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Mouar Pharaoh (マウアー・ファラオ Mauā Farao?) is a character that appears in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. A member of the Earth Federation's counter-insurgent organization Titans, she is best known for being the lover of Jerid Messa, one of the main antagonists of the show.


Mouar is a MS pilot belonging to the Titans, with the rank of Second Lieutenant. She was trained at the Newtype Institute in Jaburo. Mouar first appeared at the Battle of Jaburo, where she saved Jerid from the forthcoming nuclear explosion by grabbing hold of his hand just as the overcrowded escape vessel was about to take off and leave him behind.

She and Jerid later appeared together, serving under Paptimus Scirocco. They would fight many battles together against Jerid's sworn enemy Kamille Bidan. Even though Jerid struck the first blow by killing Kamille's mother, Kamille later killed his two dear friends Lila Milla Rira and Kacricon Cacooler. At one point, the two of them nearly kill Kamille after recognizing him in Von Braun City, but Katz Kobayashi thwarts them. Jerid later comments that Kamille is an obstacle that he must overcome if he is ever to improve, and Mouar replies that it is dangerous to be obsessed like that.

Mouar is fiercely devoted to Jerid and she relentlessly attacks Kamille or anybody else from the AEUG, should they gain the upper hand while fighting against him. With her final moments, Mouar leaps between Jerid and a shot fired by Kamille which caused her Gabthley to explode. Jerid goes berserk but Kamille blows off both of his Gabthley's legs. Jerid finds himself in a strange place and wonders if he is dead. He has a vision of Mouar and she tells him not to give in and that only he can lead the world on the right path. Jerid wakes up and begins a relentless attack on the AEUG battleship Argama. Although he ultimately fails to destroy the ship, he causes more damage to it than he had up to this point.


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