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Please note that this is the Gundam Wiki's article on the video game series, Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story THE BLUE DESTINY; if you are looking for the article on the titular mobile suit of this series then you should head to RX-79BD-1 Blue Destiny Unit 1.

Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny is a trilogy of Sega Saturn video games set during the One Year War. The series made its debut on September 20th, 1996 with an entry entitled Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story I: Blue Terror (戦慄のブルー‎ Senritsu no burū?), on December 6th, 1996 this game received a sequel entitled Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story II: Heir to the Blue (蒼を受け継ぐ者‎ Ao o uketsugu mono?), the series' last entry, Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story III: The Condemned (裁かれし者‎ Sabaka re shi-sha?), was released on March 7, 1997. Finally, later that year on August 29th, Bandai released the compilation under its final title of Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny (機動戦士ガンダム外伝 THE BLUE DESTINY Kidō senshi gandamu gaiden THE BLUE DESTINY?).


The MSGSS games are unique among Gundam games in and that rather than placing the player in a behind the shoulder third person view, they instead put the player in a first person view from the inside of the Mobile Suit's cockpit. They also make up the most significant entry in the "gaiden" Gundam games, those not based directly upon characters and events from the animated television series. The series and its heirs, such as Mobile Suit Gundam: Rise from the Ashes, are also known for gameplay that is grittier and more challenging than that of the Gundam games based on existing canon material. One of the primary reasons for this is that the protagonists are not Newtypes, but normal humans and they are forced to use mobile suits such as the RGM-79 GM, rather than the significantly more powerful Gundam.

The story of The Blue Destiny was adapted into a manga by author Mizuho Takayama and published in Haoh Magazine, under the same title as the compilation, Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story THE BLUE DESTINY, however the publisher folded before the story could be completed. Despite this, an English publisher Tokyopop released a translation of the manga in America, titled Mobile Suit Gundam Blue Destiny.

The manga adaption includes some minor story changes, including the introduction of new characters. While these elements are considered to be outside of The Blue Destiny's officiality, characters and Gundams from The Blue Destiny manga were still featured in various games from the SD Gundam G Generation series.

The major characters and Mobile Suits from The Blue Destiny are frequently featured in other Gundam video games. Games released in the United States with elements from The Blue Destiny include Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space, Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire, though in the case of MSG: Crossfire the characters were only included as a name and a stat block with no portrait or dialogue as selectable wingmen.


Chapter 1: Blue Terror

Mission 1: Moonlight Sortie

November, U.C. 0079, after the success of Operation Odessa, the Earth Federation Forces began forming units dedicated to collecting combat data for mobile suits under various circumstances. 2nd Lt. Yuu Kajima, who has been training to become a mobile suit pilot ever since the start of the war, was assigned as the leader of one such unit.

For their first mission, Yuu and his two teammates, Philip Hughes and Summona Fulis, piloting early production type RGM-79G GM Command, were dropped outside a Zeon base at night by Medea. Maureen Kitamura, the team's operator, recapped the mission objective for them: they were to attack the base under the cover of night and gather combat data against the Zakus defending it.

Mission 2: The Blue Terror

Maureen informs the team that an unknown mobile suit is rapidly approaching, destroying Federation units in its way. The team was forced to engage the mobile suit, which resembled a blue GM. It proved to be an extremely powerful opponent with incredible mobility. After taking enough damage, the mysterious mobile suit was briefly stunned, before seemingly recovering and retreating.

Mission 3: Desperate Struggle in the Wilderness

During a training exercise in a desert, Yuu's team received an emergency order from Maureen. 3 kilometers away from their location, a Dish discovered a Zeon mobile unit operating out of a Gallop. A Fly Manta squadron was able to immobilize the Gallop but unable to destroy it. The mobile unit deployed its mobile suits, and was attempting to repair the Gallop. Yuu's team was ordered to destroy the Gallop and its escorts.

During the mission, Philip mentioned rumors that the blue GM they fought was a Newtype-use experimental unit made by a defected Zeon scientist.

