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Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury (機動戦士ガンダム 水星の魔女 Kidō Senshi Gandamu Suisei no Majo?) is a 2022 anime television series created by Sunrise [6][7][2][8].


A.S (Ad Stella) 122~

An era when a multitude of corporations have entered space and built a huge economic system [9][10].

Season 1

A lone girl from the remote planet of Mercury transfers to the Asticassia School of Technology, run by the Benerit Group which dominates the mobile suit industry. Her name is Suletta Mercury.

Her name is Suletta Mercury. With a scarlet light burning in her pure heart, this girl walks step by step through a new world [9].

Season 2

After transferring to the Asticassia School of Technology from the planet Mercury, Suletta Mercury has experienced a school life filled with encounters and excitement, as both Miorine Rembran's bridegroom and a member of GUNDAM-ARM, Inc.

It has been two weeks since the incident at Plant Quetta. Suletta passes her days at the school, anticipating her reunion with Miorine. Miorine, meanwhile, has stationed herself at the head office of the Benerit Group, monitoring her father's condition. The two are about to face new hardships and pressing decisions. Each with her own feelings in her heart, the girls will confront the mighty curse the Gundam brings [10].


# Episode Title Japanese Airdate English Airdate
1 The Witch and the Bride 2 October 2022 6 February 2023
2 Cursed Mobile Suit 9 October 2022 19 February 2023
3 Guel's Pride 16 October 2022 26 February 2023
4 Unseen Trap 23 October 2022 5 March 2023
5 Reflection in an Icy Eye 30 October 2022 5 March 2023
6 A Gloomy Song 6 November 2022 12 March 2023
7 Shall We Gundam? 20 November 2022 19 March 2023
8 Their Choice 27 November 2022 26 March 2023
9 If I Could Take One More Step Toward You 4 December 2022 2 April 2023
10 Circling Thoughts 11 December 2022 9 April 2023
11 The Witches from Earth 24 December 2022 16 April 2023
12 Keep Marching on Instead of Running Off 8 January 2023 23 April 2023
13 Envoys from the Earth 9 April 2023 30 April 2023
14 What They Wish For 16 April 2023 7 May 2023
15 Father and Child 23 April 2023 14 May 2023
16 Cycle of Sin 30 April 2023 21 May 2023
17 Precious Things 7 May 2023 28 May 2023
18 Our Empty Selves 20 May 2023 11 June 2023
19 Not the Best Way 28 May 2023 18 June 2023
20 The End of Hope 4 June 2023 25 June 2023
21 What We Can Do Now 11 June 2023 2 July 2023
22 The Woven Path 18 June 2023 9 July 2023
23 Unrelenting Tenderness 25 June 2023 16 July 2023
24 May All Blessings Find Their Way to You, I'm Wishing It 2 July 2023 24 July 2023


Character Japanese Voice English Voice
Suletta Mercury Kana Ichinose [11] Jill Harris
Miorine Rembran Lynn [11] Natalie Van Sistine
Guel Jeturk Yohei Azami [12] Bradley Gareth
Elan Ceres Natsuki Hanae [12] Aaron Dismuke
Shaddiq Zenelli Makoto Furukawa [12] Alejandro Saab
Nika Nanaura
  • Yume Miyamoto (Eps. 1-9, Eps. 13-onwards) [13]
  • Haruka Shiraishi (Eps. 10-12) [14]
Bryn Apprill
Chuatury Panlunch Miyu Tomita [13] Brittney Karbowski
Lauda Neill Takeo Otsuka Nazeeh Tarsha
Felsi Rollo Yuuki Takada Alexis Tipton
Petra Itta Yuuki Hirose Kimberly Grace
Secelia Dote Aya Yamane Cassie Ewulu
Rouji Chante Gen Sato Kristin Payne
Martin Upmont Junya Enoki Matt Shipman
Nuno Kargan Tasuku Hatanaka Eric Vale
Ojelo Gabel KENN Corey Wilder
Till Nys Kohei Amasaki Monty Thompson
Lilique Kadoka Lipati Konomi Inagaki Sara Ragsdale
Aliya Mahvash Miyuri Shimabukuro E.A Castillo
Rajan Zahi Eiji Hanawa Ian Sinclair
Delling Rembran Naoya Uchida Gabe Kunda
Sarius Zenelli Atsushi Ono Mike Smith
Vim Jeturk Tetsuo Kanao Christoper R. Sabat
Nugen Masako Katsuki Wendy Powell
Kal Kazue Komiya Kristen McGuire
Nevola Yoko Soumi Brianna Roberts
Golneri Kimiko Saito Molly Searcy
Prospera Mercury Mamiko Noto Elizabeth Maxwell
Kamil Kaysink Taiki Yamashita William Ofoegbu
Wangzi Yuga Sato
Wumei Sakata Shogo
Osh Furuya Anan Mark Allen Jr.
Belmeria Winston Ayumi Tsunematsu Anastasia Munoz
Godoy Haimano Yutaka Aoyama Kamen Casey
Earlton Wells Shohei Kajikawa Chariles Nguyen
Sabina Fardin Asami Seto Katelyn Barr
Henao Jazz Shion Wakayama Sarah Wiedenheft
Ireesha Plano Ryoko Maekawa Celeste Perez
Maisie May Yuka Nukui Dani Chambers
Renee Costa Sayumi Suzushiro Brittany Lauda
Feng Jun Akeno Watanabe Julie Cleburn
Guston Parche Junichi Yanagida Van Barr Jr
Sophie Pulone Shiori Izawa Emi Lo
Norea Du Noc Aoi Yuki Megan Shipman
Naji Geor Hija Taiten Kusunoki Ray Hurd
Olcott Satoshi Mikami Michael Stimac
Kenanji Avery Yoji Ueda Brandon Acosta


