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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny (機動戦士ガンダムSEED Destiny Kidō Senshi Gandamu Shīdo Desuteini?) is a 2004 anime television series directed by Mitsuo Fukuda. It is a sequel set two years after the events of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and the second Gundam series to be set in the Cosmic Era timeline.

The series had its premiere broadcast in Japan on October 9, 2004 at 6:00 p.m. on the JNN TV stations (Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS TV), Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS TV, producing TV station), etc.) and ended October 1, 2005.

On January 29, 2005, a television special, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny EDITED,[1] was exhibited between episodes 15 and 16. This special was a summary narrated by the voice actor of Sai Argyle, Tetsu Shiratori. The song Fields of Hope was used as an insert song. This special was never sold or included in any physical media distribution. On December 25, 2005, a television special, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Final Plus: The Chosen Future, aired featuring an extended ending of the series.

Just like the previous two Gundam series. An english dub produced by the Ocean Group aired in Canada on YTV From March 29, 2007 to March 28, 2008.

After the airing of the final episode of the HD Remastered Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, the HD Remaster of Gundam SEED Destiny was quickly announced.[2] On March 2013, the airing of the HD Remaster began. Like the HD Remaster of Gundam SEED, the remaster of this series not only improves the animation, but also alters lines and scenes from the original, as well as introducing brand new mobile suits. The episode count for the remaster was 50 episodes. The recap episode "Refrain" was completely omitted from the HD Remaster, while the final episode divided into two parts: "Final Power" and "The Chosen Future", based on the "The Chosen Future" television special, with additional footage.

Much like with Gundam SEED, the HD version of this series is planned for an English release as well, with a brand-new english voice cast that will be announced in the future once the production of Gundam SEED has been completed.[3] The series is available to be streamed on Crunchyroll.


Set in C.E. 73, two years after the peace treaty between ZAFT and the Earth Alliance was signed in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, members of the Earth Alliance special task force known as Phantom Pain hijack three advanced mobile suits from a ZAFT armoury base during a meeting between Orb representative Cagalli Yula Athha and new ZAFT chairman Gilbert Durandal. What begins as a pursuit of this band of Extended Naturals by Orb refugee Shinn Asuka, Athrun Zala, and the crew of the LHM-BB01 Minerva, escalates into cataclysmic circumstances which lead to the declaration of yet another war.

Although a success in terms of ratings, Gundam SEED Destiny could not match either the previous success of Gundam SEED or Fullmetal Alchemist, both of which previously aired on its popular Saturday evening prime-time slot. However, Gundam SEED Destiny had high DVD sales, surpassing DVD sales of Gundam SEED.


Several compilations of the TV series, known as Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Special Edition, have been released. The Special Edition is a retelling of the story in four 90 minute episodes. Unlike its counterpart, Gundam SEED: Special Edition, this retelling focuses on fixing some of the more criticized aspects of the series (for instance, focusing on Athrun Zala's point of view to keep the focus as neutral as possible) rather than simply editing together highlights and important battles.

An ONA sidestory called Gundam SEED C.E. 73: STARGAZER, was released on Bandai Channel between July and September 2006, with a DVD release In November 2006.

The anime has been adapted into a series of novels, by Goto Riu (the author of the Gundam SEED novels).

There are two manga adaptations of SEED Destiny, written by Mizuho Takayama and Masatsugu Iwase respectively. Another manga series, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: The Edge by Chimaki Kuori, tells the events of the anime from the point of view of Athrun Zala.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny has also appeared in many entries of the SD Gundam G Generation and Super Robot Wars game series, the most notable entries being Super Robot Wars Z for the PS2 and Super Robot Wars L for the Nintendo DS.


