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Aboard the Radish, Captain Bekkener discusses with Mr. Wong about the Earth Federation Government General Assembly, asking Quattro to act as a bodyguard to Commodore Blex .

Meanwhile, a Titans fleet commanded by Scirocco on the Dogosse Giar prepares to launch Operation Apollo. Commander Jamaican allows him to do so, planning to use his ship as a shield.

At the hangars of the Argama, Reccoa teaches Fa how to use the Methuss , as Kamille ponders how it's unusual for so many women to be on the frontlines.

The Titans commence the operation, which involves occupying Von Braun City. Quattro , Fa, Emma , Apolly and Kamille launch. Scirocco rushes towards the city with his ship using Jerid as a decoy and leaving the fleet behind. Mouar saves a hurt Jerid from an attack by Quattro, taking him away from the battlefield.

To the chagrin of Jamaican, Scirocco moves ahead and secures the city all by himself. Threatening to destroy the city unless they accept a ceasefire, the AEUG is forced to retreat.


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