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While staying with Yurina Sonohara in a part of Estard occupied by the New UNE, Roybea discovers that she is part of a Resistance force that is fighting against the New UNE to regain independence. As he has breakfast with her the leader, Tessa Tain, of the group comes to visit and ask him to join with them in their fight, and uses his skills as a Gundam pilot to fight for independence. When Roybea refuses, the resistance leader pulls a gun on him, but is stopped by Yurina. The group has little time to argue as they discover that they are being surrounded by New UNE military and try to sneak out of the back window of Yurina's home, only to come under attack. Shot by a sniper, Yurina tells Roybea to go back to the Freeden and defend the people that he loves and cares for, and Roybea watches as Tessa shows him his own defiance of the New UNE and his belief in independence. Returning to the Freeden, he finds the ship under attack by a new giant mobile suit for the New United Nations Earth military...

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