  • Andrew Waltfeld - Okiayu Ryoutarou (Japanese), Brian Drummond (English), Carlo Landrito (Tagalog)
  • Arthur Trine - Takahashi Hiroki (Japanese),
  • Athrun Zala ("Alex Dino") - Ishida Akira (Japanese), Sam Vincent (English), Louie Paraboles (Tagalog)
  • Auel Neider - Morita Masakazu (Japanese), Brad Swaile (English), Robert Brillantes (Tagalog)
  • Cagalli Yula Athha - Shindou Naomi (Japanese), Vanessa Morley (English), Ria Paz Bautista (Tagalog)
  • Dearka Elsman - Sasanuma Akira (Japanese), Brad Swaile (English), Bernie Malejana (Tagalog)
  • Gilbert Durandal - Ikeda Shuuichi (Japanese), Ted Cole (English), Robert Brillantes (Tagalog)
  • Haro - Mitsuishi Kotono (Japanese),
  • Heine Westenfluss - Nishikawa Takanori (T.M. Revolution) (Japanese), Michael Punzalan (Tagalog)
  • Yuna Roma Seiran - Nojima Kenji (Japanese), Brian Drummond (English), Benjie Dorango (Tagalog)
  • Kira Yamato - Hoshi Souichirou (Japanese), Matt Hill (English), Michael Punzalan (Tagalog)
  • Lord Djibril - Hori Hideyuki (Japanese), Alistair Abell (English)
  • Lunamaria Hawke - Sakamoto Maaya (Japanese), Maryke Hendrikse (English), Katherine Masilungan (Tagalog)
  • Reverend Malchio - Nakai Kazuya (Japanese), Brian Drummond (English),
  • Lacus Clyne / Meer Campbell - Tanaka Rie (Japanese), Chantal Strand (English), Wendy de Leon (Tagalog)
  • Mayu Asuka - Sakamoto Maaya (Japanese), Katie Chapman (English)
  • Meyrin Hawke - Orikasa Fumiko (Japanese), Nicole Bouma (English)
  • Miriallia Haw - Toyoguchi Megumi (Japanese), Anna Cummer (English)
  • Murrue Ramius ("Maria Vernes") - Mitsuishi Kotono (Japanese), Lisa Ann Beley (English)
  • Madd Aves - Taiten Kusunoki (Japanese), Jason Simpson (English)
  • Narrator - Mitsuishi Kotono (Japanese), Alison Matthews (English)
  • Neo Roanoke / Mu La Flaga - Koyasu Takehito (Japanese), Trevor Devall (English), Alexx Agcaoili (Tagalog)
  • Rey Za Burrel - Seki Toshihiko (Japanese), Kirby Morrow (English), Alexx Agcaoili (Tagalog)
  • Shinn Asuka - Suzumura Kenichi (Japanese), Matthew Erickson (English), Benjie Dorango (Tagalog)
  • Stella Loussier - Kuwashima Houko (Japanese), Lalainia Lindbjerg (English), Pinkee Rebukas (Tagalog)
  • Sting Oakley - Suwabe Junichi (Japanese), Brent Miller (English), Pocholo Gonzales (Tagalog)
  • Talia Gladys - Koyama Mami (Japanese), Venus Terzo (English), Katherine Masilungan (Tagalog)
  • Colonel Todaka - Kazuya Ichijou (Japanese),
  • Unato Ema Saran - Hiroshi Matsumoto (Japanese), Scott McNeil (English)
  • Vino Dupre - Hisafumi Oda (Japanese), Reece Thompson (English)
  • Yzak Jule - Seki Tomokazu (Japanese), Michael Adamthwaite (English), Pocholo Gonzales (Tagalog)
  • Yolan Kent - Sugita Tomokazu (Japanese), Michael Coleman (English)
  • Lacus/Meer's singing voice - Jillian Michaels (English)
  • Ledonir Kisaka - Adam Henderson (English)
  • Erica Simmons - Sharon Alexander (English)
  • Martin DaCosta - Brian Dobson (English)
  • James/Eduardo - James Blight (English)
  • Malik Yardbirds - Lee Tockar (English)
  • Sato - Paul Dobson (English)
  • Chen Jian Yi - Yuuki Tai (Japanese), Andy Toth (English)
  • Mrs. Asuka - Laura Drummond (English)
  • Mr. Asuka - Paul Dobson (English)
  • Sarah - Miho Yamada (Japanese), Laura Drummond (English)
  • Conille Almeta - Yuuko Sasamoto (Japanese), Brenna O'Brien (English)


