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Mu La Flaga (ムウ・ラ・フラガ Mū Ra Furaga?) is a character that appears in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and its sequel Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

Personality & Character

Mu has a carefree and boastful spirit. He is lighthearted and friendly, willing to accept a Coordinator like Kira Yamato into the crew of the Archangel. Mu does not show any actual hatred towards Coordinators, but is genuinely surprised and impressed by their abilities at their peak. Mu is casually boastful of his abilities, with his motto being that he can make "the impossible possible". Mu also tends to be somewhat of a ladies' man, being very friendly to the females aboard the Archangel and often makes nicknames for them.

When Mu is brainwashed by LOGOS and becomes Neo Roanoke, his personality drastically changes. He becomes more of a leader to his subordinates aboard the Girty Lue. Although a ruthless and cunning leader, Neo commands a great deal of trust from his subordinates; he demonstrates some sympathy for the Extended pilots, who are viewed as equipment by most of the Earth Alliance Forces.

However, he is not above manipulating them, and does so upon orders from Djibril or for the sake of their performance in battle. These incidents include but are not limited to: Wiping memories of Stella from Sting and Auel after her capture and promising to Shinn that he would not send Stella to battle before immediately having her pilot the GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam. Despite this, he still deeply cares for the trio, expressing shock and horror at Auel's death and sadness over Stella's demise.

Neo is considered the complete opposite of Mu, willing to deceive others in order to achieve his goals. However, it is interesting to note that Neo talks with the same light-hearted manner as Mu and makes similar silly comments. Once Neo defects to Orb, he tends to take more of a supportive role to Athrun and Kira as he tries to regain his memories.

Skills & Abilities

His high spatial awareness allows him to be extremely proficient with employing the remotely controlled gunbarrels of the TS-MA2mod.00 Moebius Zero; he was part of a very small group of pilots capable of handling the Moebius Zero, and the only one of those to survive the Battle of Endymion. He uses these abilities to effectively duel Dearka Elsman's GAT-X103 Buster Gundam even though his Moebius Zero is less powerful and less technologically advanced, and later against Shinn Asuka's ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam and Rey Za Burrel's ZGMF-1001/M Blaze ZAKU Phantom as Neo using the TS-MA4F Exus, Moebius Zero's newly-created successor.

His mobile suit piloting skill is also excellent, and he was able to dispatch the normal grunt units with ease. However, it was only until he received the ORB-01 Akatsuki Gundam, which could be equipped with remote weaponry, was he able to unleash his full potential while piloting a mobile suit.

Throughout his war record, he has been noted to have an extrasensory link towards Rau Le Creuset as Mu, and Rey Za Burrel as Neo. Although he did not sense it, Kira seems to also have a one-sided link to this, being able to trace Neo during their encounters at Dardanelles and Berlin.



Mu was born to an aristocratic family. However, his father, Al Da Flaga, believed he was "genetically impure" because of the DNA of his "inferior mother". Seeking a new successor, Al had himself cloned. Both of Mu's parents later died when their home burnt down.[1]

First Alliance-PLANT War

Mu later joined the military and eventually became a veteran and ace mobile armor pilot. He was well known as the "Hawk of Endymion" for destroying five ZGMF-1017 GINNs with his TS-MA2mod.00 Moebius Zero at the Battle of Endymion Crater, a feat previously considered impossible. However, Mu knew that this title was nothing more than a formality to cover up what happened in the battle. It was during this battle that Mu faced ZAFT officer Rau Le Creuset in combat for the first time, and realized that he and Rau shared a strange extrasensory connection, the two then became rivals for the remainder of the war.[2] The Battle of Endymion Crater also left him as the only remaining pilot capable of handling the Moebius Zero, as its wired gunbarrels require a high degree of spatial awareness not commonly possessed by Naturals or Coordinators.

Battle of Heliopolis and joining the Archangel

Mu was assigned to escort the five specially-trained Earth Alliance pilots to the colony of Heliopolis, where five G Project mobile suits were being development. However, ZAFT's Le Creuset Team attack the colony after receiving a tip off from an inside source. The initial attack led to deaths of the five pilots and the intended captain of the assault ship Archangel and four of the five G Project suits being stolen.[3] The ship Mu assigned to was also destroyed, and he engaged Rau's ZGMF-515 CGUE with his Moebius Zero, chasing his rival into Heliopolis.[4] Mu attempted to stop Rau, but his Moebius Zero had its Linear Gun destroyed. By this time, the Archangel's surviving crew had restarted the ship and forced their way through the colony's hangar doors[4], while Kira Yamato, a civilian was left to pilot the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam, the only G Project suit not to be stolen. Using the Launcher Striker pack, Kira's Strike destroyed the arm of Rau's CGUE, forcing him to retreat.[5]

Mu subsequently joined the crew of the Archangel where he was introduced to Murrue Ramius, the head foreman of the G Project' transport and the highest ranked soldier of the three, including Lieutenant Natarle Badgiruel, the leader of the Archangel's remaining crew. Upon seeing Kira, Mu deduced immediately that Kira was a Coordinator due to his superior abilities, and Murrue revealing that he had also defeated a GINN beforehand. As this caused Kira's friends to become defensive, Mu clarified he meant no ill-will, but admiration as the Strike had previously cycled through several test pilots that failed to properly control the unit before Kira.[5] As Kira and his friends had still seen important military secrets, they were detained on ship and were not be allowed to leave. Natarle considered having Mu pilot the Strike instead, but he flatly rejected the idea as he couldn't understand its OS. With very few options, Ramius decided to utilize both Kira and the Strike for the Archangel to make its escape from Heliopolis. GINNs from the Le Creuset Team soon arrived and lead a second attack on the Archangel inside the colony.

