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Nadi Yukinojo Kassapa (ナディ・雪之丞・カッサパ Nadi Yukinojō Kassapa?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Personality & Character

Nadi is usually very calm and personable, acting as a pseudo father figure to the young Tekkadan members. He cares deeply for them, staying behind in Tekkaden since someone needed to look after them if things go awry. Nadi is quite perceptive to the emotions of others, noticing the distress and emotional dilemma Biscuit was under when he was unsure about staying in Tekkadan.

Skills & Abilities

Initially, he specialized in working with Mobile Workers, and has little knowledge of working with a Mobile Suit since he hasn't worked with one ever since he was young. His mechanical knowledge in Mobile Suit later increased due to technical support from Teiwaz, and he could issues precise instructions in the hangar.

Though he struggled initially, Nadi can operate a JEE-M103 Kutan Type-III. He was able to deliver Gundam Barbatos to Mikazuki at the Dort Colonies, even though the space around them had turned into a warzone.

Both of his legs are artificial. According to him, the backs of those with the Alaya-Vijnana system disgusts those on Earth (such as Mr. Makanai's colleagues who gave Tekkadan a fish as a gift) and the same reaction applies to his legs, they just can't accept it, as long as the memories of the Calamity War remain.[1]


Nadi alludes to knowing Maruba Arkay for years before the Third Group's mutiny, implying that he's worked for CGS for a long time. Additionally, he was present for and vividly remembers the Alaya-Vijnana surgeries for Orga's group, which included Mikazuki and Bilth.

After the McGillis Fareed incident, he married Merribit Stapleton and they had one child, and expecting another. He also opened up a factory providing jobs for Yamagi, Dane and Zack.[2]


Sometime after the battle of Edmonton, Nadi started to date Merribit, and he enjoys teasing her at times when they're alone. Nadi seem sincere in making the relationship work as he has taken a particular interest in his own personal hygiene. Previously, he used to smell but this is no longer the case. Together with many other Tekkadan members, Yukinojo and Merribit escaped from Tekkadan's base using a secret tunnel during the final battle with Gjallarhorn. A few years after the conflict, the couple are shown living peacefully with their first child and Merribit is heavily pregnant with their second.


Notes & Trivia


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