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Mobile Suit Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Day After Tomorrow - From Kai Shiden's Report (Kidou Senshi Gundam Z Gundam - Day After Tomorrow - Kai Shiden no Report yori, 機動戦士Zガンダム デイアフタートゥモロー カイ・シデンのレポートより) is a manga written and illustrated by Tsukasa Kotobuki, published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized by Gundam Ace magazine between May 2005 - January 2007. This manga shows numerous points between the One Year War and the Gryps Conflict.



Volume 1

  • Report 00: Silver Fox
  • Report 01: Hayato Kobayashi
After another heated argument with Katz, Hayato recalls a conversation he previously had with Kai on a similar matter where Kai had come to realize that the Federation Government had become more & more corrupt ever since winning the One Year War - this is what Kai now refers to as "the truth" and wonders what will Hayato do when he comes to see "the truth" that Kai now sees clear as day. A few weeks later Hayato decides to join the Anti Earth Federation Organization "Karaba".
  • Report 02: Reccoa Londe
As Reccoa is returned from another "interrogation", Kai laments that it will not be long before the nuke hidden beneath Jaburo detonates, and the interrogators that care so little about them will see how little Jamitov cares for them. Kai remarks that if the A.E.U.G. can gain control of Jaburo before the bomb detonates then they may survive, Reccoa believes that if anyone can do it, it would be "Quattro". Kai finds this very amusing as he is very well aware of the fact that Quattro Bajeena is none other than Char Aznable.
  • Report 03: Beltorchika Irma
Kai radios the Audhumla to inform Hayato that he has arrived at Hickory, he is also somewhat dismayed to have beaten the Audhumla to Hickory, as they now have such an impressive combat force there should be no need to such a roundabout route to avoid the Titans, however Hayato confides in him the sad truth that Amuro is no use to them at the moment but hopes that with some rehabilitation he will soon be back to his former glory. After finishing his call to Hayato, Kai goes to meet the pilot of Beachcraft who has landed, who introduces herself as Beltorchika Irma.
  • Report 04: Gates Capa
  • Report 05: Fraw Kobayashi
  • Report 06: Namicar Cornell
  • Report 07: Char Aznable (Part 1)
  • Report 08: Char Aznable (Part 2)

Volume 2

  • Report 09: Mirai Noa
  • Report 10: Ajis Aziba
  • Report 11: MSK-008 Dijeh
  • Report 12: Amuro Ray
  • Report 13: Quattro Bajeena
  • Report 14: Mr. Rackoc
  • Report 15: Gates Capa II
  • Report 16: Sayla Mass
  • Report 17: Kai Shiden



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Earth Federation Forces/Titans

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Vehicles & Support Units

Zeon Remnants

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Principality of Zeon

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  • Day After Tomorrow - From Kai Shiden´s Report uses the Mobile Suit Gundam Film Trilogy as a basis for the events in the manga rather than the original anime series.


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