As his Moebius Zero wasn't repaired yet, Mu was tasked with helping the ship's CIC, and was shocked to see the GINNs holding heavy artillery with little concern over the damage already suffered by the now-crumbling colony. Mu was eventually able to lock onto Olor Kudenbru's GINN and shot it down with the Archangel's main cannons, but accidentally hit one of the colony's suspension cables behind the GINN. While the Archangel would destroy the final GINN sent into the colony, the GINN had fired its remaining missiles at the colony's cable, finally causing Heliopolis to implode.[5]

As the crew was deliberating what to do since they were too understaffed to fight, too slow to outrun a Nazca-class ship or even surrender, Kira returned to the ship, unexpectedly bringing a stranded Life Boat from Heliopolis. In spite of the ship using an unknown identification code and holding Atlantic Federation military secrets, Natarle recommended heading for the Eurasian Federation's base at Artemis. While the refugees were given shelter, Mu called Kira as Kojiro Murdoch was demanding him to maintain his own unit. Kira initially refused as he was only forced to pilot the Strike, but Mu asked if he would refuse when the ZAFT forces threaten them again, and Mu pointed out that they were the only ones that could defend the ship. He encouraged Kira to use his abilities to make a difference. Aware of the true struggles, Kira and his friends join the Archangel's crew as volunteers. Before disembarking as Rau threatened to stop the Archangel from reaching Artemis, Kira told Mu he was only fighting to protect the people on board, and Mu expressed the same belief; as no one will fight without reason, but they cannot protect if they will not fight.[6]

Skirmish near Artemis

This time, Rau would now use the stolen GAT-X102 Duel Gundam, GAT-X103 Buster Gundam, GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam and GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam against the Archangel. Mu's plan called for Kira to draw the attention of the Aegis and the Archangel of the three other units, Mu would sneaked off to search for and attack Rau's flagship, the Vesalius. Mu's patience paid off as he damaged the Vesalius's engines, forcing Rau to call off his attack and retreat. As he was making a return trip, he found that Kira had been captured by the Aegis, and launched his Moebius Zero's weapon pods to rescue Kira. Kira escaped thanks to Mu and would equip the Launcher Striker pack to finally drive away the stolen units.[7]

Due to the stress of the battle, Kira refused to come out of the cockpit, but Mu opened the cockpit and reassured Kira that everyone was safe and that the fight was over. The forces from Artemis soon arrive to inspect the Archangel before granting them access, and Mu warned Kira to put a lock on the Strike's OS before the inspectors arrive.[7]

Battle of Artemis

As soon as the Archangel entered the base, the base's commander, Gerard Garcia held the Archangel and its crew and refugees at gunpoint.[7] As the highest ranking officers go the ship, Mu, Natarle and Murrue were taken to Garcia who was able to verify their IDs, with Garcia and Mu reminiscing of their battle at Grimaldi Front, where Mu had single-handedly defeated five GINNs which reinvigorated the Villard company that Garcia was a part of. Mu cited that due to the secrecy of their mission, they weren't allowed to inform the base beforehand.[7]

Garcia revealed that he was unable to resupply the Archangel immediately due to a Laurasia-class ship floating nearby. The three were later forced to stay in a guarded room as Garcia's attempted to keep the crew split. However, the Blitz Gundam was able to sneak past Artemis's defense with its Mirage Colloid and destroyed the base's barrier generators. Taking advantage of the chaos, Mu, Natarle and Murrue faked oxygen deprivation to ambush and knock out their guards before fleeing back to ship, where the crew had also used the chaos to regain control. Kira, who was battling the Blitz, was also able to take the Strike back to the ship as the Archangel abandoned Artemis.[8]

Battle near Junius Seven

After leaving Artemis, the crew of the Archangel begin planning their route to the Atlantic Federation's lunar base through Earth's debris belt. Low on supplies, it was decided to salvage supplies from the debris belt, where the ruins of Junius Seven was located. Kira was outraged that they would be defiling the graves of so many, but Mu responded that they weren't in a celebratory mood, but must take whatever resource they could find to stay alive. Several Mistrals were sent into the ruins of Junius Seven in search of usable supplies, recovering much needed frozen water. While scouring the area, Kira brought back a ZAFT Life Pod holding pop idol, Lacus Clyne, the daughter of PLANT Supreme Council Chairman, Siegel Clyne.[9] Lacus was interrogated by Mu, Natarle and Murrue, and she revealed that she was merely in the area for memorial services and was not actively searching or expecting conflict before she was forced into her emergency escape pod.[10]

To their surprise, they were contacted by the Montgomery of the 8th Advanced Fleet of Admiral Duane Halberton.[10] Unexpectedly, the Advanced Fleet found itself under attack by ZAFT forces, including Le Creuset, and was forced to cancel the rendezvous to engage. Although ordered to turn around, Murrue ordered the crew to support the fleet, Mu was dispatched on his Moebius Zero into the chaotic battle. His unit suffered a direct hit from a GINN and he was forced to pull back. After the destruction of George Allster's ship, Natarle opened a public channel revealing that the Archangel had Lacus as a hostage and ordered the ZAFT forces to halt their attack.[11] Kira was angered by the cowardly tactics used, but Mu responded that they were forced to use such tactics as they had the weaker position, and that neither pilots had any right to criticize the captain or combat commander. Still unhappy, Kira took the Strike, and with help from his friends, smuggled Lacus back to the ZAFT forces before returning. Mu launched in his Moebius to chase Kira and nearly fight Rau and his CGUE once again. However, at the behest of Lacus' orders to Rau, the ZAFT forces ceased hostilities and both sides withdrew back to their ships.[12] Kira was courtmartialed for his actions and Mu argued in Kira's defense, citing Kira as a civilian, not a soldier. As such, Murrue only punished Kira with a stern warning.[13]

