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|image=GPB Beginning G.jpg
|image=GPB Beginning G.jpg
|era=Anno Domini
|era=Anno Domini
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|mechdesign=Kunio Okawara, Atsushi Shigeta, Kanetake Ebikawa, Junichi Akutsu
|mechdesign=Kunio Okawara, Atsushi Shigeta, Kanetake Ebikawa, Junichi Akutsu
{{nihongo|'''''Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G'''''|模型戦士 ガンプラ ビルダーズ ビギニングG|Mokei Senshi Ganpura Birudāzu Biginingu Jī}} is an upcoming [[anime]] Original Video Animation (OVA) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Gunpla since the first [[RX-78-2 Gundam]] released in 1980. It will be directed by [[wikipedia:Kou_Matsuo|Kou Matsuo]] and written by [[wikipedia:Yōsuke_Kuroda|Yousuke Kuroda]], and features character designs by [[Kaichiro Terada]].<ref>[ ''Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G'' Anime Announced]</ref>
{{nihongo|'''''Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G'''''|模型戦士 ガンプラ ビルダーズ ビギニングG|Mokei Senshi Ganpura Birudāzu Biginingu Jī}} is an [[anime]] Original Video Animation (OVA) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Gunpla since the first [[RX-78-2 Gundam]] released in 1980. It was be directed by [[wikipedia:Kou_Matsuo|Kou Matsuo]] and written by [[wikipedia:Yōsuke_Kuroda|Yousuke Kuroda]], and features character designs by [[Kaichiro Terada]].<ref>[ ''Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G'' Anime Announced]</ref>

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Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G (模型戦士 ガンプラ ビルダーズ ビギニングG Mokei Senshi Ganpura Birudāzu Biginingu Jī?) is an anime Original Video Animation (OVA) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Gunpla since the first RX-78-2 Gundam released in 1980. It was be directed by Kou Matsuo and written by Yousuke Kuroda, and features character designs by Kaichiro Terada.[1]


Haru Irei, who witnessed the 1/1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam in Odaiba, becomes inspired to build Gunpla, which is a portamanteau of Gundam Plastic model kit. Haru purchases a one of a kind gunpla, the GPB-X80 Beginning Gundam. After building the kit, Haru, now a Gunpla Builder, and the Beginning Gundam enter the virtual world of GunPla Battle, where players can pilot their customized Gunpla in team matches or one-on-one fights. Haru must rely on the support of his friends if he is to become a Gunpla Battle Champion and attain the rank of Gunpla Meister.


Voiced by: Tsubasa Yonaga
The protagonist of the series; a boy who becomes a "Gunpla Builder" after seeing the 1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam statue and encountering the 1/144 HG Beginning Gundam plastic model. He pilots the GPB-X80 Beginning Gundam and later the GPB-X80-30F Beginning 30 Gundam.
Voiced by: Mariya Ise
Haru's friend, a cheerful girl who is a big fan of Gunpla, though she doesn't know much about it and also not so good at gunpla battles. She pilots the GPB-04B Beargguy.
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Haru's friend who loves Gunpla and gives advice to Haru about building them. He serves as Haru's wingman in gunpla battles. He initially pilots a white Hyaku Shiki, known as the MSN-00100 Byaku Shiki and later upgrades to a MSN-04 Sazabi.
Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya
A talented, yet cocky gunpla builder and battler. He is Haru's very first opponent, which ends in his loss, acknowledging Haru as his rival. He pilots a customized RX-93-ν-2 Hi-ν Gundam
A gunpla builder and guitarist, Tatsu seems to have a split personality. In the real world, he is calm, softspoken, and humble. However, when he enters a Gunpla Battle, his personality becomes bloodthirsty and sadistic, only seeking victory. He is Haru's second opponent. He pilots the GPB-06F Super Custom Zaku F2000.
  • Hinode Irei
A former gunpla builder and Haru's father.
A "Gunpla Meister" and veteran of gunpla battles who is well known in the gunpla world. Impressed by Haru's skill, he challenges Haru after the latters first battle and helps improve throughout the series. He pilots the GPB-X78-30 Forever Gundam.
  • Manager (店長 Tenchō?)
The manager of the Axis Hobby Shop who both sells gunpla models and parts and gives advice on gunpla battles to Haru and his friends. He seems to be friends with Boris Schauer.
  • Sam
One of Boris' wingmen during the Gunpla Battle Championship. He pilots the RX-79BD-1 GM Blue Destiny Unit 1
  • Diana Lee
One of Boris' wingmen during the Gunpla Battle Championship. She pilots a MS-18E Kämpfer.


