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The first episode of the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt ONA was released on December 25, 2015.


Side 4, or Moore, was destroyed by the Zeon forces and is now a "Thunderbolt Sector" filled with floating debris and thunderstorms. The Moore Brotherhood, made up of survivors who have lost their homeland, launches an operation to eliminate Zeon's Living Dead Division, which now occupies the sector. Pilot Io Fleming of the Moore Brotherhood is shot down in battle by Daryl Lorenz, a Zeon ace sniper, but manages to escape. After killing Daryl's comrade Hoover and stealing his Rick Dom, Io taunts Daryl by sneering at his prosthetic legs. Daryl swears to seek revenge on Io, who has killed his ally and mocked him and his comrades. Using the tactical data extracted from the Rick Dom, Io pilots the Federation's new Full Armor Gundam prototype to sweep the sector of sniper units.[1]



Earth Federation Forces/Moore Brotherhood

Principality of Zeon/Living Dead Division

Mobile Weapons

Earth Federation Forces

Principality of Zeon



  • When the Zaku II attempts to fire a big gun to the Full Armor Gundam, the Gundam evaded for the second time despite the big gun not being fired. This was fixed in the December Sky compilation movie.


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