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Not impressed with the efforts of Colonel Aimzat to capture the Freeden, or his faith in Newtypes, the New United Nations Earth Committee members send as special operative to take care of the task of capturing the Freeden as well as Jamil Neate and Tiffa Adill. Katokk Alzamille, camouflages his team as fisher men whose boat was damaged by and in distress to gain access to the Freeden only to be escorted into a trap set by the crew thanks to the warning of Tiffa.

Escaping as a planned attack by mobile suits of the N.U.N.E., Katokk engages in a running gunfight through the Freeden, allowing his team of soldiers to do the fighting as he finds a way for them to get off of the ship safely so that he can take part in a special part of the mission that he had planned just in case of such a thing.

Notes & Trivia

  • A scene of Techcs pulling out a gun while noting himself that he's a healer became one of the popular internet memes.
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