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"We have no way of knowing what awaits us in the future, so all we can do is live in the present and do what we think is the right thing at this exact moment, and if we find out it was all a mistake, then that's when we'll waste time moaning and crying about it, and then we'll go right on to the next thing."

Murrue Ramius talking to Talia Gladys about uncertain events that await people in the future, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Junction

Murrue Ramius (マリュー・ラミアス Maryū Ramiasu?) is a main supporting cast member featured in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and its sequel Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. She is the captain of the Earth Alliance spaceship Archangel, after the original command crew is killed in a ZAFT assault on the Heliopolis space colony, and remains so throughout both the First and Second Alliance-PLANT War.

Personality & Character

Murrue is a caring and compassionate woman who greatly cares for those serving under her command. Despite her kind nature, she is fully capable of being a disciplined soldier when the situation deems it necessary, but still dislikes having to send her people into bad situations, and will devote time and resources to finding them, as she refuses to leave her them behind.

Skills & Abilities

A capable and effective captain, Murrue often employs unconventional tactics and strategies in battle.


First Alliance-PLANT War

A citizen of the Atlantic Federation, Murrue became an officer of the Earth Alliance Forces. As a technical officer, she was involved in the development of Phase Shift armor at the Haven Island Technical Institute in the Atlantic Federation. Murrue arrived at Heliopolis as an executive officer of the Earth Alliance's newly built mobile assault ship Archangel, but with the death of her superiors, including the ship's captain, when the ZAFT forces attacked the space colony to steal the G weapons, she became its acting captain. While she initially suggested that Mu La Flaga, the most senior officer present, should command the ship, he declined because his role as one of the ship's only pilots meant he cannot stay on the bridge.[1]

Promoted when the Archangel rendezvoused with Rear Admiral Duane Halberton's 8th Fleet,[2] Murrue descended to the planet's surface during the Battle of Orbit and landed in Africa.[3] There, she allied her group with the Desert Dawn resistant group to fight against the ZAFT forces commanded by Andrew Waltfeld during the Desert Dawn Campaign.[4][5] The battered assault ship finally made its way to Alaska, arriving several months after leaving Heliopolis, after several equatorial skirmishes and an extended repair stopover in the neutral Orb Union.[6]

Captain Ramius and the Archangel deserted the Earth Alliance during Operation Spitbreak, after learning they, along with most of the Eurasian Federation forces, were made decoys by the Atlantic Federation to lure the ZAFT forces within JOSH-A before activating the Cyclops System. The reason for blindsiding Ramius was the fact that her crew was "tainted" by having a coordinator (Kira Yamato) aboard, and the Earth Alliance could not accept him as one of them.[7] Reunited with Kira - now piloting the stolen ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam - Ramius and Archangel joined the Orb forces at the Battle of Orb, trying to defend the island from the Alliance's attempt to forcefully take the country's mass driver.[8][9]

Just before Orb self-destructed its mass driver, the Archangel and Orb's ship, the Kusanagi, launch into space.[10] At the Mendel colony, they join forces with the Clyne Faction, a ZAFT renegade group led by Lacus Clyne and Andrew Waltfeld aboard the stolen FFMH-Y101 Eternal. United against the escalation of violence by both ZAFT and the Earth Alliance, they form the Three Ships Alliance.[11]

However, the new Archangel-class ship Dominion found their hiding place. Its captain, Natarle, tried to convince Murrue to surrender and discuss their problems with the proper authorities, hoping to avoid a battle with her former CO. However, Murrue responded back about her doubts about the Alliance, since it was being controlled by the extremist group Blue Cosmos.[12]

At the Second Battle of Jachin Due, the Three Ships Alliance helped end the war and avoided total devastation to both factions. Both sides, led by the radical leaders Patrick Zala and Muruta Azrael, were intent on exterminating each other, just exactly as Rau Le Creuset planned for the complete annihilation of humanity.

Over the course of the war, Murrue develops a romantic relationship with Mu La Flaga. On the final day of the war, Mu is apparently killed protecting Archangel from her sister ship Dominion's positron attack. In overwhelming grief, rage and anguish, Murrue orders the Archangel's own positron cannon to return fire, killing both Azrael and Natarle. As the battle continued to rage on, Murrue burst into tears over losing her beloved.