Skirmish towards Earth and the Battle of Orbit

A second battle soon occurred when members of the Le Creuset Team returned to attack the Archangel. During the battle, Mu was be heavily engaged with Dearka Elsman's Buster, leaving Kira to defend the Archangel. At the climax, Kira's performance spontaneously improved, allowing him to chase off both the Blitz and Duel on his own, which forced the Buster's retreat.[13]

Having finally warded off ZAFT, the Archangel finally joined Halberton's 8th Fleet, who was also ferrying out refugees by shuttle at Menelaos. Kira asked what would happen to the Strike afterwards, and Mu pessimistically said that they might need to lower its specs and performance to make it usable. Halberton gave a warm welcome to the Archangel's crew, as well as Kira and his friends for their help. In a private meeting with Halberton, Murrue, Mu and Natarle were ordered to head for Alaska, despite the Alliance higher-ups beginning to see the ship as a liability due to the repeated attacks it suffered and the loss of valuable military secrets. Halberton also theorized that it was imperative that such secrets not fall to ZAFT, especially since the supplementary personnel meant to join the Archangel were killed with the advanced fleet during the Battle near Junius Seven. The ship was also provided a pair of FX-550 Skygrasper for battles inside Earth's gravity.[14]

Not long after, a renewed attack by ZAFT occurred to stop the Archangel's descent. The ZAFT forces soon established a blockade and even attack fleeing ships of the 8th. Suffering heavy losses, Mu was unable to hold still and requested permission to provide some aid to the 8th fleet, which was reluctantly granted. Before leaving, he noticed that Kira had chosen to remain, but lamented that being exposed to battle so young would only make life harder as it went on.[15] Mu again fought Dearka's Buster Gundam, but disengaged when a Laurasia-class began chasing after the Archangel during its descent. Despite Mu damaging it, the ship still charged straight towards the Archangel, but was intercepted by Halberton's ship, leading both to crumble in the upper atmosphere. Having been caught by gravity as well, Mu was finally forced to pull back.[15] However, the Strike Gundam was pulled away from the ship and unable to return, forcing the Archangel to ver off course to recover Kira who was unconscious do to the extreme heat.[16]

Desert Dawn Campaign

Mu later joined Murrue, who still stunned by the sacrifice of Halberton and his fleet. Due to the battle of orbit, the Archangel had now landed in ZAFT-occupied north Africa under the vigil of "Desert Tiger", Andrew Waltfeld. With his Moebius unusable within Earth's atmosphere, Mu began piloting one of the Skygraspers handed to the Archangel by the 8th fleet. He sarcastically noted to Kojiro Murdoch that his new job essentially just turned him into a courier service, and he was unable to find an opportunity to spend his new raise after being promoted by Halberton.[16] Three days after their landing, Waltfeld had tracked down the Archangel, and wasted no time, sent a small group of TMF/A-802 BuCUEs to attack the ship's and assess its strength. Due to the surprise attack, Murdoch's crew were unable to load either Skygrasper with ammunition, resulting Mu unable to launch immediately; leaving Kira isolated against the faster BuCUEs. Mu was eventually able to launch and intercepted Waltfeld's second wave, just as Kira had adapted the Strike to the desert terrain. The prolonged battle put the Strike in danger due to it losing power, but unexpected help come from the local Desert Dawn resistance group, and Waltfeld finally ordered a retreat.[17]

Mu and Murrue personally met with the resistance's leader, Sahib Ashman, who revealed he knew they were part of the 8th Fleet and was aware of Mu's heroics at the Battle of Endymion. Although surprised, the group offered refuge to the Archangel at their local hideout near the city of Tassil. When Mu asked of the name for the group's "Goddess of Victory", who aided them and was acquainted with Kira, Sahib responded that she was Cagalli Yula. Sahib revealed that the north African spaceport at Victoria Base was overrun by ZAFT and that the locals were abandoned by the Earth forces. While planning their route, Sahib recommended defeating Waltfeld at Banadiya, then travel over the Indian Ocean to reach Alaska.[18] Later that night, Waltfeld launched an attack on Tassil, ransacking the city and destroying its supplies, but sparing the population of any harm.[19] Upon investigation, Mu and Sahib deduce that Waltfeld was being merciful, but Sahib's fighters, egged on by their now-homeless families, pursue Waltfeld despite being vastly weaker. Mu would remain behind to help civilians while Kira left to aid Sahib's men.

