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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (機動戦士ガンダ UC(ユニコーン), Kidō Senshi Gandamu Yunikōn) is a PS3 video game that's based on the first 3 chapters of the OVA series Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. It is developed by From Software and published by Namco Bandai. The game was released for the PS3 on March 8, 2012 for 5,040 yen, while the Special Edition was released on March 8, 2012 for 7,980 yen.


The first game for the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA series, the game will cover the first 3 OVAs.


Mobile Suit Gundam UC is a robot action game, in which the player assumes the role of Banagher Links, Full Frontal and Marida Cruz. The game will have a simple control scheme similar to the Another Century's Episode game series.

All the mobile suits from the first 3 episodes will be appearing in the game. Transformable mobile suits will be able to transform in the game. Famitsu mentions the "Sub Flight" system, where you can climb atop a Mobile Suit that can switch into flight form.

Scenarios & Modes

Part of the game will follow the story from the viewpoint of the main character Banagher, while other parts will follow the story from the viewpoints of the rival characters Marida and Frontal.

-Blue icons denote missions to clear in the cockpit of a mobile suit. In missions, you play through a situation evoking the events of the original from a character's perspective.
-Monologues display before scenes from the anime, and are fully voiced, allowing characters to show sides never before seen.

Character Routes

  • Banagher Story Route
The Banagher route will have the player piloting the Unicorn Gundam in both "Unicorn mode" and "Destroy Mode" (with the NT-D system activated). Pilot the Unicorn Gundam and defend Laplace's Box as Banagher
Unicorn Mode lets you experience the story of Mobile Suit Gundam UC from a variety of perspectives.
  • Frontal Story Route
The Frontal route will have the player in the remnants of the Zeon forces, piloting Frontal's personal mobile suit Sinanju.
  • Marida Story Route
The Marida route puts the player in the shoes of the namesake Zeon ace pilot and the Kshatriya mobile suit with its remotely guided Funnel weapons. Battle the Federation as a member of the Sleeves as Marida.


  • Custom Cast Mode
Using Custom Cast Mode, you can form a team of your own choosing and take on original challenges.
Several sequential scenarios are set up, through which damage, ammunition usage, and losses are carried over, making cautious fighting a necessity.
You can change units after every mission, when necessary switch to your backups.
-Up to six mobile suits and one ship can be selected. Clear scenarios to unlock new mobile suits and advance your Organization Level, opening up new characters and features.
-Fulfill requirements in a mission to open up more difficult routes. The more difficult your route, the more rare mobile suits and weapons you unlock.
-Your chosen wingmen will talk among themselves before takeoff, during battle, and after the mission.

Downloadable Content

The downloadable content of the game will feature new mobile suits, missions, characters, and weapons as DLC.

Special Mission

  • “The War After the War” ("Sengo no Senso")
A new scenario written by novel author Harutoshi Fukui, and the Gundam Delta Kai and Sinanju Stein, designed by Hajime Katoki. Fukui's new scenario will feature both the Sinanju Stein and the Full Frontal Customize Geara Doga. In an all-new story with the plot to seize the Sinanju.

Mobile Suits

The first pressing of the game will include a code redeemable for DLC of the golden Delta Gundam as a playable unit.
-Code within first press packages.
-Available while supplies last.
-Images from development version. * Contents subject to change without notice.
-DLC code redemption requires internet access.
-DLC code must be redeemed by a certain date.
-Not available at all retailers. Please inquire with retailer for details.
The download of the Gundam Delta Kai allows players to take part in the mission "Sengo no Senso".
The download of the Sinanju Stein allows players to take part in the mission "Sengo no Senso".
The ReZEL variant from Mobile Suit Gundam UC Bande Dessinée.


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Vist Foundation



Earth Federation

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units


Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units


Development & Releases

The Special Edition of the game will include an assortment of items sold along with it for 7,980 yen. A Blu-ray “Mobile Suit Gundam UC Collector’s Disc” with a Special Digest of Episodes 1-3, Digest Footage up to The Ghost of Laplace and Staff/Cast Interview archives, Mobile Suit Gundam UC FILM&LIVE Digest and an orchestral performance with Hiroyuki Sawano. A new novel by Harutoshi Fukui called Mobile Suit Gundam UC: The War After the War which features the Sinanu Stein and revolves around the theft of the mobile suit itself.

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