After the war, Murrue, and most of the Archangel's crew, were given new identities and residence in Orb, adopting the alias Maria Bernes (マリア・ベルネス Maria Berunesu?). She was seen sitting alone drinking a cup of tea facing an empty chair where Mu should be sitting, if he were still with her.(SEED After-PHASE)

Second Alliance-PLANT War

By C.E. 73, Murrue had integrated into the Orb's military due to her contributions in the previous war, and worked as the head of Morgenroete's Shipbuilding Section B. She met Talia Gladys, as she was being responsible for the repairs of the Minerva, when it arrived in Orb after the events of Break the World Incident.[13] "Maria" was frequently seen in the company of Andrew Waltfeld.

After the departure of Minerva, Murrue, along with Waltfeld, thwarted an attempted assassination of Lacus Clyne. After Orb's membership into the Earth Alliance, Murrue reunited some of her original crew, and relaunched the Archangel, which was revealed to have been upgraded to operate underwater. Before departure, they abducted Cagalli from her political wedding with Yuna Roma Seiran.[14]

The Archangel mainly involved itself in trying to keep Orb forces from the fighting, intervening at the Battles of Dardanelles[15] and Crete[16]. Unfortunately, ZAFT misinterpreted their actions as causing confusion on the battlefield.

During the Battle of Berlin, the unconscious body of the captured Neo Roanoke was presented to Murrue.[17] To Murrue's shock, Roanoake's physiology was discovered to be completely identical to Mu's, concluding that the Phantom Pain captain was none other than her colleague and lover, Mu La Flaga, who was believed to be killed in the previous war. While Roanoke was still amnesiac, he began to making romantic advances to Murrue, unwittingly rekindling his love for her, making Murrue rather uncomfortable.

Eventually, after the exposure of LOGOS, ZAFT decides to eliminate the Archangel permanently. However, Captain Gladys attempted to convince the Archangel to surrender; Murrue, revealing her true identity to her counterpart, politely refused. A furious battle then followed suit. In the end, Murrue and her crew managed to escape destruction by ejecting and detonating one of the Archangel's spare engines as they submerged, in order to convince the Minerva that they have been sunk. They manage to escape to Orb to make repairs.

During the Second Battle of Orb, Murrue provided Neo the Skygrasper, accepting that he was no longer the man that she once loved. The Archangel then went on to defend the Orb from the ZAFT fleet, which was after Lord Djibril, revealing themselves to the Minerva. They engaged in a dogfight, in which Neo involved himself, stating that he had a score to settle with the Minerva. Neo then blurted out that he will help the Archangel defeat the Minerva, saying he's the man who "can make the impossible possible," which Murrue recognized as Mu's signature line. Soon enough, Murrue ordered the Archangel to submerge, discouraging the Minerva from attacking and enabling them to attack the underwater ZAFT fleet. When Djibril fled into space, the ZAFT forced to withdraw from Orb territory. Subsequently, Murrue herself, along with the crew of the Archangel received special promotions from Cagalli, joining Orb's 2nd Space Fleet. At this point, Murrue became the full-fledged captain of the Archangel, a post she filled in an unofficial capacity during her Earth Alliance days.[18]

At the final showdown during the Battle of Messiah, Murrue and Talia once again faced off against each other in a fierce battle. At this point, Mu's memories of Murrue fully returned at last, when he saved her and the Archangel from the Minerva's "Tannhäuser" positron blaster cannon by using his mobile suit as a shield, much like he did in the previous war. This time, Mu survived without a scratch, thanks to his ORB-01 Akatsuki Gundam's reflective beam coating, which allows the Akatsuki to neutralize most of the positron blast, while the remainder was blocked by the Akatsuki's beam barrier, followed by disabling the "Tannhäuser" with its "Shiranui" Space Pack. With Mu's memories returned, Murrue was seen to have tears of joy. Murrue ordered to have the Archanagel barrel-rolled over the Minerva and fired its Gottfrieds over the Zaft ship, completely disabling its weaponry. As the Archangel passed by the damaged Minerva, Murrue paid her respects to Talia Gladys with a salute in an acknowledgment.[19]