Later, Mu and Ramius discussed the deteriorating relationship between Kira and Sai Argyle over Flay Allster. Mu was particularly concerned for the former as he noted that Kira was desperately fighting every battle and only had increasing burdens and expectations as the war continues.[20] Before the coming battle against Waltfeld, Mu recommended Kira to put yogurt sauce on his food, but this comment made Kira remember that Waltfeld had made the same comment. While complimenting the Desert Tiger's palate, Mu warned Kira not to think too deeply about his enemy, as it would only make it harder for a soldier to kill his foes. Mu departed in the Launcher Skygrasper to engage the ZAFT forces, and was unexpectedly joined by Cagalli, piloting the second Skygrasper armed with the Sword Striker pack. The pair were able to damage Waltfeld's ship, the Lesseps, while Kira destroyed Waltfeld's TMF/A-803 LaGOWE, allowing them passage to the Indian Ocean.[21]

The Three Equatorial Skirmishes and Respite in Orb

With Cagalli and her bodyguard, Ledonir Kisaka joining the Archangel, the ship traveled through the Indian Ocean, but were attacked by Marco Morassim's forces. Mu was able to engage evenly against Morassim's AMF-101 DINNs, damaging the commander's unit and forcing Morassim to retreat.[22] Days later, Morassim returned for a second assault, and Mu departed with Cagalli to engage the DINNs in an aerial battle. During the battle, Mu had successfully destroyed Morassim's Vosgulov-class submarine. However, Cagalli's navigation module was damaged, and her flying caused Mu to order her back as she flew into his line of fire several times.[23] Cagalli was be shot down during her return trip to the Archangel, and it would not be until the next day when Mu and Kira found her and her Skygrasper after receiving her distress call.[24]

After Morassim's forces came members of the Le Creuset Team, once again with the stolen units off the coast of Orb. Suffering extensive damage and lacking supplies, the ship had no choice but to enter Orb waters in spite of warnings from its coast guards. It was then revealed that Cagalli was actually the daughter of Orb's leader, Uzumi Nara Athha. In a small parley with Uzumi, he told them that the official reports state that the ship was chased away instead of entering the country and his personal thoughts regarding the authorization of the creation of the Archangel and the five units since it led to Heliopolis's destruction. In exchange for the needed supplies and repairs, Kira was tasked with assisting the Orb forces in developing an OS for the MBF-M1 M1 Astray. [25] The new system that Kira developed increased the Astray's performance so that even Naturals such as Mu would have the ability to fully utilize the unit. Rather than being happy, Mu noticed Kira had grown increasingly cold, to the point of refusing to meet his parents. Mu reminded Kira that while he was a soldier, he should never forget that he was still his own person, but Kira was too obsessed with the coming battles to listen.[26]

Battle near Orb and the Battle of the Marshall Islands

To Kira's expectations, the ZAFT forces had not believed Uzumi's report and attacked the Archangel as soon as it exited Orb's jurisdiction. Mu departed with the newly-trained Tolle Koenig, and he advised Tolle to only act as Kira's support and not to actively engage. During the battle, Kira destroyed the Blitz Gundam,[27] but was traumatized by killing the Blitz's pilot. While the crew mostly celebrated, Mu understood Kira's true emotions and justified to him in private that they were soldiers, not murderers and that if they did not fire, they would die. He drilled into Kira that as soldiers, they couldn't afford to hesitate as it would lead to their demise.[28]

A renewed attack soon occurred by the ZAFT forces, angered by the demise of the Blitz. Mu once again faced Dearka's Buster Gundam while Kira, and later Tolle, fought both the Aegis and Duel Gundams. The Aegis successfully destroy several of the Archangel's guns while the Duel was kicked off of its sub-flighter and was forced to retreat. Mu eventually destroyed the Buster's sub-flighter, and the pair traded shots, with the Launcher Skygrasper's Agni beam cannon destroying the Buster's arm, while Dearka clipped the wing of Mu's plane and forcing him to land. With his mobile suit damaged and the Archangel's main cannons locked onto him, Dearka was forced to surrender while the Buster was taken back into Alliance custody.[28] Meanwhile, however, signals from both Kira and Tolle's units were lost as a new wave of DINNs had emerged to chase after the Archangel. Reluctantly, Ramius was forced to pull from the area. Mu remained with a crying Miriallia Haw as he punched the training simulator in frustration. Despite the two being officially declared MIA, Mu attempted to leave with the Skygrasper to search for the pair, but was not permitted to do so by Ramius, for additional fear that he may not return as well.[29]

Alaska and Defection to Orb

Upon the Archangel's arrival at JOSH-A, the base's commanders hold an inquiry regarding the Archangel's travels and the fate of the 8th Fleet. Murrue confirms that they failed to control the situation at Heliopolis and that the Strike, the last remaining unit prior to its loss in the previous battle, was piloted by a Coordinator.

It quickly becomes apparent of how rotten the command in the base is when William Sutherland pins the destruction of Heliopolis and the 8th Fleet on Kira for being a Coordinator, and has the staff reorganized as part of Alaska's defense with the exceptions of Mu, Natarle and Flay.[30]

Mu is ostensibly assigned a position as a flight instructor in California. He and Flay are sent to a ship headed for Panama, but, at the last minute, he chooses to not board his transport and turns back believing something suspicious. Leaving Flay to board ahead, the base is attacked by ZAFT forces. To Mu's surprise, he would find Rau examining the base's Cyclops System before leaving. Realizing that the Atlantic Federation was tipped on ZAFT's impending attack and the Cyclops system installed beneath the base would self-destruct and cause a nuclear explosion to wipe out unwanted forces such as the Eurasian Federation and the Archangel, Mu flees to warn the Archangel.[31] Manning a fighter plane, Mu lands inside one of the Archangel's damaged hatches to reveal to the crew that they had been set up and had to abandon the battle immediately rather than follow orders and defend.

Mu would immediately depart on his Skygrasper to provide cover while the Archangel would lead a small fleet of ships in trying to escape through the main gate. Engaging Yzak Jule's Duel Gundam, Mu would struggle to protect the Archangel until the sudden arrival of Kira, having survived the loss of the Strike, and now aboard the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam. Ramius informs Kira of the trap set by the base commanders, and he opens a public channel to the nearby ZAFT forces warning them of the imminent explosion.

