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Morgenroete Incorporated (German for "dawn") is a nationalized munitions company based on Onogoro island in the Orb Union, with facilities in both the Orb Union proper and at the Orb-owned space colony of Heliopolis. It also has subsidiaries in the various Earth Alliance countries.


Though part of the neutral nation of Orb, Morgenroete Inc. had been secretly collaborating with the Earth Alliance's Atlantic Federation in its work on new prototype mobile weapons called G Weapons.[1][2] During production of the G Project machines, Morgenroete obtained useful information that contributed to the creation of the five Prototype Gundam Astrays. However, it did not come without consequences as it cost Orb its space colony of Heliopolis when a ZAFT commando team entered and escaped with four of five Gundams.[1] More esoteric technologies were also later developed at Morgenroete under the aegis of the Sahaku twins and supervised by chief designer Erica Simmons, including energy-draining weaponry.

At the climax of the Battle of Orb, Uzumi Nara Athha and the other Orb leaders sacrificed themselves to detonate the Morgenroete factory on Onogoro Island to prevent it from falling into their hands.[3]

By C.E. 73, Morgenroete was rebuilt, and Murrue Ramius was worked as an engineer at its shipbuilding department under the alias "Maria Bernes".[4] It also developed a new line of mobile suits for the Orb National Defense Force, including the transformable MVF-M11C Murasame, the successor of the MBF-M1 M1 Astray.


Notes & Trivia

F91 SNRI building.png

  • The Morgenroete headquarters building seems to be based on concept art for the SNRI facility in Frontier I from Mobile Suit Gundam F91.


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