Part A

Haru Irei, along with his friend Kenta Sakazaki, visit the 1/1 RX-78-2 in Odaiba, Japan. In awe over its size, Kenta and Haru visit the merchandise store where there are many HGUC kits.While Kenta purchases a ecopla version of the MS-06F Zaku II, Haru tries to grab the last remaining 1/144 HG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. G30th, but a girl grabs it instead and Haru runs right into the Gunpla stand. A box falls on Haru, and it is the GPB-X80 Beginning Gundam. Later, while watching 30th Gundam Perfect Mission, Haru decides to start building the Beginning Gundam. This causes Haru's father, Hinode, to reminisce about the times when he used to build Gunpla and how they had advanced since the late 70s. To help him out, Hinode lends Haru a pair of clippers and a modeler's knife to get rid of the excess gate plastic. While Haru is hard at work building, his friend Rina Noyama, an avid fan of Gunpla, stops by to visit. Haru eventually completes the Beginning Gundam and heads to the Axis Hobby Shop to participate in a Gunpla Battle.

When the trio arrives at the store, Kenta introduces Haru to the manager of the store. They then enter a Gunpla Battle room for 6 builders. After Haru suits up, another Gunpla Builder and ladies man Koji Matsumoto looks at the Beginning Gundam and is unimpressed by the suit. He then reveals his own RX-93-ν-2 Hi-ν Gundam, given the color scheme of the original RX-93 ν Gundam. Koji then challenges Haru to a Gunpla Battle against his two female companions Igawa and Iwamoto. Since the Beginning Gundam wasn't in Koji's collection, he makes Haru a deal. If Haru wins the match, Koji would buy any Gunpla Haru wanted, but if Haru lost, he had to forefit the Beginning Gundam. Though Haru hesitated, Rina stepped up and accepted the challenge for him. Haru suits up and launches in Beginning Gundam from White Base. With the playing field a simulation of Shizuoka City, Haru is teamed with two guys named Ono and Urushibata, who pilot a MS-09 Dom and a NRX-044 Asshimar respectively. While entering the battlefield, Iwamoto's blue MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type starts taking shots at Haru, but he fires the beam rifle at the Zaku's leg stand and defeats it. Ono gets distracted by Haru and his Dom is defeated by Igawa in her pink AMX-107 Bawoo. While trying to take out the Bawoo, Haru is intercepted by Koji, who grapples the Gundam before deploying the Fin Funnels. Haru has a tough time against the Fin Funnels and loses the Beginning Gundam's left arm and crashes into the Bandai Hobby Center. Meanwhile, Urushibata's Asshimar is taken out by Koji's funnels. Suddenly Haru emerge from the ground and deploys 3 beam sabers to defeat the Bawoo. Koji and Haru battle again, and Haru manages to knock Koji into some netting, preventing him from deploying the funnels. As Koji struggles to break loose, the polycap holding the leg together snaps, to which Koji blames the manager for building it poorly. Haru said that the point was to build one's own Gunpla and stabs straight into the defenseless Gundam and wins the fight. As Haru calms down from his first battle, another man, Boris Schauer appears before a suprised Haru, piloting his customized GPB-X78-30 Forever Gundam. Stating that he's a Gunpla Meister, Boris challenges Haru to a one-on-one fight.

