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Mobile Suit Victory Gundam (機動戦士Vガンダム Kidō Senshi V Gandamu?) is an anime television program set in the Universal Century timeline. It consists of 51 episodes, and was directed by Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino. The series was first broadcast on TV Asahi (and its ANN stations), and later by the anime satellite TV network, Animax, across Japan and later its respective networks worldwide, including Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Latin America, and other regions.


Victory Gundam is set in U.C. 0153 and succeeds the Crossbone Vanguard conflict of Mobile Suit Gundam F91.

The greatly weakened Earth Federation comes under attack by the BESPA forces of the spaceborne Zanscare Empire; only the League Militaire stands in their way. The Victory Gundam is the League Militaire's secret weapon against the invading BESPA forces.

Openings and Endings[]



  • Winners Forever by infix (episode 1–31)
  • Mou Ichido Tenderness KIX.S (episode 32–51)


# Episode Title Japanese Airdate
1 The White Mobile Suit 2 April 1993
2 The Meeting with the Machine That Day 9 April 1993
3 Uso's Fight 16 April 1993
4 Who We Are Fighting For 23 April 1993
5 Godzorla's Counterattack 30 April 1993
6 A Fighter's Radiance 7 May 1993
7 Sound of the Guillotine 14 May 1993
8 Fierce Fight! Attacking in Waves 21 May 1993
9 Setting Off 28 May 1993
10 Behold! The Shrike Team 4 June 1993
11 The Shrike Team's Bulwark 11 June 1993
12 Let's Get Rid of the Guillotine 18 June 1993
13 Gibraltar Airspace 25 June 1993
14 Offense and Defense at Gibraltar 2 July 1993
15 Space Dust 9 July 1993
16 Reinforce Surfaces 16 July 1993
17 The Empire's Queen 23 July 1993
18 Battle of the Space Fleets 30 July 1993
19 Locate Shakti 6 August 1993
20 The Eve Before Decisive Battle 13 August 1993
21 Strike the Decisive Satellite 20 August 1993
22 The Space Tiger 27 August 1993
23 Infiltrate Zanscare 3 September 1993
24 Offense and Defense at the Capital 10 September 1993
25 To the Enemy Fleet and Land 17 September 1993
26 Maria and Uso 24 September 1993
27 The Flash that Runs Through Space 1 October 1993
28 The Great Escape 8 October 1993
29 The New Mobile Suit V2 15 October 1993
30 Mother's Gundam 22 October 1993
31 Motorad Takeoff 29 October 1993
32 Pressing Doggorla 5 November 1993
33 People Who Dwell in the Sea 12 November 1993
34 Operation Giant Roller 19 November 1993
35 Mother or Shakti? 26 November 1993
36 Mother Returns to the Earth 3 December 1993
37 Counterattack of the Twinrad 10 December 1993
38 The North Sea Begins Burning 17 December 1993
39 The Song of the Wings of Light 24 December 1993
40 Under the Super Aerial Attack 7 January 1994
41 The Battlefield Created by Father 14 January 1994
42 Fresh Blood Swirls in the Light 21 January 1994
43 The Battlefield Comet Fuala 28 January 1994
44 Love is at the End of the Light 4 February 1994
45 Uso Dances with Illusions 11 February 1994
46 Tassile's Revolt 18 February 1994
47 Women's Battlefield 25 February 1994
48 Vanquished Life, Blooming Life 4 March 1994
49 Above the Angel's Ring 11 March 1994
50 The Battle Called Upon by Hate 18 March 1994
51 The Ascension of the Angels 25 March 1994


League Militaire/Earth Federation Forces[]

Zanscare Empire[]


  • Mandella Soone
  • Lob Olesches


League Militaire/Earth Federation Forces[]

Mobile Weapons[]

Vehicles and Support Units[]

Macedonia Army[]

Mobile Weapons[]

Vehicles and Support Units[]


Mobile Weapons[]

Vehicles and Support Units[]

Zanscare Empire[]

Mobile Weapons[]

Vehicles and Support Units[]


On the 12th of July, 2016 at 15:01 CST, anime distributor Right Stuf, Inc. and anime producer Sunrise Inc. announced that Gundam Reconguista in G would be available, alongside Mobile Suit Victory Gundam Collection 1. Reconguista in G would be available on Blu-ray, whereas Mobile Suit Victory Gundam would be available on both Blu-ray and DVD coming October 4, 2016.

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Notes & Trivia[]

  • The anime is the first Gundam television series since Mobile Suit Gundam to feature a totally original cast with no returning characters.
  • To this day, it remains the final original TV series set in the Universal Century timeline, with all future TV series from Mobile Fighter G Gundam on being set in alternate universes or re-edits of previously released OVAs (such as Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Advent of the Red Comet).
  • The first ending theme, "WINNERS FOREVER", was originally meant for the live-action movie Kamen Rider ZO under the title "RIDER FOREVER".
  • In the Super Robot Wars series, games involved with Victory Gundam will always be toned down and many of the characters will live throughout the entire game avoiding their canon death.

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