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The Mobile Suit Variations (モビルスーツバリエーション?), abbreviated as MSV, is a design series for Mobile Suit Gundam and its compilation movies. MSV features variations of mobile suits during the One Year War. These are official designs, and included detailed histories and in many cases even have detailed back-stories given for their pilots. Some were meant for a cancelled original series in 1983, and a few were even originally intended to appear in Mobile Suit Gundam, but their appearances were cut due to storyline alterations. While rarely seen in their own animation series, most of the MS models (as well as the back-stories and pilots created for them) are considered canonical, and a few were later seen in other side-stories, manga or video games. In a few cases, MSV designs even made brief appearances in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.


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  • The MSV concept would be repeated on a more limited scale for all the anime up until Victory Gundam Mobile Suit Variations, with both the number of designs and the detail of their back-stories significantly reduced. In addition, Kunio Okawara Collection (known in-universe as Missing-Mobile Suit Variations or M-MSV) which is similar to the MSV concept but spans from the One Year War through the Gryps Conflict. It was not until Mobile Suit Gundam SEED MSV (the first for an Alternate Universe series) that the original MSV formula, with detailed backstories and pilots, was duplicated.


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