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Montag Company (モンターグ商会 Montāgu Shōkai?) is a trading company that appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.


Founded approximately 200 years ago, the Montag Company has been based on Earth since its establishment by Clive Montag. They began doing business during the middle of reconstruction after the Calamity War, with their goal being to raise people's standard of living through the steady and honest trading of goods. Thus the company has built a positive reputation with the public, expanding their business with all colonies in the Earth Sphere.

Originally dealing with raw materials and foodstuffs, they have also entered the infrastructure industry. They also enforce a policy of maintaining a fixed number of employees in the company. The company has never made any new business ventures or large capital investments, with their business model staying the same (and stable) over the years.

In Post Disaster 323, the company sparks an interest in Tekkadan's conflict against Gjallarhorn and Kudelia's fight for Mars' independence. They sent McGillis Fareed (under the alias of "Montag") as their representative to form an alliance with Tekkadan and Teiwaz. Their reason for doing this is to obtain rights to Mars' half-metals, as Nobliss Gordon and Teiwaz leader McMurdo Barriston would gain the same right should Mars become independent, while McGillis' agenda is to reform the corrupted Gjallarhorn. With the deal signed, McGillis sent Tekkadan several gifts in the form of weapons and mobile suit parts, much of which were later used by the ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos. With Tekkadan's success in their mission, the Montag Company gain the half-metal mineral rights they sought to obtain.

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  • The Montag Company shares similarities with Anaheim Electronics from the Universal Century, as both companies funded the protagonist's faction, though having an agenda of their own (Titans' atrocities restricted Anaheim's trading engagements, while Mars' independence will give Montag mineral rights to Mars' half-metal).
  • It is possible that the Montag Company is unaware of McGillis' plans and manipulations, considering that their primary agenda is solely to gain mineral rights to Mars' half-metal.
    • Alternatively, it could be a shelf corporation that McGillis acquired for his activity.
  • "Montag" is the German word for "Monday".
  • In Iron-Blooded Orphans Gekko, the Montag Company would assist Argi Mirage and his group return to space after visiting Deira Nadira.