  • Director: Fukuda Mitsuo
  • Series Writer: Morosawa Chiaki
  • Character Designer: Hirai Hisashi
  • Mechanical Designer: Okawara Kunio, Yamane Kimitoshi
  • Design Works: Fujioka Kenki
  • Art Director: Ikeda Shigemi
  • Sound Director: Fujino Sadayoshi
  • Music: Sahashi Toshihiko
  • Producer: Takeda Seiji (MBS), Sato Hiroyuki (Sunrise)

Openings, Endings and Insert Songs[]


  • Ignited by T.M.Revolution (ep. 1-13)
  • PRIDE by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR (ep. 14-24)
  • Bokutachi no Yukue (Our Whereabouts) by Hitomi Takahashi (ep. 25-37)
  • Wings of Words by CHEMISTRY (ep.38-50)
  • Vestige by T.M.Revolution (HD Remaster Ep. 38 onwards, Ep. FINAL PLUS ~The Chosen Future~)


  • Reason by Nami Tamaki (Ep. 1-13, HD Remaster Ep. 1-11)
  • Result by Nami Tamaki (HD Remaster Ep. 12-13)
  • Life Goes On by Mika Arisaka (Ep. 14-25)
  • Life Goes On ~ReMix 2013 by Mika Arisaka (HD Remaster Ep. 14-25)
  • I Wanna Go To A Place... by Rie Fu (ep. 26-37); Two Versions of this song (English and Japanese Lyrics) sung Rie Fu herself were used in that run, with the English Lyrics only appearing in Episodes 28 and 32 with the rest of the episodes using Japanese Lyrics.
  • Tears ~ Remix 2013 by Lisa Komine (HD Remaster Ep. 28)
  • Shinkai no Kodoku ~ ReTracks by Kuwashima Houko (HD Remaster Ep. 32)
  • Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru (君は僕に似ている; You Resemble Me) by See-Saw (Ep. 38-50, Final Plus); Instrumental Version of this song was first played in Episode 29; Lyrics used in Final Plus is different from the one used in Episodes 38-50.
  • Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru 2013 Remix (君は僕に似ている; You Resemble Me) by See-Saw (HD Remaster ep. 38-40, 42 onwards)
  • Enrai: Tooku ni Aru Akari (遠雷 ~遠くにある明かり~; Distant Thunder ~The light far away~) by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR (HD Remaster ep. 41)

Insert Songs:

  • Mizu no Akashi (水の証; Token of Water) by Rie Tanaka (Meer Campbell - eps. 10, 29)
  • Fields of Hope by Rie Tanaka (Lacus Clyne)(Eps. 7,9 Final Plus)
  • Meteor by T.M.Revolution (Ep. 23, HD Remaster Ep.42)
  • Quiet Night C.E. 73 by Rie Tanaka (Meer Campbell)
  • Shinkai no Kodoku (The Sea's Loneliness) by Houko Kuwashima (eps. 21,32,33)
  • Vestige by T.M.Revolution (eps 39, 42, 49)
  • Honoo No Tobira (焔の扉; Door of Flames) by Yuki Kajiura|FictionJunction YUUKA (ep. 40)
  • Honoo No Tobira ~ Remix 2013 by FictionJunction YUUKA (HD Remaster Ep. 40)
  • EMOTION by Rie Tanaka (Meer Campbell) (Ep. 47)
  • Anna ni Issho Datta no ni (あんなに一緒だったのに; We were so together, but) by See-Saw

Original Soundtrack[]

  1. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Original Soundtrack 1
  2. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Original Soundtrack 2
  3. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Original Soundtrack 3
  4. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Original Soundtrack 4


