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|storyboard=Akira Naito
|storyboard=Akira Naito
|japanese airdate=August 14, 2018
|japanese airdate=August 14, 2018
}}'''Nadeshiko-athlon''' is the nineteenth episode of ''[[Gundam Build Divers]]''.
'''Nadeshiko-athlon''' is the nineteenth episode of ''[[Gundam Build Divers]]''.
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* The name of the company "Sazameth" may reference the [[MSN-04 Sazabi]] and the [[MAN-08 Elmeth]].
* The name of the company "Sazameth" may reference the [[MSN-04 Sazabi]] and the [[MAN-08 Elmeth]].
* During the second checkpoint, the ''Gunstagram'' contest, one of the image submissions is a tribute to the [[:File:GundamGP01LinkinPark.jpg|box art]] for the 1/144 [[RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam "Zephyranthes" Full Burnern]] Linkin Park Edition.
* During the second checkpoint, the ''Gunstagram'' contest, one of the image submissions is a tribute to the [[:File:GundamGP01LinkinPark.jpg|box art]] for the 1/144 [[RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam "Zephyranthes" Full Burnern]] Linkin Park Edition.
** Nanami submission is based in the ''[[Mobile Suit Gundam]]'''' '' opening while Sarah submission resembles wedding diorama for Masami Obari's marriage with Gunpla modeler Ritsu Togasaki.<ref>[]</ref>
** Nanami submission is based in the ''[[Mobile Suit Gundam]] ''opening while Sarah submission resembles wedding diorama used for Masami Obari's marriage with Gunpla modeler Ritsu Togasaki'''.<ref>[]</ref>'''
*This marks the first animated appearance of the [[Second Victory Gundam]].
*This marks the first animated appearance of the [[Second Victory Gundam]].
* At the end of the episode, Nanami has a stack of kits that she will be using to build her own very own Gunpla. These include a 1:250 & 1:550 [[:File:OldZakrello.jpg|MA-04X Zakrello kit]] 「ザクレロ」 and an [[:File:BB Senshi 113.jpg|SD Wind-wheeled Hyaku Shiki &amp; Zakrello (BB Senshi #113) kit]] 「風車の百式とうっかりざくれろ」.
* At the end of the episode, Nanami has a stack of kits that she will be using to build her own very own Gunpla. These include a 1:250 & 1:550 [[:File:OldZakrello.jpg|MA-04X Zakrello kit]] 「ザクレロ」 and an [[:File:BB Senshi 113.jpg|SD Wind-wheeled Hyaku Shiki &amp; Zakrello (BB Senshi #113) kit]] 「風車の百式とうっかりざくれろ」.

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Nadeshiko-athlon is the nineteenth episode of Gundam Build Divers.


The Nadeshiko-athlon, a women-only pre-event to the Raid Battle, is about to begin. The female Divers are excited to hear that the winner will be chosen as an "image girl" for the recruitment of girl Divers, and the news carries even beyond GBN to reach Nanami's ears.[1]


In The Gundam Base, Nanami is told by Momoka of a special girls-only event, the younger girl inviting the older one to participate. Nanami notes she's never played the game before. Momoka corrects her, saying that it's not a Gunpla Battle but a girls-only race sponsored by various women's brands such as the foreign brand "Sazameth". Yukio adds in that it's one of the pre-events for the upcoming Raid Battle. Riku says that it would be even livelier with her in it and Koichi adds in that other female Divers are talking about it as it seems that they want to make things more inclusive to female players. When Momoka tells her that the winner will become a MS Image Girl, Nanami is shocked and imagines herself as one before scolding Koichi for not telling her sooner. She decides to join in - she wants to liven things up as an employee at The Gundam Base and she's always wanted to meet Sarah. Plus, she thinks she's perfect as an Image Girl, both she and Momoka acting like they've already one, much to the boys amusement.

