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The Musai-class Late Production Type is a space cruiser seen in the Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory OVA.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The late production version of the Musai-class light cruiser. A total of two additional main gun turrets have been added to the bottom of the bow and the rear of the bridge, and ten 120mm machine guns have also been added to reduce blind spots. However, due to the increased strain on the generator caused by the extra main guns, three radiator panels were installed on the left and right sides of the hull. The MS decks are installed independently on the left and right, and each has a catapult and a hatch in the longitudinal direction, allowing four MS to launch simultaneously. In addition, the central section connecting the two decks is a maintenance space. Its Komusai was also replaced with the improved Komusai II, with increased combat capability.


  • Twin Mega Particle Gun
The late type Musai mounts a total of five 2-barrel mega-particle cannon turrets as its main guns. These five include the original three and two attentional turrets. One turret is placed on the ventral surface of the bow and the second is placed on the dorsal aft section, just behind the command tower. All of the turrets can swivel ninety degrees in either direction giving each turret a one-hundred and eighty degree field of fire.
  • 120mm Twin Machine Gun
To increase anti-air, and specifically anti-mobile suit combat abilities, the late type Musai is equipped with ten 2-barrel defensive machine gun turrets. Two of these machine gun turrets are mounted on each engine pod. The remaining six are placed around the command tower; two to port, two to starboard, and two on the aft of the ship.

Special Equipment & Features


The Musai-class late production type was manufactured late in the One Year War, and had many improvements compared to the early production type. In U.C. 0083, it served as the bulk of the Delaz Fleet's forces, and was also used by Axis Zeon's advance fleet.

On October 23, U.C. 0083, two such ships recovered Anavel Gato and the stolen RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis" in Earth's orbit, destroying two Salamis-class in the process. One of the ships, the Peer Gynt, carried Gato and the Gundam back to Garden of Thorns.

On November 8, the Cima Fleet secretly rendezvoused with the Federation battleship Birmingham to sell information on Operation Stardust. However, the meeting was interrupted by the arrival of the Albion, forcing the Birmingham to fire on the Cima Fleet to conceal their secret deal. One Musai-class, the Nibelung, was destroyed by the fire. From the wreckage of the Nibelung, one of the Albion's pilots, South Burning, recovered a briefcase containing the Operation Stardust plans. However, his mobile suit exploded from damage sustained in battle, killing him before he could finish reading it.

November 10, 12:15, a large number of Musai-class late production type launched mobile suits at the Solomon Sea. From the Peer Gynt, Gato launched in the GP02A, and despite the secret nature of the mission, asked its captain to launch a signal flare before beginning their attack on the Federation naval review.



Action Figures

Notes and Trivia

  • The Delaz Fleet's Musai cruiser Peer Gynt is named after the eponymous five-act play in verse written by the Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen.


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