After the end of the war, Murrue and Mu return together to Orb, and were seen watching the sunset.[19]


Kira Yamato

Kira & Murrue 03 (SEED Destiny HD Ep31).png

Murrue holds Kira in a very high esteem for all of his battle capabilities, pure intentions and kindness. She always acts as a surrogate mother/older sister to him, and affectionately calls him "Kira-Kun" (in the original Japanese animation). She often offers advice and protection to Kira whenever and wherever he's in trouble.

Mu La Flaga/Neo Roanoke

Throughout the courses of both First and Second Alliance-PLANT Wars, Murrue and Mu have developed a steady romantic love relationship with each other. During the final days of the First Alliance-PLANT War, when she saw Mu's Strike Gundam destroyed right before her eyes, as he blocks the "Dominion"'s attack, she immediately fell into deep despair, devastation, desperation, distress and distraught thoughts of losing her lover, and ordered the Archangel to return fire, destroying Dominion.

When she found out Mu was still alive, after he'd been captured during the Battle of Berlin, during the Second Alliance-PLANT War, this time as Neo Roanoke, albeit he couldn't recognize her, she felt very devastated and bursted into tears. She sent him away in a FX-550 Skygrasper before the Second Battle of Orb, believing that Mu was really gone for good. Ultimately, however, after Murrue released him from the Archangel, Neo chose to return to support the Archangel against the Minerva, much to Murrue's surprise and delight, in the course of which he repeated Mu's assertion that he can "make the impossible possible" and had a brief flashback of the emergency landing Mu made on the Archangel during the Battle of JOSH-A. Following the battle, Neo confided in Murrue his doubts about his identity, confessing that he returned because something within him knows about her, and asked to remain on board the Archangel. Murrue agreed to his request to say.

During the Attack on Requiem Station One, he uses the Akatsuki as a shield to protect the Archangel from the Minerva's Tannhäuser positron cannon in a mirror of the events of the Second Battle of Jachin Due; this time, the Akatsuki's reflective armor enables the mobile suit to survive the blast, and in the process, Neo regains his memories as Mu. Speaking to Murrue, he promises never to leave her again, and states that they should hurry up and finish the battle so they can go home, to which Murrue tearfully and happily agrees with him. After the end of the war, Mu and Murrue are seen together at Orb, watching the sunset.


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Notes & Trivia

  • Her name could be an allusion to Marko Ramius, from "The Hunt for Red October". In the Tom Clancy novel and movie, Marko was the captain of the submarine Red October. While the reference could be a coincidence, the fact that the Archangel now has submarine capabilities, and especially her defection from the EA to Orb (Marko defects from the Soviet Union to the USA) shows that it could be an intentional reference.
  • Both incidentally and coincidentally, Murrue's English voice actor, Lisa Ann Beley, has also voiced as Sumeragi Lee Noriega in Gundam 00 and Relena Darlian in Gundam Wing.
  • As the entry of SEED series in Super Robot Wars since Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 (which is shift the position of UC series as the most dominant Gundam series in Super Robot Wars), Murrue also took Bright Noa's role as the captain of the main mothership from Gundam series.
  • The elongated hexagonal pendant she often has something to do with her father. It is more likely, due to Mu's initial reaction to is, a token given to the family, from the military, of fallen mobile armor pilots. The alternative possibility (with no evidence) is that it belonged to her father.
  • Murrue shows many similarities Star Trek Character, Dr. Leonard McCoy. They both act the reasonable and passionate member of their respective Power Trio, balancing out the cold, heartless logical thinking. She also has a love/hate relation with Natarle Badgiruel, as McCoy had with Spock, for they would both argue amongst each other with clashing ideals, yet still respected each other as a friend and collage.
  • Her Japanese voice actor Kotono Mitsuishi is best known for playing Sailor Moon/ Usagi Tsukino in the franchise of the same name along side in the 90's anime Tōru Furuya who voiced Tuxedo Mask /Mamoru Chiba.


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