At the island where the race is taking place, Build Divers notices how many participants there are. Yukio notes that he ran into Stea and Kanari earlier and Riku mentions seeing Chat Noir Neo. As Momoka mentions that she's determined not to lose, they're cut off by someone in awe of the game - it's Nanami in her own Diver avatar. Momoka thinks she looks adorable as Ayame notes her outfit resembles that of a Federation Forces flight suit. Riku asks for her Diver Name, which is "Nami". She finally meets Sarah and the two greet each other.

Elsewhere, Emilia is busy stretching when Rose approaches her. Rose asks if she's trying to be an Image Girl, too, but Emilia claims she's not in it for it, but just to win, for her pride. She thinks back to when she entered, checking out a pair of earrings in a reflection when an ad for the contest appeared. At the same time, Karuna walked by. He casually mentions that things like that didn't suit her before leaving. Upset that he thought she wouldn't be good as an Image Girl, she impulsively enters the contest. In the present, Rose mentions that she really doesn't care for the prize, but since it's a festival, she's going all out. Emilia proudly mentions that she would make a nice pacesetter, setting the two up to be rivals.

As Riku, Yukio and Koichi weave their way through the crowds, they're called out by Magee - he saved them seats by him, which they thank him for. Riku notes that so many people are excited for the race and that even Nanami signed up, but Koichi is certain she's only going to be for this event, then leave. As the 1st GBN Nadeshiko-athlon prepares to start, the announcer notes how many racers there are and introduces everyone to the chairman of Sazameth, who is a Guest Haro with a robotic body, causing the girls to swoon and chant his name in excitement. He thanks everyone for coming and gifts all participants with special Sazameth earrings, which causes the girls chant his name again. With the race preparing to start, Riku cheers on Nanami as the chairman pulls the starter gun, causing her to get ran down. Momoka reassures her than she won't get hurt unless she thinks it will, causing Nanami to reassure herself by stretching her cheeks and telling herself that she believes she won't get hurt. With Nanami on her feet, Build Divers begins their race in earnest.

With the race underway, spectators are shown a brief map with three checkpoints, with each contestant being told to participate in a trail run, swimming and a Wappa road race. The announcer notices Emilia and Rose taking the lead, realizing how into the match they were with Nuts, Oboro and Do-ji cheering Rose on. Momoka and Ayame note how far they are and tell Nanami and Sarah they're going to catch up to them. However, as they race on, Nanami sadly realizes how out of touch she might be. To her surprise, Sarah asks what an Image Girl was and learns she joined because everyone else was so excited over it. Up ahead, Rose notes how intent Emilia is and secretly admits she wants to be an Image Girl, too. Realizing Emilia is falling back, Rose takes the lead and runs on, but Emilia mentally notes that races are like Gunpla Battles and that there's strategy to it.

Rose arrives at the checkpoint first and, to her surprise, there are Gunpla waiting for her. The announcer explains that the first checkpoint is Gunpla building, that completing one will also complete the checkpoint and players to take theirs back to their My Room or Force Nest as a special prize. As Emilia arrives, Rose decides to make her choice, choosing the Master Grade Sazabi Ver. Ka., always wanting one. Emilia eyes the Master Grade G-Armor, but stops herself and takes up a simple Haropla, surprising Rose. Rose brushes it off before she opens her box, realizing to her horror that her model has all the pieces, meaning she'll be there for awhile. She compliments Emilia to her thinking before realizing that everyone had figured it out, trying to find Beargguys, Haros or even Balls. Rose finishes first and prepares to leave, only for her to stop and chastise Nanami for trying to pull her model pieces off the runners by hand, then again for not double-cutting. Rose finally completes her Gunpla and prepares to run off, only to stop and chastise Sarah for snapping all the pieces off at the same time.

The other racers complete their models with Momoka taking the lead. As the girls head into the water for the second part of the race, Emilia and Rose quickly catch up and overtake everyone to reach the second checkpoint. Here, it's a "Gunstagram" contest, wanting players to take any Gunpla and pose them anyway they want in order to obtain 100 likes. Rose takes the lead by using just a basic Second Victory Gundam. Emilia and the other players follow suit with their own designs and ideas. When Nanami goes for a classic Guncannon attacking pose, Riku and Yukio take note with Koichi bashfully mentioning that it is his sister after all. The trio also take note of Sarah's entry as well. As the two race on, ominous storm clouds roll in the background, which is caught by Game Master and the other admins...

