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The damage and death caused by the firing of the Gundam X's Satellite Cannon is too much for Tiffa's mind to bare and she faints in the cockpit of the Gundam. Using his knowledge of the Gundam X, Jamil Neate rushes to the mobile suit and captures, it along with Garrod Ran. The young pilot is escorted to the brig while Tiffa is taken to the small sick bay on the Freeden for treatment. As the Freeden seeks cover, the mobile suits of the Alternative Company comes under attack by a red Gundam, its pilot stopping the destruction of the Daughtress mobile suits to offer his services to the owner of the company. Setting up camp by a lake, the Freeden observes a battle between a group of Vultures and a strange black mobile armor, and dispatch their two Gundams when the Vultures notice them. Saving Olba Frost, the mobile armor pilot offers to help repay the Freeden for saving his life and for allowing him to repair his mobile armor by helping out in any way that he can. As Garrod Ran breaks out of his cell once more to pick flowers to leave by Tiffa Adill's bedside, he is captured by Jamil Neate once more and questioned. But the interrogation is cut short as the first officer of the Freeden runs up to the two and alerts them that Tiffa's condition has taken a turn for the worse.

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