Shin Sei Development Corporation[]

Jeturk Heavy Machinery[]

Peil Technologies[]


Grassley Defense Systems[]


Ochs Earth Corporation[]

Dawn of Fold[]

Space Assembly League[]

Hammerfield Corporation[]

Daigo Corporation[]

Farisa Robotics[]

Fobbler Motive[]

Baiho Technical Lab[]

Veeran System[]

R&W (Rudy and Winston)[]

Grants Enterprises[]

HMI (Hanumat Manufacturing Industry)[]



Names Performed By Episodes
Shukufuku YOASOBI 2 - 12
slash yama 13 - 24


Names Performed By Episodes
Shukufuku YOASOBI 1, 24
Kimi yo Kedakaku Are Shiyui 2 - 12
Red:birthmark AiNA THE END 13 - 23

Insert Songs[]

Names Performed By Episodes
Happy Birthday to You Suletta Mercury (C.V. Kana Ichinose (Japanese), Jill Harris (English)), Elan Ceres (C.V. Natsuki Hanae (Japanese), Aaron Dismuke (English)) 6, 17 (Instrumental)
GUND-ARM Inc. PV Song Suletta Mercury (C.V. Kana Ichinose (Japanese), Jill Harris (English)), Earth House Members 8, 10, 19
Houseki no Hibi AiNA THE END 24


It was first announced at the 2nd Gundam Conference on September 15, 2021 [15][16].

On January 29, 2022 02:00 JST, MBS and Gundam.Info announced that it will begin airing every Sunday from October 2022, occupying the famous "Sunday 5pm" (日5 Nichigo?) slot on 28 MBS/TBS stations in Japan [2][8]. On June 17, 2022, the synopsis, staff, character and mobile suit names were announced [9]. On July 14 a second PV was released,[17] and Suletta and Miorine's voice actresses were revealed [11]. On September 4, a new trailer was released featuring the theme song Shukufuku (The Blessing) by YOASOBI [18], along with the voice cast for Eran, Guel, Shaddiq, Nika and Chuatury [12][13].

On March 7, the official website's homepage was updated with a new synopsis for season 2 [19].

On March 10, GundamInfo uploaded the first trailer for season 2, revealing the second theme song slash by yama [10].

In the lead up to the premiere of season 2, the official Twitter page posted a series of Tweets under the title Suletta & Miorine Japan Tour (スレッタ&ミオリネ日本周遊ツアー?), which featured still images of Suletta and Miorine's visiting various landmarks in Japan accompanied by dialogue provided by their voice actresses, larger versions of the still images were also available [20].


See also: /Releases On May 27, 2022, GundamInfo released the teaser for international audiences and announced that a simulcast is being planned for outside of Japan.[21]

On September 21, Crunchyroll announced it would stream the series with English subtitles.[3]

On December 23, GundamInfo announced they would also stream the series in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. Episodes 1 to 12 for those regions will be made available weekly at 17:30 JST starting on December 31.[4]

Following an unannounced release of the English dub of Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury PROLOGUE on January 29 2023, Crunchyroll announced on February 1, they would begin streaming the series' English dub on the following Sunday.[22] The English dub of Season 2 premiered on April 30, immediately following the conclusion of Season 1's dub and only three weeks behind the original Japanese release.

On May 20th, 2023, episode 18 was briefly available a day early on Amazon Prime Video in Japan [23]. The episode was removed, and the G-Witch Twitter account apologized for the accident and clarified it would be distributed according to the schedule of each service[24].

Episode Delays[]

Four episodes were delayed over the course of the series' airing, two without a stated reason and two due to network programming.

There was a one-week delay in between Episode 6, which aired on November 6, 2022, and Episode 7, which aired on November 20, 2022. A recap program, though not a dedicated recap episode, aired on November 13th.[25] There was a second one-week delay between Episode 10, which aired on December 11, 2022, and Episode 11, which aired on December 25, 2022 due to TBS having a "Hourou no Hi 2022" special programming block on December 18th. A third one-week delay occurred between Episode 11 and Episode 12, which aired on January 8, 2023 due to TBS having a New Years Day special programming block on January 1st.[26] A fourth one week delay occurred between Episode 17, which aired on May 7, 2023, and Episode 18, which aired on May 21, 2023. A recap program for episodes 13-17 aired on May 14th.[27]

In addition, the English dub of Episode 2 was delayed by one week, but this was made up for by the dubs of Episodes 4 and 5 releasing on the same day.

Compared to other Gundam series, the recaps have been treated as separate specials rather than dedicated episodes, and as such were not included in the official numbered episode lists or released on streaming websites, though some were included in the Blu-Ray releases.

See Also[]


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Notes & Trivia[]

  • The series makes multiple references to the works of William Shakespeare:
  • At 24 episodes, G-Witch is the shortest Gundam series outside of OVA and movie recuts.
  • This is the first series in the franchise to receive an official Hindi dub.
  • The font used in the English Witch from Mercury logo is ITC Benguiat by Ed Benguiat with some manual tweaking of some of the letters by by Bandai.


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