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Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. 0094: Across The Sky is a manga illustrated by Katsumoku, and officially launched in the December issue of magazine series Gundam Ace. It is succeeded by the Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. 0096: Last Sun manga series.


In U.C.0094, a live exercise for the MSN-001X Gundam Delta Kai is being carried out in outer space. This mobile suit is equipped the "n_i_t_r_o System" that grants regular pilots the abilities of a Newtype. While the Gundam Delta Kai displays overwhelming power, a side-effect causes the test pilot's personality to become more aggressive.

Back on Earth, the Earth Federation Forces aggressor squadron "Raven Corps" arrives at the Federation Forces Mariana base. Brothers Braier and Ing Ryude, who are pilots stationed at Mariana base, participate in a mobile suit mock-combat exercise with the Raven corps. During the exercise, the brothers are attacked by the Raven corps using live ammunition. Piko Altidore, captain of the Raven corps, reveals the object of the attack is the Gundam Delta Kai stored in "Area X" of the Mariana base. During the battle, Ing boards the Gundam Delta Kai to defend the base against the Raven corps' assault. However, the n_i_t_r_o System brings about a berserk state in Ing, causing him to attack both allies and enemies. Piko manages to subdue the Gundam Delta Kai with a pulse grenade and opens a communication line with Ing. After this exchange, Ing seemingly joins the Raven Corps and departs the Mariana base in the Gundam Delta Kai.


Volume 1:

  • Chapter 00:(First part)
  • Chapter 00:(Part Two)
  • Chapter 01:
  • Chapter 02:
  • Chapter 02 α:

Volume 2

  • Chapter 03:
  • Chapter 04:
  • Chapter 05:
  • Chapter 06:
  • Chapter 07:

Volume 3

  • Chapter 08:
  • Chapter 09:
  • Chapter 10:
  • Chapter 11:
  • Chapter 12:

Volume 4

  • Chapter 13:
  • Chapter 14:
  • Chapter 15:
  • Chapter 16:


Earth Federation Forces

Mariana Base/Fresberg Corps

  • Minoru Popp (ミノル)
  • Locke Hawker (ロック・ホーカー)
  • Sophie Lom (ソフィ・ロム)
  • Braier Ryude (ブレイア・リュード)
  • Ing Ryude
  • Martin Murtaugh
  • Ewan Irondart
  • Pesco Lingua
  • Rex Fabio
  • Chiro

Raven Corps

  • Piko Altidore (ピコ・アルティドール)
  • Izuru Suga



Zeon Remnants

  • Taggis
  • Kaysa
  • Jiva


Earth Federation Forces/Fresberg Corps/Mariana Base

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

Raven Corps

Vehicles and Support Units

Titans Remnants "Devil's Nest"


Zeon Remnants





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