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Nada El is a fictional character from After War Gundam X.


Almost nothing is known about Nada El, a Space Revolutionary Army officer and father to Vulture and mobile suit pilot Ennil. What is known is that he was acquainted with Nomoa Long/Professor Dorat, and that he came down to Earth some time before the end of the 7th Space War. Nada El was part of a covert support unit intended to aid in the failed Operation Lilac, some four months before the end of the war. At this time he was married to a woman who had been born on Earth, and his daughter was approximately four years old when the war ended.

In the difficult years that followed, he and his wife and daughter lived on Earth until one night when a group of people attacked his family home and killed him. His wife also died in unknown circumstances, but it is unknown whether she was already dead at the time of Nada's murder, or if she died later. In either case, his daughter Ennil was orphaned and forced to grow up quickly and alone in the harsh environment of Earth.


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