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The NOG-M1A1 Black Knight Squad Shi-ve.A is a mobile suit introduced in the animated film Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom. It is piloted by Shura Serpentine.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

An advanced high-performance mobile suit developed by the Kingdom of Foundation using ZAFT technology, designed to specialize in close combat. It utilizes many advanced technologies, such as the new Femto Technology Armor to defend against beam weaponry.[1]


  • VIG-E3/M Close-in Anti-Armor Blade "Dis Pater"
A katar-like solid heat sword held in the right hand. It can be stored on the rear skirt armor when not in use.
  • OTS-E3/M ROC Shield "Svarog"
A solid shield mounted on the left arm, with a large claw to grab onto and crush enemy mobile suits. It is also equipped with a tethered rocket anchor system for grappling with opponents from afar. It also houses a beam shield emitter at the center to further enhance its defensive ability.
  • OWC-M5A2 Beam Saber
The Shi-ve.A is equipped with three beam sabers for close combat. Two of these beam sabers can be combined at the hilt to form an "ambidextrous halberd", in a similar fashion to the ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam. When not in use, two are stored on the left hip armor, and one on the right hip armor.
  • OWC-2800F Beam Sword
Beam blade emitters installed on the top of the Shi-ve.A's foot for kicking attacks.
  • VIG-M70C Close-in Needle Projection System
A special weapon installed inside the Shi-ve.A's chest behind two large opening hatches. It is designed to overwhelm Phase Shift Armor by rapidly firing hundreds of needles at the target, piercing through the armor through sheer volume of fire. Due to its limited ammunition, it can only be used once every sortie.
  • Beam Mantle
A unique feature of the Black Knight Squad mobile suits, the beam mantle projected from the back can not only defend against attacks, but also be used in an offensive capacity.

Special Equipment & Features[]

A special armor technology developed by the Kingdom of Foundation, the Femto Technology Armor is able to neutralize beam attacks and absorb their energy to recharge the mobile suit's batteries.
Using technology based off the ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam, the Shi-ve.A is capable of using Mirage Colloid particles in combination with its Beam Mantle to generate after-images capable of visually confusing opponents in battle.


In C.E. 75, the Shi-ve.A served as one of the principal mobile suits of the Kingdom of Foundation. Alongside four NOG-M4F Rud-ro.A suits, the Black Knight Squad were tasked to maintain the security of Foundation territory. During a joint operation involving Compass, the Eurasian Federation, and the Kingdom of Foundation to eliminate a Blue Cosmos base in Eldore, Orphee Lam Tao orchestrated a scheme that provided the Black Knights with legal grounds to destroy the STTS-909 Rising Freedom Gundam. This allowed the Shi-ve.A, piloted by Shura Serpentine, to openly engage the Rising Freedom. With its technological superiority, the Shi-ve.A overwhelmed and defeated the Rising Freedom. However, it was subsequently confronted by Athrun Zala's ZGMF-MM07 Z'Gok, which fought the Shi-ve.A to a standstill. The Shi-ve.A then retreated, taking Agnes Giebenrath's ZGMF-2027/A GYAN Strom with it as they escaped an impending nuclear attack.

The Shi-ve.A was later deployed from Artemis to intercept the approaching ZGMF/A-262B Strike Freedom Gundam Type II. The battle turned out to be a ruse for a Compass infiltration, forcing the Shi-ve.A to retreat. The Shi-ve.A intercepted the Strike Freedom Type II again when it returned to provide fire support for the Kusanagi. Orphee Lam Tao's NOG-M2D1/E Cal-re.A later joined to assist the Shi-ve.A in an attempt to take down the Strike Freedom Type II. Their combined assault destroyed many of the Strike Freedom Type II's weapons and draining its energy reserves, causing its Variable Phase Shift Armor to deactivate. The Shi-ve.A aimed to deliver the final blow to the Strike Freedom Type II, but its attack was blocked by the ZGMF-MM07 Z'Gok. The attack destroyed the Z'Gok, revealing the ZGMF-X191M2 ∞ Justice Gundam Type II hidden inside.

The Shi-ve.A then dueled the ∞ Justice Type II. Taking advantage of a remote-control trick executed by Cagalli Yula Athha, the ∞ Justice Type II destroyed the Shi-ve.A's right arm with a Type 35 Advanced Railgun. In a subsequent attack, the Shi-ve.A cut off the ∞ Justice Type II's right arm. However, the ∞ Justice Type II performed a surprise attack with the Spitze Schwert Beam Horn, cleaving through the Shi-ve.A and finally destroying it.[2]




Notes & Trivia[]

  • The name "Shi-ve.A" is derived from Shiva (शिव), the God of Destruction and one of the principle deities of Hindusim.
  • According to director Mitsuo Fukuda, the Beam Mantle equipped on the Shi-ve.A and Rud-ro.A was based on the cape worn by Tokai Teio from Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.[3]
  • Despite its name and model number, the Shi-ve.A is referred as "M1A1 Shura" by the Foundation military.




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