Part B

The episode starts out with Haru staring at a damaged Beginning Gundam. During the fight Haru is badly beaten by Boris Schauer's Forever Gundam. The next day, Kenta and Rina visit Haru, having recently bought a HGUC MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki + Mega Bazooka Launcher and an MSM-04 Acguy respectively. Haru then starts to repair, paint, and panel line the Beginning Gundam as Kenta changes the gold on the Hyaku Shiki to white, naming it "Byaku Shiki". The two return to the Gunpla store and the manager introduces Kenta and Haru to a young guitarist named Tatsu Shimano, as the manager says that they need to learn about the history of Gunpla and has Tatsu take them on in a 2 on 1 match. Kenta and Haru then suit up and launch from the Argama into a space colony. Suddenly, the duo are attacked by Tatsu in his GPB-06F Super Zaku Custom F2000, a heavily armored version of the MS-06F2 Zaku II F2. Tatsu, now completely sadistic, bombards the two with heavy fire. Haru is shocked at the Zaku, and Tatsu explains that he built the kit using putty and other kits. Kenta takes out two of the machine guns and he and Haru get in close to the Zaku. However, Tatsu manages to chop off the legs of Kenta's Byaku Shiki with a custom heat hawk pole. In the real world, both Boris and the manager are observing the battle with great interest. The manager doesn't think Haru will win, but Boris explains that Tatsu sacrificed firepower for mobility. Haru notices that the Zaku's armor is cracking, and Kenta explains that the bond between the armor and the base Zaku was weakening. Kenta then fires the Byaku Shiki's clay bazooka at the Zaku. Haru takes the opportunity and charges at Tatsu, winning the match. Tatsu then congratulates the two on winning with his personality back to normal. Tatsu noted that he learned a lesson and how it was foolish to use putty. Just then, Rina enters the store and shows off her newly customized GPB-04B Bear Acguy (a MSM-04 Acguy with a bear head and a schoolgirl backpack), perplexing the others. Elsewhere, Boris leaps on his horse and chats with a Bandai employee about a set of upgrade parts for the Beginning Gundam, which would allow it to match or exceed Boris' Forever Gundam.

Part C

The final episode starts with a Gunpla battle between various MS, including a MSM-03C Hygogg, a RX-77 Guncannon, a MS-14A Gelgoog, a YMS-15 Gyan, and a Z'Gok. Haru, Kenta, and Rina watch the battles and decide to enter the Gunpla Battle Championship. The Axis Hobby Shop manager then gives Haru some clear upgrade parts for the Beginning Gundam. Haru takes the parts and locks himself in his room while upgrading the Beginning Gundam. Rina tries to check in on Haru but his mother explains that he is in his room. Meanwhile, the Bandai employee confirms to Boris that he gave the parts to Axis Hobby Shop and is curious about how they'll do against the Forever Gundam. Boris says that he'll wait and see in the tournament and takes off with his wingmen Sam and Diana Lee. The next day the tournament starts with numerous MS entering the fight, including a Zaku II attached to a Zakrello and a MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame. Rina and Kenta are unable to get to Haru, and Boris wonders if he got scared. Entering as the Axis Team, Kenta enters the battle in his new MSN-04 Sazabi from the Reinforce Junior while Rina launches in her custom GPB-04B Beargguy. Both Rina's inexperience in combat and the normal Acguy being operable only on Earth lend to her being saved numerous times by Kenta (including kicking a 1/550 MA-08 Big Zam). Kenta then engages Koji's Hi-ν Gundam with their respective Funnels. Rina and Kenta are surrounded when Koji's Hi-ν is soundly defeated by Haru, who arrives in his new GPB-X80-30F Beginning 30 Gundam. After their reunion, Haru's friends are challenged to battle by Boris Schauer, Diane Lee and Sam, who are piloting a MS-18E Kämpfer and a RX-79BD-1 GM Blue Destiny Unit 1. Haru and Boris blast off each others shields, while Rina holds off Diana Lee's Kämpfer with the Beargguy's Beam eyes. Kenta eventually defeats the Blue Destiny with his funnel supply depleted. Both Haru and Boris are giving everything they got to win, finishing off a team of mobile suits on the surface of A Baoa Qu. Boris says that for both of them, building Gunpla was fun, and Haru agrees as the two begin clashing beam sabers. The Beginning 30 Gundam, along with Boris's Forever Gundam, Kenta's Sazabi, and Rina's Beargguy appear in a collection of Gunpla a year later. The series ends with Haru now becoming a full fledged Gunpla Meiser along with his friends talking with two children looking at their custom Gunpla in Shizuoka.

List of Mechanics

Gunpla Builder Custom Mobile Suits

Mobile Suits from past series


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  • Most of the Gunpla Models that were in the series were based in the Universal Century Era. The only exception is the Astray Red Frame while the rest of the models were originals.


  1. Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G Anime Announced

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