Thanks to Kira's efforts, the Archangel successfully escapes the blast, and a disgruntled Mu can only toss his helmet at the loss of life.[32] Kira confirms that his unit had indeed come from ZAFT and was nuclear-powered, but he was not affiliated with them, and had no intention of rejoining the Alliance, a sentiment shared by the rest of the Archangel's crew. Mu would later give both Kira and the rest of the ship crew the full story of the Atlantic Federation's true plan, and Kira reports that a similar case occurred in ZAFT where soldiers were sent to battle by commanders with ulterior motives[33].

With return back to the Alliance out of the question, the ship is welcomed back into Orb, where Mu and Ramius report of what had happened at Alaska. Thanks to the destruction of Alaska, the Alliance's command structure had turned for the worst as its new leader was Muruta Azrael, the leader of the radical anti-Coordinator organization, Blue Cosmos. Uzumi also shows the Alliance's new propaganda drive against Coordinators and his fears that these growing sentiments will lead to war coming to Orb.

It is later revealed that the Strike was retrieved by Orb's forces and was given to Mu since it was now equipped with the Natural OS that Kira had previously developed. Mu takes his unit on a test drive by having a sparring match with Kira[34].

Thanks to the loss of the Alliance's Panama Mass Driver spaceport, Azrael would impose on the Orb Union to allow the Alliance to use the country's Kaguya Mass Driver or be branded a traitor under ZAFT. These terms are obviously meant to provoke Uzumi, who refuses both the demand as well any potential interference from ZAFT. In the original, Mu would disembark on the Aile Strike to help in the defense. In the HD Remaster, La Flaga pilots the GAT-X105+AQM/E-YM1 Perfect Strike Gundam for his only ground battles with the Strike.

The Battle of Orb would soon commence as the Alliance forces would unveil their newly mass-produced GAT-01 Strike Daggers alongside the GAT-X131 Calamity, GAT-X252 Forbidden and GAT-X370 Raider Gundams to tackle Orb's defense. Mu would help lead the Astray teams against the hordes of Strike Daggers and battled against Orga Sabnak in his Calamity Gundam[35]. Despite the superior performance of the Astray and the inclusion of the Freedom Gundam in the battle, it would take the entries of both Athrun Zala's ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam and Dearka Elsman's Buster Gundam to force the Azrael to pull his forces back.

Despite having won the first skirmish, the Alliance's numbers would be unending as they launched a second attack in the afternoon as a response to Uzumi's attempt to continue negotiations. Mu and Dearka once again met the Alliance's ground forces while Kira and Athrun would have a dogfight against the Alliance's new Gundams.[36]

Knowing that the Orb would not have the resources to continue defending itself, Mu, alongside the rest of the Archangel crew, Cagalli, Athrun and Dearka are ordered to escape to space and preserve their hopes and ideals elsewhere. As the Strike is not designed for a prolonged aerial combat, Mu remains within the Archangel when it uses the Mass Driver to head into space. Orb's leaders, including Uzumi, would then self-detonate the Mass Driver after the final ship, the Kusanagi, escapes with the Cagalli and the Freedom and Justice, killing themselves in a final show of defiance against Azrael.[37]

Three Ships Alliance

After reaching space, Athrun directs the crew of the two ships to the Mendel Colony, where its abandoned, but functional facilities could be used as a hiding space and base for the ships. Mu quickly shows concern for Athrun as his father, the radical Patrick Zala, would not seem like the man that would tolerate desertion. Athrun assures Mu that not all of the PLANTs were content with his father's harsh methods and that moderates under Lacus were still in hiding. Though fearful of his father's retribution, Athrun chooses to try and speak with him to not resort to extreme methods[38] but is nearly killed and is rescued by Lacus after she, and Andrew Waltfeld, having survived his last battle against Kira, commandeer the FFMH-Y101 Eternal in escaping the ZAFT forces.[39]

The three ships formally make an alliance and would soon learn that a second Archangel-class ship, the Dominion, had now found them and was captained by Natarle. During the Battle of Mendel, Mu would take the Launcher Strike to engage the Dominion, but he senses Rau from the rear of the Eternal, and he and Dearka leave to engage the ZAFT forces[40]. Mu faces Rau and his new ZGMF-600 GuAIZ, but the slow Launcher Strike is unable to match the GuAIZ's speed, and the Strike is damaged near the cockpit. Mu is injured when a piece of shrapnel hits him in the abdomen. Kira would arrive after fending off the Dominion and disabled Rau's unit, but Rau flees into the Mendel Colony. In spite of his injuries, Mu takes his gun and chases Rau into the facility[41] , and learns of Rau's origins as a clone of Mu's father Al Da Flaga, explaining their extrasensory awareness of one another and the root of Rau's plans to guide humanity into wiping itself out. Rau also reveals to Kira that he was also came from a similar experiment from Via Hibiki to create the "Ultimate Coordinator". Due to his injuries, Mu is unable to pursue Rau back to his ship, and Kira takes Mu to the sickbay where he is forced to watch the remainder of the battle from bed.[1]

Azrael, having learned that the Freedom and Justice were ZAFT units and had nuclear reactors, would finally have his excuse to reuse nuclear weapons. After the Alliance destroys the Boaz military with its nuclear missiles, Azrael soon directs his fury towards the civilians in the PLANTs with the ZAFT forces amassing at Jachin Due for the final battle. The Three Ships Alliance moves to help intercept the missiles, but Patrick Zala's response is to deploy the superweapon, GENESIS, which wipes out half of the Alliance fleet in a second[42] and could now pose a threat to Earth.

