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The NZ-444 β Azieru (aka Beta Azieru) is a Mobile Suit Variation of the NZ-333 α Azieru.

Technology & Combat Abilities

The β Azieru is designed as the successor of the NZ-333 α Azieru. Boosters can be attached to the back and they also improve the β Azieru's firepower. The unit also seems to be related to the MSN-04II Nightingale.


  • Wired Psycommu 5-barrel Mega Arm
  • Twin Mega Particle Gun
  • 2-Tube Large Anti-Ship Missile
  • Hyper Mega Particle Cannon
  • Funnels

Special Equipment & Features

  • I-field Barrier Generator
  • Psycommu System
  • Booster Unit
  • Mega Particle Gun


The NZ-444 ß Azieru is a prototype Newtype-use mobile armor developed by Char Aznable's Neo Zeon movement during the Second Neo Zeon War.


Notes & Trivia

  • The only appearance of the ß Azieru is in the SD Gundam G Generation video game series. In combat it looks identical to its Landing Mode.


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