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Monaghan Bakharov (モナハン・バハロ Monahan Baharo?) is a character from the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn novel and Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, and the son of Republic of Zeon's Prime Minister, Darcia Bakharov. In the Gundam Unicorn novel, he is the republic's Defense Minister, while in Gundam Narrative, he is the Foreign Minister.

Personality & Character

Monaghan holds very nationalistic views and believes that the Republic of Zeon has degenerated into a puppet government.


Monaghan gave a Cyber Newtype the memories of Char Aznable, with this later becoming known as Full Frontal, leader of the Third Neo Zeon movement, doing the intended work of Bakharov in order to prevent the dissolution of the Republic in U.C. 100.


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