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Aboard the Radish, Captain Bekkener discusses with Mr. Wong about the Earth Federation Government General Assembly. Wong wants Quattro to act as a bodyguard to Commodore Blex, but Quattro is worried about the Titans soon-to-be operations on the moon. Katz, meanwhile, is excited by the prospect of returning to the Argama.

Emma stumbles on Kamille cleaning his room. He reveals to her just how much he matured about the war, telling her that he even prays for all those he ends up killing in combat, even though he doesn't have any religion, as Fa overhears them.

The Radish approaches the Argama, bringing some supplies while the Dogosse Gier rendezvous with the Alexandria. Scirocco is reviewing their battle plan with the other crewmembers as they all prepare for Operation Apollo: they are to attack first, as Commander Jamaican, over at the Alexandria, covardly plans to use the Dogosse Gier as a shield. Scirocco provokes Jerid about his previous failures, and he angrily leaves the meeting.

At the hangars of the Argama, Reccoa teaches Fa how to use the Methuss, as Kamille ponders how it's unusual for so many women to be on the frontlines. The Radish is then forced to postpone their delivery of goods when their sensors locate the approaching enemy fleet: Quattro launches in the Hyaku Shiki.

Jamaican orders his men at the Alexandria to follow Scirocco's lead as they commence Operation Apollo. The Dogosse Gier fires some warning shots, and all available pilots from the Argama rush towards the city in order to defend it. When the enemy ship finally enters Von Braun City's territory, Scirocco orders their mobile-suit unit to descend, finally revealing his plan: he wants to move ahead from the fleet, leaving the Alexandria to deal with the AEUG, while using Jerid and his unit as decoys, so he can secure the city by himself. Finally noticing it, Mouar launches from the Dogosse Gier by herself, in order to help Jerid.

The independent actions of the Dogosse Gier from the rest of the Titans fleet ends up catching the AEUG completely by surprise. Kamille and Quatro face off against Jerid and Mouar, who is shocked to learn that Jerid knew about Scirocco plan all along and still went forward with it, all so that he could have a chance to get back at Kamille. A wounded Jerid proceeds to fire aimlessly at Kamille and Quatro, who retreat. Mouar quietly watches him.

Scirocco moves ahead and secures the city all by himself, threatening to destroy the city unless they accept a ceasefire, and the AEUG is forced to retreat. Jamaican is furious, and even slaps him, but Scirocco keeps his composure, faking ignorance and even telling Jamaican that he and his crew should control the city in his stead. The act helps Jamaican calm down and leaves, failing to notice that it was all just a ruse, as Scirocco has greater plans in minds, even if he is forced to temporarily act as Jamaican's underling.

Jerid is taken to the infirmary in a stretcher, as Mouar keeps kim company. At the Argama, Fa once again cries, frustrated with her inability to keep up with the other pilots, but they all try to cheer her up. The fact, however, is that Operation Apollo was a sucess, and Von Braun City, a highly relevant point for strategic and military purposes, now belongs to the Titans.


  • Script: Yumiko Suzuki & Minoru Onoya
  • Unit Director: Kunihisa Sugishima
  • Animation Director: Hiroyuki Kitazume