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Moon Terminal is one of the secret locations of Celestial Being. Deep within the moon, Veda and Aeolia Schenberg rests. The location itself was top secret and unknown to even Celestial Being members in the name of secrecy. In all of Aeolia Schenberg's anticipations, he calculated there might be a day that someone will misuse Veda and use it for their own purposes, void of his ideals. When Alejandro Corner and Ribbons Almark found and hacked into Veda's terminal, he uncovered Aeolia Schenberg resting in a cryogenic stasis pod. He shot and killed Schenberg, but by doing so activated a system trap (a series of actions prepared to execute should Veda and Celestial Being become compromised) should Schenberg die. It's currently unclear about the depth characteristics of the system, but it activated internal programming that not even Celestial Being knew existed. It granted the real Gundams a new capability, the Trans-Am System and erased the personal data on the Meisters.

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