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The Phantom Pain attack the DSSD space station in an attempt to capture the Stargazer for its AI so they can copy it for use in unmanned combat mobile suits. The assault force consists of the Nana Buluku (a Girty Lue-class battleship), several Slaughter Daggers, the Strike Noir and the Verde Buster. Simultaneously, several squadrons of soldiers force a landing on the DSSD satellite and begin gunning down DSSD personnel.

Selene sorties in the Stargazer and uses its Voiture Lumiere as an offensive weapon, redirecting beams fired by Phantom Pain units to strike back at them. In the mean time, Shams Coza depletes the batteries of the Verde Buster while opening fire on the DSSD station. Upon losing power, he is destroyed by several DSSD Civilian Astrays. During this time, the Stargazer and the Strike Noir are engaged in combat, but when Sven hesitates after Sol is ejected from the Stargazer thinking the pilot abandoned the mobile suit and Selene is able to bind his unit.

Selene orders DSSD to fire the propulsion beam, which hurls the Stargazer and the Strike Noir out somewhere between Earth and Venus. After salvaging energy from the Strike Noir, Selene brings Sven aboard the Stargazer and sets a course for Earth using the Stargazer's solar sails. She also administers a drug that increases oxygen absorption which will allow them to last for a period of around 27 days. After the closing credits, Selene and Sven are found 669 hours (27 days and 21 hours) later by Sol, but fail to respond when he hails them at the end of the episode.


The manga version of the story would however confirm that they both survived with Sven joining DSSD.

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