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The NRS-P701R Godwin is a mobile suit that appears in the Turn A Gundam anime series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Without spare parts for the Gozzo, the Militia had to repair them using available parts at hand. Gozzo's shoulder railgun is replaced by an anti-air cannon. Its arms are modified from the MS-06 Borjarnon's, and thus lacks the missile launchers. However, it is equipped with a heat hawk for close combat. Ironically, these modifications actually make Godwin a better MS for land combat, with shorter limbs than Gozzo and widen feet, Godwin has much better balance when compared to Gozzo.


  • Anti-Air Cannon
  • Heat Hawk


After the Gozzos battle with Loran Cehack's ∀ Gundam, they are collected by the Militia and upgraded into the NRS-P701R Godwin based on a design conceived by the Moonrace. Two units are assigned to former Gozzo pilots Bruno and Jacop. After a failed attempt to assassinate Queen Dianna Soriel, Bruno and Jacop use their Godwins for the Militia, where they stay until the end of the war.

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