Mission 4: Zeon's Fierce Attack

Yuu's team arrived at a Federation base to upload the collected combat data for analysis and conduct maintenance on their GMs. However, the base suddenly came under attack by Zeon forces, and the team was tasked with defending the base's power plant.

Mission 5: Ace Pilot

The third wave of Zeon attack approaches the base, which had already lost most of its combat strength during the last two waves, putting the burden of defending the base on Yuu's team. The third wave consisted of three MSM-03C Hygoggs, which attacked from the ocean.

After defeating the third wave, the fourth wave, consisted of three custom-painted MS-09 Doms, arrived at the base, apparently piloted by a trio of Zeon ace pilots. After a fierce battle, the Doms were finally destroyed. Philip and Summona praised Yuu's skills, calling him a top class pilot who has surpassed the Zeon aces.

Elsewhere, a damaged C-88 Medea was transporting the mysterious blue GM. Two unseen figures inside the transport, panicking, talk about how they were being pursued by a blue enemy who was after Dr. Chlust shortly before the transport crashes.

Chapter 2: Heir to the Blue

Mission 1: The Blue Destiny

Maureen informed the team that a Medea was shot down near them by a Zeon recon team. The team was ordered to defend the crashed Medea until other friendly units arrive, but Yuu was given a special mission: escort a helicopter to the crash site for investigation and recovery. The technician aboard the helicopter told Yuu that what the Medea was carrying must not fall into the hands of Zeon, and that he has heard of Yuu's reputation as an ace pilot.

After all of the Zeon mobile suits around the crash site were destroyed, a blue Zeon mobile suit appeared, its pilot thanking Yuu for wiping out the others so that he no longer needed to hide. The pilot introduced himself as Nimbus Schterzen and said that he will bury the "Blue Reaper" in the name of "EXAM". The new mobile suit was just as dangerous as the blue GM Yuu fought before, with incredible mobility and firepower. However, as Federation reinforcements finally arrived, the mobile suit, now revealed to be named Efreet, retreated.

Before leaving, the pilot remarked that the next time he and Yuu meet would be the end of both Yuu and "Blue". Meanwhile, the technician remarked that Efreet's movements were similar to "Blue", before seemingly realizing the pilot's identity.

Mission 2: And Its Name is "Blue"

The content of the Medea was revealed to be the blue GM that Yuu fought: the RX-79BD-1 Blue Destiny Unit 1, nicknamed "Blue". The technician aboard the helicopter, Alph Kamra, was its mechanic. Both Alph and the Blue Destiny were assigned to Yuu's unit, and Yuu became Blue's pilot. The team soon received new orders: Philip and Summona were to join the attack on California Base with a different unit, while Yuu supports them by destroying a nearby Zeon missile base.

Before the mission, Alph explained that the Blue Destiny had much higher performance than the GM, and was equipped with the EXAM System, something the even he did not fully understand, saying that it was a wild horse and asking Yuu to rein it in. During the mission, he also revealed that the reason Blue went berserk before was that its system lost control, and its previous pilot was killed as a result.

With Blue's superior performance, Yuu was able to singlehandedly destroy the missile base's mobile suits, artillery defenses, and anti-air cannons, allowing Federation ground teams to land via helicopter. Alph remarked that Yuu was already controlling Blue like his own arms and legs, and the real battle has just begun.

Mission 3: Time Limit

Maureen contacted Yuu with urgent information: the base was planning to launch its missiles at California Base to prevent its recapture. With little time left before the launch, Alph convinced Yuu to activate the EXAM System in order to destroy the launch control facilities in time, wanting to collect data on its use. However, the EXAM System can only operate for five minutes before the Blue Destiny overheats.

In the end, Yuu was able to destroy the five control facilities within the time limit. However, he knew that his victory was not because of his own strength, but because of the mysterious EXAM System.