Mu sorties with the Aile Strike to help stop both weapons of mass destruction but would sense and confront Rau in his new ZGMF-X13A Providence Gundam. Rau easily overpowers Mu with the Providence's DRAGOONs as he gloats that Mu was too late to stop humanity's war of self-destruction and ambition. Heavily damaged, the wounded Mu attempts to return back to the Archangel, but the ship is caught by the Dominion's "Lohengrin" positron cannon. Acting quickly, Mu would charge straight in front of the Archangel's main bridge, sacrificing both himself and the Strike in miraculously rescuing Murrue and the others. A vengeful Murrue would respond by firing the Archangel's "Lohengrin" to destroy the Dominion before breaking down. It is also implied that Rau had also sensed Mu's demise[43]. When the war finally ended, Murrue would keep Mu's cap as she reminisced of her former crew-mate.

Unknown to the Archangel's crew, Mu would only be severely injured from this blast, and he would be rescued by Lord Djibril. During the course of Mu's treatment, his memories were altered so that he would aid Djibiril's extremist cause.

In the Gundam SEED: Special Edition and HD Remaster, the footage of the destroyed Strike was edited so that Mu's helmet no longer appeared amidst the wreckage, retconning his death from definite to assumed in order to allow for his return in sequel series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

Second Alliance-PLANT War

Neo Roanoke of Phantom Pain

Neo Roanoke (ネオ・ロアノーク Neo Roanōku?) is introduced in Gundam SEED Destiny as a member in the Earth Alliance Forces 81st Autonomous Mobile Group, commonly known as the Phantom Pain. In this capacity he takes orders from Lord Djibril and is in direct command of the three Extended pilots Sting Oakley, Stella Loussier, and Auel Neider. Neo and his stealth warship, the Girty Lue, would station themselves outside Armory One and attacked the nearby docks and checkpoints concurrently with the raid of the three pilots. Upon their exit, he attempts and fails to capture the drained ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam with his TS-MA4F Exus due to the intervention of Rey Za Burrel's ZAKU Phantom.

He then engaged in repeated battles with the ZAFT battleship Minerva, first ambushing near a set of ruins and attempting to bury it under an asteroid which it attempted to use as cover as well as dueling with Rey's custom ZAKU once again. During ZAFT's attempt to demolish Junius Seven after its crash course to Earth, Neo spots ZAFT's forces fighting the radical coordinator terrorists and sends photos of it to Djibiril before sending in the Extendeds to fight the coordinators.

He later recalls the pilots and prepares them for their descent back to Earth.

Final Battles with Phantom Pain

Neo would continue to spend his time hunting the Minerva during its attempt to seek refuge at Orb, though he would be placed more on a commanding role and would only disembark twice on his custom GAT-04 Windam. The first time was at the Indian Ocean, where he engaged with the Impulse once again, but his duel causes Stella to interfere, inadvertently leading the Impulse to an allied military base under construction, which is promptly destroyed.

He is later seen commanding the joint Orb-Alliance fleet at Dardanelles, where their battle against the Minerva is interrupted by the sudden arrival of both the Archangel and the Freedom, which causes the battle to halt after units on all sides were damaged. To his later dismay, ZAFT had also discovered the hidden Extended training facility at Lodonia. This causes Stella to charge at them on her own, leading to her capture. In the following battle at Crete, Auel is killed and the Orb-Alliance forces suffer a heavy defeat with the loss of the Orb flagship carrier, Takemikazuchi.

Following their defeat, Neo is approached by the Impulse's pilot, Shinn Asuka, who returns Stella under the promise she no longer take part in battle. Although Neo agrees, he immediately reneges on his word upon return and has Stella pilot the new GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam, warning her that if she doesn't fight, the world's horrors would catch up and kill them. He and Sting would later continue act as Stella's support throughout her rampage at Eurasia.

Their final stop, however, would be at Berlin, where they would be confronted once again by both the Archangel and the Freedom. The Minerva soon arrives to help fight Stella, sending out the Impulse once again. Amidst the fight, Neo stops Shinn from attacking Destroy's cockpit, revealing that Stella was the unit's pilot. With the Impulse stopping its attacks, Neo turned his attention towards the Freedom.

Though he is able to destroy the Freedom's shield, his Windam is subsequently shot down, and Neo is barely able to eject himself out before his unit explodes. The unconscious Neo is then captured by Murrue Ramius and is kept aboard the Archangel.

Captivity and Release

While aboard the Archangel, Neo is given a DNA test, which to the shock of many, matches Mu's data. This causes Ramius to become more emotional especially after Neo rejects having any knowledge of her, leading to Kira to speculate that his memories were tampered with. To his confusion, many of the ship's crew members refer to him as "Mu". Neo later watches Gilbert Durandal's program exposing Logos to the world, including the use of Destroy through western Eurasia. During this, Neo laments Stella's final fate in her last hours.

He remains tied within the Archangel's medical bay when it is attacked by ZAFT, leading to the Freedom's destruction. Neo then recounts to Kira that the Impulse's pilot was someone that was straightforward and strong, but was still getting stronger over time. After Kira's recovery, Neo's new roommate would be the wounded Athrun Zala, who also referred to him as Mu. He later sends over a voice message in Athrun's behalf asking Kira to save Lacus after Athrun learns that the Eternal was now under attack.