# Episode Title Japanese Airdate English Airdate
1 Angry Eyes 9 October 2004 9 March 2007
2 Those Who Call For War 16 October 2004 16 March 2007
3 Warning Shots 23 October 2004 23 March 2007
4 Stardust Battlefield 6 November 2004 30 March 2007
5 Scars That Won't Heal 13 November 2004 6 April 2007
6 The End of the World 20 November 2004 13 April 2007
7 Land of Confusion 27 November 2004 20 April 2007
8 Junction 4 December 2004 27 April 2007
9 Bared Fangs 11 December 2004 4 May 2007
10 A Father's Spell 18 December 2004 11 May 2007
11 The Chosen Path 25 December 2004 18 May 2007
12 Blood in the Water 25 December 2004 25 May 2007
13 Resurrected Wings 8 January 2005 1 June 2007
14 Flight to Tomorrow 15 January 2005 8 June 2007
15 Return to the Battlefield 22 January 2005 15 June 2007
16 Struggle in the Indian Ocean 5 February 2005 29 June 2007
17 The Soldier's Life 12 February 2005 6 July 2007
18 Attack the Lohengrin! 19 February 2005 13 July 2007
19 The Hidden Truth 26 February 2005 20 July 2007
20 Past 5 March 2005 27 July 2007
21 Wandering Eyes 12 March 2005 3 August 2007
22 Sword of the Blue Skies 19 March 2005 10 August 2007
23 The Shadows of War 26 March 2005 31 August 2007
24 Differing Views 2 April 2005 7 September 2007
25 The Place of Sin 9 April 2005 14 September 2007
26 The Promise 16 April 2005 21 September 2007
27 Unfulfilled Feelings 23 April 2005 28 September 2007
28 Survivors and Sacrifices 30 April 2005 5 October 2007
29 Fates 7 May 2005 12 October 2007
30 A Fleeting Dream 14 May 2005 26 October 2007
31 The Endless Night 21 May 2005 2 November 2007
32 Stella 28 May 2005 9 November 2007
33 The World Revealed 4 June 2005 23 November 2007
34 Nightmare 11 June 2005 30 November 2007
35 Eve of Chaos 18 June 2005 7 December 2007
36 Athrun on the Run 25 June 2005 14 December 2007
37 Thunder in the Dark 2 July 2005 21 December 2007
38 A New Flag 9 July 2005 28 December 2007
39 Kira of the Skies 16 July 2005 4 January 2008
40 Legacy of Gold 23 July 2005 11 January 2008
41 Refrain 30 July 2005 18 January 2008
42 Freedom and Justice 6 August 2005 25 January 2008
43 A Call for Counterattack 13 August 2005 1 February 2008
44 Lacus Times Two 20 August 2005 8 February 2008
45 Prelude to Revolution 27 August 2005 15 February 2008
46 The Song of Truth 3 September 2005 22 February 2008
47 Meer 10 September 2005 29 February 2008
48 To a New World 17 September 2005 7 March 2008
49 Rey 24 September 2005 21 March 2008
50 The Final Power 1 October 2005 28 March 2008




Notes & Trivia[]