Mission 4: Zeon Extermination Operation

Having destroyed the missile base, Yuu rejoined his teammates at California Base to finish off the remaining Zeon forces. Together, they were able to destroy all Zeon mobile suits in their section of the base. However, the Efreet suddenly appeared and challenged the Blue Destiny once again.

Mission 5: The Fated Confrontation

Nimbus realized that Yuu has mastered the EXAM System, and exclaimed that their battle will decide which one of them was the knight chosen by EXAM. As the two machines resonated, both activated EXAM System automatically. Alph contacted Yuu, shocked that the EXAM System activated on its own, and asked him to finish the battle within five minutes.

After a fierce battle, Yuu was ultimately able to defeat the Efreet, but not before it destroyed the Blue Destiny's head with its grenade launcher while Yuu's guard was down, much to the dismay of Alph, since the EXAM System and all of its collected data were located in the head. The Efreet attempted to escape, but soon exploded from the damage it sustained. However, the body of the pilot was not found.

Meanwhile, Nimbus was revealed to have survived the destruction of Efreet and escaped in a Gallop. He was saddened by the loss of the Efreet, but informed by one of his subordinates that Zeon's intelligence division has located Dr. Chlust with another Federation EXAM machine. Ecstatic at finally discovering Chlust, Nimbus planned for his next move.

Chapter 3: The Condemned

Mission 1: EXAM Recapture Operation

After the destruction of the Blue Destiny Unit 1, Yuu was assigned the RX-79BD-3 Blue Destiny Unit 3, the Federation's last remaining EXAM machine. After cautioning Yuu not to break it, Alph informed him that the Federation's EXAM research facility was attacked and destroyed by Zeon special forces, and the developer of the EXAM System, Dr. Chlust, was killed. The Blue Destiny Unit 2, located in the same facility, was also stolen, possibly by the pilot of Efreet.

Just then, Maureen informed Yuu that the Federation has tracked the stolen Unit 2 to a shuttle base, which was preparing to launch it into space. Yuu was ordered to either recapture or destroy Unit 2 before it can be launched.

Yuu and his team were able to destroy all Zeon mobile suits guarding the shuttle base. However, they found the base's hangar to be empty: the shuttle carrying Unit 2 had already been launched.

Mission 2: Prelude to the Pursuit

Zeon remnant forces began converging on the base, apparently intending to use it to return to space. While Maureen and Alph tried to locate Unit 2's whereabouts from the base's computers, Yuu and his team must protect the base's data centers from the Zeon forces.

Since Philip and Summona's GMs were destroyed during the previous mission, they were forced to pilot two captured Zaku IIs for this mission. For the purpose of identification, they mounted the shield of their destroyed GM on the back of their Zaku.

The Zeon remnants quickly found out that the base had no shuttle left, and attacked Yuu and his team in blind rage. However, they were all defeated in the end, and Maureen was able to uncover Unit 2's destination: the space colony where EXAM System was first created.

At a nearby Federation base, Yuu and his team were launched into space. After receiving minimal resupply at Luna II, they departed for the colony, which was revealed to be an abandoned colony repurposed for Dr. Chlust's research on the EXAM System. While Yuu and Alph entered the colony, Philip and Summona stayed to guard the ship. However, since all available GMs were mobilized for Operation Star One, they had to pilot RB-79 Ball, much to their displeasure.

Mission 3: Space Colony

Inside the colony, Alph explained to Yuu that there were many mysteries with the EXAM System: normally, it can only function at 50% of its full power, as it has a tendency to go berserk when used at 100% capacity. In order to prevent it from losing control, he added a limiter to Unit 1 and Unit 3, allowing them to use the system at 100% for short periods of time. However, Unit 2 did not have a limiter, and once it goes berserk, it would fight with no consideration for the machine or the pilot's safety.

While Alph snuck into the colony's central block to gather data, Yuu acted as distraction, drawing the attention of Zeon forces guarding the colony inside its passages. Eventually, Yuu reached the interior of the colony. Meanwhile, in the colony's central block, Alph was shocked by his discoveries.