As Heaven's Base was captured by ZAFT, and Orb was now the next target of Chairman Durandal, Ramius decides to release Neo to prevent him from getting caught between the crossfire of ZAFT and Orb. She also provides him with an FX-550 Skygrasper which he will be able to use for transportation.

Joining Orb and Recovered Memories

To Ramius's surprise, Neo decides to come back and provide aid to them in their battle against the Minerva, unknowingly quoting Mu, when he tells her that he "has a knack for making the impossible possible". Although he lands a direct hit on the Minerva, his plane's wing is clipped by the ship's Tristan Beam Cannons, and he makes a landing aboard the Archangel, causing him to briefly glimpse of his memories at the Battle of JOSH-A. Following the battle, Neo confides with Murrue of his doubts about his identity, confessing that he returned because something within him knows about her, and asking to remain on board the Archangel. Murrue consents to his request, and Neo is thereafter commissioned as a captain in Orb's military.

Neo is given the ORB-01 Akatsuki Gundam from Cagalli Yula Athha when the Archangel returns to space and docks at Copernicus City. He goes to Kira, Athrun, Lacus, and Meyrin's rescue, when they run into an attempted assassination on Lacus on a recon mission. However, as he arrives in the Akatsuki, Meer Campbell, is shot dead by her own bodyguard. Neo later regrets for not getting there in time, as he speaks with Murrue about that incident. During the attack on Station One, he uses the Akatsuki to protect the Archangel from the Minerva's Tannhäuser positron cannon in a mirror of the events of the Second Battle of Jachin Due; this time, the Akatsuki's reflective armor enables the Mobile Suit to survive the blast, and in the process, Neo regains his memories as Mu. Speaking to Murrue, he promises never to leave her again. Following the destruction of Station One, the recovered Mu joins Athrun Zala in destroying the Requiem before it can be fired upon Orb. When the battle finally comes to a close, he happily returns back to an emotional Murrue.

At the end of Gundam SEED Destiny: Special Edition, Mu and Murrue are seen together at Orb, watching the sunset.



Character Designs


NOTE: Most of the screencaps below are from the original 4:3 aspect ratio versions of the TV Anime, while some other screencaps, such as the Special Edition/HD Remastered Version, are either newly animated or featured some additional details.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

Illustrations & Artwork

Video Games

Notes & Trivia

  • Notably, Mu is the only member of the Archangel team who did not appear in any of Gundam SEED's endings, while Murrue Ramius was shown standing in front of a soldier's grave in the first ending animation and crying in the second, foreshadowing Mu's ultimate fate.
  • Mu's character as Neo, shares similarities with Glemy Toto: both appeared to care for their subordinates, but would also manipulate them, and Neo tampered with Stella Loussier's memories just as Glemy did with Elpeo Ple.
  • Mu uses the term "bouzu" (坊主) on Kira a few times. Though it can mean "brat" when stated loosely, it can also mean "kid" as a term of endearment. He would reprise that (albeit in the former context) when he encounters Rey Za Burrel and Shinn Asuka.
  • Mu's personal color seems to be purple. As his pilot suit, Exus and Windam are all painted in purple-ish colors.
  • In the Game Boy Advance game SD Gundam G Generation Advance. Mu La Flaga's "death" is shown to be utterly different. Where he nearly dies at the hands of the Dominion in the anime, Mu instead dies in a final duel with Rau Le Creuset.
  • Neo's uniform and mask bares striking similarities with Char's uniform and mask. Both uniforms are unique colored and have small capes whereas the mask Mu/Neo wears has a symbol and a shell-like form, making it look more like Zechs' mask.
  • The Japanese voice actor for Mu La Flaga, Takehito Koyasu, is no stranger to the Gundam franchise. He is also the voice actor for Zechs Merquise in which both characters have equally admirable skills and similar affiliation with Earth but polar opposite personalities. It is interesting to note that Neo's mask is similar in design to Zechs'. Koyasu also voiced Gym Ghingham from Turn A Gundam and Frederick Algreus from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.
  • Trevor Devall (English voice Of Mu La Flaga) is also the voice of Patrick Colasour and Howard Mason in Gundam 00.
  • In many video games, when Mu La Flaga reaches a certain level, he becomes a Newtype, capable of using restricted weapons such as Funnels or MEPE.
  • In Gundam Assault Survive, Mu is given the Special Technician type where he is able to pilot any mobile suit regardless of type specifications. This was implemented since he will be unable to pilot the Strike Gundam (a Coordinator/Extended exclusive unit) if classified as a Newtype.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Battle Destiny, Mu has the unique "Ace Pilot" ability that negates MS piloting restrictions so he can operate the Strike Gundam (as well as other complex MS) effectively while retaining his status as a Natural.
  • Mu's nomme de guerre, "The Hawk of Endymion" is possibly an in-joke referencing the anime Sailor Moon, in which Gundam SEED cast member and veteran seiyuu Mitsuishi Kotono (Capt. Murrue Ramius) voices the titular character. In that show, her character has a relationship with another heroic figure (also with two identities, one masked, one not) who saves the day for her repeatedly; Tuxedo Mask , also known by the nickname 'the Knight/Prince of Endymion'. Both owe their nicknames to character backstories involving the Moon, and both have storylines involving erased/sealed memories of parts of their lives, in addition to wearing masks at one point or another.
    • How he was able to get that title - by shooting down five GINNs with the Mobius ZERO - is a nod to Char Aznable and how he earned the title of "The Red Comet".
  • Mu show's many similarities to Star Trek character, Captain James T. Kirk. Both are known to be men of action, despite their ranks as the commanding officer. They both also act as wise figures, giving their subordinates someone to look up to. Mu's rivalry with Rau Le Crueset is also much like Kirk's rivalry with Khan Noonien Singh.
  • It is highly speculated that Prayer Reverie is a clone of Mu himself. The connection between him and Mu is even strengthened by the fact that both Prayer and Mu have exactly the same base stats in Super Robot Wars W. Additionally, Prayer is able to pilot Mu La Flaga's infamous TS-MA2mod.00 Moebius Zero and Mu is also able to pilot Prayer's YMF-X000A Dreadnought Gundam.
  • SEED and SEED Destiny director, Mitsuo Fukuda referenced Mu La Flaga in his 2014 mecha anime Cross Ange Rondo of Angel and Dragon by including a hotel called "夢有羅布楽雅" which is pronounced (using the Go-on reading of Kanji) as "Mu Ra Furaga".
  • Mu La Flaga's role in Gundam SEED is similar to that of Sayla Mass in the original Mobile Suit Gundam. Both hold important positions on their respective ships, serve as Mobile Suit pilots, and possess a familial connection to the enemy faction's masked ace.
  • He has a Polish surname.
  • In the Omake Quarters Drama CD Vol. 3, Mu invites both Athrun and Shinn out to go drinking. During their meal, he temporarily departs to answer a call from Murrue Ramius, but, by the time he returns, he finds the pair in a heated, drunken argument that causes both of them to leave early. Because of this, Mu is left to pay for the entire bill on his own.
    • Curiously, Shinn thinks that Mu's voice is familiar, but he is unable to identify or remember how.

