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Mobile Suit Gundam Zero Old Zakus (Kidou Senshi Gundam: Zero no Kyuu Zaku, 機動戦士ガンダム ゼロの旧ザク) is a two-volume manga written and illustrated by Kazuhiro Okamoto, published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized Gundam Ace magazine between April 2008 - November 2009.


Universal Century 0079. The original Duchy of Zeon end of the war a year dominated army, was starting to show color in the color of the border on the success of the federal military mobile suit development. In addition, the forced conscription of boys to girls in order to ensure personnel guileless yet lost the war. This is the story trotting ride Zaku Nirusuteoreru old boy, one of the soldiers.


Volume 1

  • Episode 1:
  • Episode 2:
  • Episode 3:
  • Episode 4:
  • Episode 5:
  • Episode 6:
  • Episode 7:

Volume 2

  • Episode 8:
  • Episode 9:
  • Episode 10:
  • Episode 11:
  • Episode 12:
  • Episode 13: Words of the Dead


Principality of Zeon soldiers military pilot. MS has a superior handling techniques unfittingly young appearance, "Nils fine line" that has a nickname. However, the number shot down still hesitation to shoot the enemy from the innate kindness of zero, the siblings are often teased. The aircraft is Zaku I.
  • Marie Scenes (マリー・シーン)
Mechanic, is also responsible for maintaining the ride Nils Zaku Ⅰ. In the presence of Nils's sister, worried that he hesitate to shoot the enemy. After the war, but was doing a mechanic shop run by a father that has been working for the recovery of debris that was merged with Anaheim.
  • Arthur Corporal (アーサー伍長)
MS-class heavy cruiser pilot Chibe Chekhov. Angelina has received a favor.
  • Second lieutenant Angelina (アンジェリーナ少尉)
MS-class heavy cruiser pilot Chibe Chekhov. Iliad and the captain had promised marriage. The death of his being appointed captain of Chekhov. Although it was indirect, that killed an alias Niels uranium.
  • Tamil & Kamil (タミル&カミル)
MS-class heavy cruiser pilot Chibe Chekhov. Each senior soldier in the twins. Nils often make fun of the class should be over.
  • Sergeant Simon C · Chiffon

Mobile Units

Principality of Zeon Army

Mobile Weapons

Earth Federation Forces

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