As the race continues, Nanami notes how bad the weather's getting, but Sarah stops suddenly. Nanami asks what's wrong with Sarah explaining she heard a cry for help. Concerned, the two go down a path where they run into a Zakrello NPC trapped under rocks. The two rescue the poor creature and, as thanks, gives Nanami a treasure box with four rare items. As the two get back into the race, Emilia and Rose reach the third check point. Realizing something is involving the Gunpla, Rose chooses a Neue Ziel while Emilia chooses an AGE-1 Titus. At that, a large sumo ring appears near them with them being requested to put their Gunpla on the mini sumo ring. As the two do so, they're given the call to start and, as Rose pulls her Gunpla away, it tips over, leading the Neue Ziel to fall over and lose, giving Emilia the win. To Rose's horror, others challenge her - Momoka with a GM Interceptor Custom, Ayame with a SD Nightingale, and more and more. Rose is sure to win sooner or later, but even Sarah and Nanami take advantage of her.

As the storm gets worse, the strange bird watching Sarah flies towards the island. As Emilia reaches the point where the vehicles are waiting for them, a strange burst of purple lightning strikes, destroying the vehicles and causing them to lose connection to the race, Game Master ordering the others to get it back online. The other racers make it to the point, but are confused now that the vehicles are destroyed. Rose, who finally caught up as a Psyco Gundam caused the last event to be cancelled, notices everyone standing around and asks what's going on. After being told, Rose assumes that it has to be an event planned by the administration, asking them to take up their Gunpla and finish the race on their own. Activating their Gunpla, Momoka asks Sarah and Nanami to hop into the Momokapool, but Nanami would rather have her own vehicle to pilot. Rose points out the scraps of the other vehicles, but Emilia realizes they won't be able to do anything without the Miracle Nippers, or Nipper Javelin, a special item that can turn anything into usable parts. Nanami reveals the item, shocking everyone. She casually mentions how she got it, making everyone realize that they did say hidden items were in the race. With everything they needed, everyone gets to work on building a special vehicle for Nanami. As the admin fight to get everything working, Game Master notes that the storm's effects almost seem like a Break Decal. With the vehicle complete, the racers finally take off to finish the race.

As the girls race on, the storm gets worse, forcing the others to do what they can to evade or destroy the debris it creates, with Ayame and Momoka surprised that Nanami's vehicle has a mode change. When one bolt strikes the track, a large boulder rising up and prepares to crush everyone, only for Sarah's eyes to glow, creating a barrier that smashes through, allowing everyone to reach the stadium and the finish line. Surprisingly, everyone crosses the finish line first, so they're all winners. However, they're suddenly told that, because they finished in Gunpla or original vehicles, they're all disqualified, which angers, annoys, and saddens everyone. Emilia accuses Rose of causing everyone to lose while Rose accuses everyone else of following her example. However, because of the network failure and the chairman's request, they are all readmitted as winners. Some of the winners - Rose, Emilia, Nanami, Sarah, Momoka, Ayame, Stea and Kanari - pose for a promotional poster for GBN. In the real world, Momoka is glad with who they chose since they are all pretty girls. Momoka asks Nanami to go again and she agrees, wanting to join with her own Gunpla, revealing she purchased a Zakorello and an SD BB Senshi GM.

After the Credits

Back at the GBN Citadel, Emilia is busy admiring the poster and her new Sazameth earrings when Karuna approaches her. He reveals that he had something for her - a new set of earrings. He had thought the ones she was wearing didn't suit her, so he used some of his spare points to buy a more mature set for her, surprising her. Suddenly, Emilia realizes that he had meant the earrings all along. However, he notes the poster behind her and realizes she likes things like that, making her try to get him to ignore it, with Magee noting with amusement how much of a team they are...







Notes & Trivia


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