Survival and Memories

  • Among the flashback images displayed during Mu's recovery is a single still image of Mu wrapped in bandages with Lord Djibril and a few surgeons next to him, suggesting that following his apparent death at Jachin Due, Mu's severely injured body was recovered and treated by Logos, who then used him for their own purposes. Whether his amnesia is natural or artificial is not confirmed, but Kira does comment that Neo seems to have different memories rather than no memory, indicating that Logos may have employed the memory-altering technology used on the Extended pilots to give Mu his new identity.
  • The novelization of SEED Destiny elaborates on Mu's fake memories, which, among other things, include joining the army in C.E. 60, a father who died of alcohol poisoning, and being critically wounded during the Second Battle of Jachin Due.

Video Game-specific

  • In the Extreme Vs. series, Mu acts as the pilot for the Perfect Strike, and Akatsuki and its striker packs.
    • Perfect Strike Mu notes something similar when meeting Duo Maxwell.
    • Perfect Strike Mu is mystified by the workings of the GSX-401FW Stargazer Gundam and states that he has a hard time reading the Gundam's movements and attacks.
    • Perfect Strike Mu gives concern over Sven Cal Bayang's frightening style of fighting and wishes for him to question the truth of "a blue and pure world"
    • Perfect Strike Mu and Gaia Andrew Waltfeld discuss how battles seem to end when one side has completely wiped out the other. The two also discuss cooking; with Mu stating that he also likes to eat kebabs with yogurt sauce and enjoys drinking Waltfeld's coffee. Should they meet as foes, Gaia Andrew sees this as a duel between the "Desert Tiger" and the "Hawk of Endymion" and offers to change their setting to a desert for their next encounter.
    • Perfect Strike Mu advices Lane Aime not to push himself too far and get himself killed. When Mu notes how they seem to walk into another battlefield, Lane comments that such is the duty of a pilot.
    • Akatsuki Mu will often address the younger pilots playfully as well as teasing the female pilots; giving them nicknames like "kitten". Perfect Strike Mu similarly still refers to Lacus as "Pink Princess".
    • Akatsuki Mu will be surprised with how a Super Soldier performs, noting that they possessed the abilities of both an Extended and a Coordinator.
    • Akatsuki Mu asks if the other Char Clones outside of SEED have anything to hide behind their mask or if it represents anything. He will also threaten to tear it off if they meet as foes.
    • When meeting a unit with the AGE System, Akatsuki Mu muses that no matter timeline there is there always seems to be a theory taken too far. Similarly, when meeting some of the Cyber Newtypes, Mu remarks that the militaries always seems to do same sort of thing.
    • Akatsuki Mu recognizes several of Astray's main characters, expressing concern at working with a junk dealer like Lowe Guele, being able to recognize Gai Murakumo and is exasperated with the troublesome Rondo Gina Sahaku. Mu will instantly be reminded of Kira when encountering Canard Pars. Something will also feel familiar to Mu when meeting Prayer Reverie.
    • When meeting characters also voiced by Takehito Koyasu, Mu wonders why they seem unsettlingly familiar. He also addresses Gym Ghingham as the "Moon General".
    • Akatsuki Mu expresses admiration for Celestial Being's attempt to seek peace through dialogue rather than simply fighting.
    • Akatsuki Mu wonders if the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki's armor is also designed to reflect beams.
    • Should Akatsuki Mu be partnered with Shinn, Mu expresses remorse for his actions towards Stella and does not expect to be forgiven by Shinn.
  • To obtain the "[Akatsuki]" variant of the Neo Roanoke AI Pilot in Gundam Breaker Mobile, players must build it from event blueprints during a limited time when it is available as a build project. This is resource-intensive process, as each part requires a combination of twelve total Material which can only be obtained by rolling the current gacha capsules on specific weeks to get the number of necessary material for the part. it would take at least twelve rolls over four weeks to craft the AI.


Television Series


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