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Model Suit Gunpla Builders A is a manga adaptation of the OVA Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G, published by Dengeki Comics and collected into a tankobon volume in March 2011.


Haru Irei, who witnessed the first lighting of the 1/1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam in Odaiba, becomes inspired to build Gunpla. Gunpla which is a portmanteau of Gundam Plastic. Haru purchases a one of a kind gunpla, the GPB-X80 Beginning Gundam. After building the kit, Haru, now a Gunpla Builder, and the Beginning Gundam enter the virtual world of Gunpla Battle, where players can pilot their customized Gunpla in team matches or one-on-one fights. Haru must rely on the support of his friends if he is to become a Gunpla Battle Champion and attain the rank of Gunpla Meister.


  • Episode 1 Encounter
  • Episode 2 Debut
  • Episode 3 Remodeling
  • Episode 4 Rematch
  • Episode 5 Monster
  • Episode 6 Sprit
  • Episode 7 Challenge
  • Episode 8 Battle
  • Episode 9 Beginning


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