about Amuro and Lalah and knows about what happened between them and Char.

After the shower, Nanai looks at the mirror and sees the child inside it. The child questions her loyalty and feelings to Char. Nanai only says that she will remain by his side. The child tells her that it might be love she's feeling. Nanai slightly rejects the notion, knowing that Char's true love is Lalah. Suddenly, Nanai remembers the Axis dropping onto Earth. The child warns her that if she is overcome by her emotions, she will not find her true wish. Nanai angrily questions the child's identity until Char comes in the bathroom. Char just tells her he had a bad dream, but she shouldn't worry about it. Nanai can only worry about Char being tied down by the past and she can't do anything about it.

Nanai introduces Gyunei to his own customized Jagd Doga. Gyunei gets in to look and test it. After that, Nanai is suddenly finds Loren Nakamoto on a crutch and disheveled. Loren recounted on how they worked on Newtype research together and telling her he's proud that she's a director now. Nanai pretended she did not know who he was and walked away. At first, Loren tried begging her to give him a job in her laboratory, but then angrily berated her. Calling her ungrateful and that she copied his work.

Later, Nanai gets in the cockpit of an unfinished Sazabi and begins testing the psycho-frame. She is suddenly back in empty space with the child telling her that her emotions are overtaking her. That she needs to focus on the present rather than the past. Nanai asks the child why she is even here. The child tells her that it is because she fears something. Nanai knows, but retorts that her only wish is to use the psycho-frame to protect Char. The child shows the Axis glowing, tells her that the psycho-frame is uniting people's hearts, and she should go to it.

The child then takes her to the cockpit of the v Gundam and sees Chan Agi arguing with the mechanic on the screen. Nanai hears every word and finds out that v Gundam is also equipped with the psycho-frame. Nanai is shocked by this information, but then remembers the final battle between Amuro and Char. Nanai angrily slams her fist onto the armchair, then notices Chan holding the psycho-frame sample. Nanai notices that Chan Agi has the same wish as her's only with Amuro. Chan opens the cockpit as Nanai takes out her gun. Only to be greeted by Gyunei. He tells her that she's been in the cockpit for a long while and informs her that the tests with the Jagd Doga were a success. However, Nanai's focus is on how the Federation got their hands on the psycho-frame.

A day prior to the Axis drop, Nanai returns to Char's house playing go with him again. Informing him that Federation activity is on the rise and coming to Sweetwater, while Char stays mostly silent. She questions if Amuro will show up. Char knows he will and will beat him, even though their mobile suits are equally matched. Nanai shocked as she figures out that Char is the one who gave Amuro the psycho-frame. She also is shocked that Char is still wants his duel against Amuro over Lalah, even though its been many years since. Nanai pauses the game and says she wants to continue after the Axis drop. Char gets up to go to bed, but Nanai makes Char promise that after the battle that he will stop piloting mobile suits and return to her side. Char's smiles and quietly agrees before leaving. The child appears and asks if she wants to leave. Nanai sadly looks down at the go board and agrees.

In space, Nanai laments about Char's grudge and the child asks if she found her true wish. Nanai says yes as she floats into empty space. Nanai finder herself outside a Londo Bell ship. She hears Quess yelling inside it. Suddenly a shade of Quess appears and tells Nanai that she's one of them. That she wanted to find a place where she belongs, but used as a weapon. Only now, Nanai understands Quess's feelings. While floating towards the Axis, a shade of Gyunei demands her to make him stronger. Nanai tells him that she only wish to make him a true Newtype. Suddenly the shade of Angela appears, much to the shock of Nanai, calling herself a failure of a Newtype. Mocking Nanai by telling she that she's been watching everything Nanai did. Then the shades of Christina and Marge appear. Angela mocked Nanai on how she sacrificed people, turned people into machines, and failed to start a true revolution. Only for the end result to be Char's stubbornness on his grudge with Amuro. Then a shade of herself appears. Warning her that if she moves ahead, she will be filled with despair. The shade then warns her that if she continues wanting to stay besides Char, she will forever be trapped floating in time. Nanai remembers embracing Char, but decides to move forward. Nanai sees a Re-GZ piloted by Chan Agi as she is shot down by Hathaway. As the Re-GZ explodes, the psycho-frame sample flies out.

The child shows up one final time and reveals that it is the psycho-frame itself. The psycho-frame calls Nanai its mother and envelopes her in psychic energies. Nanai then meets Angela, Quess, Marge, and Christina once again. Not as shades, but as themselves. They tell her that it was because of the psycho-frame that they can see each other. They then tell her that one day her feelings will reach Char, and she will meet him again as she follows the psycho-frame sample into the light.

Nanai wakes up in the present to watch as Amuro tries to prevent the Axis from dropping on Earth as her side of the story resumes in Char's Counterattack.


Directly after the end of Char's Counterattack, Nanai mourns Char's death. She hears a voice calling out to her and finds her psycho-frame go pieces scattered all over the floor. A black and a white piece directly next to each other glowing. Nanai holds the two pieces while crying out Char's name. In the past while Amuro was pushing Axis away from Earth, Char wakes up and noticed her call, almost mistaking it for his mother. Nanai clutches the go pieces to her chest, states that she finally understands, and will continue believing in him for eternity.

Nanai would later permanently settle down on Sweetwater. Regularly playing go with the little Newtype girl from the outside diner and her friend. Nanai keeps a go board that is set up exactly how she and Char left it the last time they played. She hopes that Char will return one day return and finish their game.


Notes & Trivia[]

  • Her voice actress, Yoshiko Sakakibara, also voices Haman Karn.



  1. Char's Deleted Affair, Volume 9, Page 139
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