Mission 4: The Truth of EXAM

Alph informed Yuu that Chlust developed the EXAM System out of fear that Newtypes, who possess high combat ability, would become enemies of humanity. EXAM System itself was based on a copy of the mental patterns of a Newtype girl. However, there was one serious problem with the EXAM System: once it detects a Newtype's psycho waves, it would go berserk, attacking friends and foes indiscriminately. However, once this problem is solved, the system would be flawless.

Alph asked Yuu to destroy Unit 2 and the research facilities in the colony to prevent Zeon from continuing their research into the EXAM System, confident that the Federation would be able to continue their research as long as they still have Unit 3.

Though Yuu was able to destroy all of the EXAM laboratories, Unit 2 was nowhere to be seen inside the colony. Just then, Maureen contacted him and told him that Unit 2 was outside the colony. Strangely, it did not seem to be trying to escape.

Mission 5: The Condemned

For the final battle, Yuu equipped the Unit 3 with the beam rifle. Alph warned him that when two EXAM machines fight, they would both recognize each other as a Newtype, causing their respective EXAM System to activate. However, due to Unit 3's limiter, it is at a disadvantage when fighting the berserk Unit 2.

Nimbus Schterzen challenges Yuu to a duel in order to decide which one of them was the one chosen by EXAM. After a heated battle, Yuu was able to defeat Sctherzen. However, Schterzen, unwilling to accept defeat, grabbed Unit 3 moments before Unit 2 exploded, destroying both units.

The ending of the game depends on the player's performance, from worst to best:

  • Yuu was killed by the explosion, and Philip and Summona both die during the Battle of A Baoa Qu.
  • Yuu's fate was not recorded in official records, but Philip and Summona were implied to have survived.
  • Though Yuu's fate was not recorded in official records, Philip stated that he saw someone who seemed to be Yuu on Earth after the end of the war.
  • Yuu miraculously survived the explosion, and participated in the Battle of A Baoa Qu with Philip and Summona. He would stay in the Federation Forces and only retire from military service after he was wounded during the Gryps War.
  • Same as above, except Yuu instead retired after the Second Neo Zeon War.

In all endings, with all EXAM machines and research data destroyed, the EXAM System was presumably erased for good.

MS Simulator: VS RX-78-2

This bonus stage can be unlocked by clearing Chapter 3 with an A rank, or by clearing Chapter 3 with the save datas of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Maureen asks Yuu if he knew about Amuro Ray, the ace pilot of the 13th Autonomous Corps. She presents him with a simulator based on the combat data of Amuro's RX-78-2 Gundam, which nobody had been able to clear before, and asks him to challenge it.

In the simulator, Yuu fights the RX-78-2 Gundam in the Blue Destiny Unit 3, with the EXAM System active.


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Related Media

A one volume manga adaptation of the three Blue Destiny Sega Saturn games which were released in Japan on 1996 was published by Kodansha in 1997 and was authored by Mizuho Takayama, however, the manga only covered the events of the first two games and leaves out the final parts of the story. On October 15, 2002, a Blue Destiny novelization, written by Yuka Minakawa was also published by Kodansha.


Notes & Trivia

  • Even though the mobile suits Yuu and his team piloted visually appeared to be the RGM-79G GM Command, it is simply referred to as "GM" in dialogue and "RGM-79" on the results screen, and the title screen and box art of the first game showed an RGM-79 GM. However, the Blue Destiny databook confirmed that Yuu and his team piloted the GM Command.
  • The mobile suit designs in this game are mostly based on the redesigns from Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket. For example, the MS-06J Zaku II resembles the MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai, and the MS-09B Dom resembles the MS-09R-2 Rick Dom II.
  • Similar to its appearance in Mobile Suit Gundam, the Zaku I appearing in Chapter 3 has no weapons and only uses melee attacks, including the shoulder tackle seen in Vote to Attack.

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