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler details may follow.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny was the first non Universal Century Gundam TV sequel series.
  • The series contains several references to previous Gundam and Fukuda-directed anime series.
    • Just as Mobile Suit Gundam SEED is heavily influenced by Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, being a sequel, is heavily influenced by the second Gundam series, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, with the plot, characters and mobile suits notably mirroring it at several places. The most notable of these are the characters Shinn Asuka, Stella Loussier and Lunamaria Hawke, being similar to Kamille, Four and Fa, respectively and the designs of various mobile suits and armors such as the GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam being similar to the MRX-009 Psycho Gundam.
    • Most notable among the non-Gundam references are those to Fukuda's Future GPX Cyber Formula television and OVA series. These include several vehicles used in these series, such as the convertible that Athrun drives in Episode 8, and the motorcycle that Shinn rides in Episode 21, as well as some images including the scene in the fourth OP with Gilbert and Talia is almost an exact duplicate of a scene with Kyoshiro Nagumo and Kyoko Aoi in the Cyber Formula Sin OP.
  • The Destiny Gundam itself is a leftover of sorts from SEED's initial production. Chief designer Okawara Kunio had been charged with designing the original Freedom Gundam as a mobile suit with compact, "always-on" versions of the original three Striker Packs. Several rough designs of this concept have been released in official material, and it is evident that in early attempts, the result would have been simply too cluttered and (presumably) difficult to animate, hence the drastically alternate, final design for Freedom. However, this concept obviously made it through for the second try, as the Destiny Gundam features compact forms of the first three Impulse Silhouettes (which are nearly identical in function and design as the three Striker Packs) as standard weaponry. This is a rather ironic footnote to the fact that Destiny Gundam and Freedom Gundam are made complete opposites in the storyline.
  • A majority of the returning cast grew taller and lost weight. Most are underweight according to the body mass index.
  • The word "Destiny" in the title of the series can refer to several things:
    • The second Mobile Suit Shinn Asuka pilots, is the ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam.
    • The "Destiny" plan proposed by Gilbert Durandal to end all conflict between Naturals and Coordinators.
    • The "Destiny" of the main character, Shinn Asuka, and that of the returning characters from the previous series.
  • In its initial run in Japan, it occupied the same Saturday 6 p.m. time-slot on MBS and TBS as Gundam SEED and Fullmetal Alchemist (which was shown in between GS and GSD.)
  • In Episode (Phase) 15, towards the end when Athrun Zala enters the 'waiting room' overlooking the Minerva's Mobile Suit hanger, you can see Shinn Asuka laying on the couch reading a magazine with the band HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR (who did the shows 2nd Opening theme) on the cover.
  • In Gundam SEED Destiny, a common practice with ZAFT Mobile Suits is the names being acronyms: Consider ZAKU (ZAFT Armed Keeper of Unity), GOUF (Guardian of Unity Forerunner), and DOM (Dauntless Obliterator Magnificent). This practice was actually first seen in Gundam SEED, with GUNDAM (General Unilateral Neuro-link Dispersive Autonomic Maneuver, and all subsequent variations), and most likely originated with the MRC-F20 SUMO (Strike Unit for Maneuver Operations), in Yoshiyuki Tomino's ∀ Gundam.
  • In November 2004, Takanori Nishikawa (as T.M. Revolution) made Gundam singles history when his single, "Ignited", hit the #1 spot in Japanese Oricon's daily top 20 singles; a first for the franchise. Up until then, the highest ranking Gundam song was T.M. Revolution's own "Invoke", which had made it to #2. Initial sales data had "Ignited" as having sold 108,000 copies. "Ignited" is the first opening theme song for Gundam SEED Destiny while "Invoke" was the first opening theme song for Gundam Seed.
  • The word "Gundam" is actually only said twice, in the first episode by Cagalli and in the second by Sting.
  • In Episode 22, there is a slight error in a split-second animation frame where the Force Impulse Gundam slashes through an Astray. Instead of the Force Impulse, the Aile Strike Gundam's likeness is seen. This suggests that said frame is reused from Seed, but was not modified. This was fixed in the HD remaster.
  • Along with its prequel, Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny is the Gundam series that scored the most brilliant achievements in Animage's Anime Grand Prix. It won the 1st place in 2002, 2004 and 2005, and selected as the runner up in 2003 and 2006. Other Gundam series that come up to Gundam SEED's achievements are the original Mobile Suit Gundam (won 1st place twice), followed by Zeta Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Gundam Wing and Gundam 00 (each won second place once).
  • Kenichi Suzumura has expressed his preference for how Super Robot Wars Z handled the plot and Shinn's character, which is regarded as vastly superior to the series. He even once said that the genuine Shinn is the one in the game.
  • The fourth opening theme of Gundam SEED Destiny (original version) "Wings of Words" is a reference to the Destiny Gundam's special feature, "Wings of Light".
    • "Wings of Words" was replaced with "Vestige" in the HD remaster as the fourth opening theme song.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny was the last Gundam series to be broadcast in 4:3 format and also the last to air on Saturday. Starting from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 onwards, all Gundam series began airing on Sunday and in 16:9 screen format.
  • The previous Gundam designs such as GOUF, ZAKU and DOM were derived from suits appearing in the Universal Century as a tribute to the 25th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam.


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