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The episode starts off with the Break the World incident shown in Gundam SEED Destiny and how the planet is in a state of chaos after it. During this time, two members of the DSSD, Selene McGriff and Edmond Du Clos, are contacting Sol Ryuune L'ange at mission control because Selene is worried about the launch schedule of the "401", the new Stargazer mobile suit. While they talk a huge tsunami is approaching Selene and Edmond's position, so the two flee to higher ground, though many others are not so fortunate and washed away. Watching the pieces of Junius Seven coming down from another location.

Across the world, various cities are now under water or have been completely decimated, while rescue and humanitarian efforts are underway everywhere. Edmond and Selene find refuge in a large building where Earth Alliance forces have taken up positions. One of the soldiers recognizes Edmond, who used to be a tank platoon commander and known as the legendary demon director. Suddenly, a ZGMF-1017 GINN Insurgent Type attacks and starts to destroy everything around it. Edmond and Selene are able to secure a single Inflatable boat on which only Selene rides to the DSSD launch site. Edmond instead goes back and boards a tank driven by the young soldier who recognized him. Edmond has the tank close in on the GINN as much as possible before it turns around and aims it's bazooka at the tank. The tank rapidly fires multiple shots which breaks its barrel but succeeds in crippling the GINN. However, the GINN's bazooka manages to fire and badly damages the already crippled tank. Selene meanwhile arrives at the launch pad and has boarded the shuttle together with Sol. From the wreck of the tank, a dying Edmond sees the shuttle take off, causing him to smile. With the battle over, the Earth Alliance forces open up the GINN and are shocked to find three children inside the machine.

At an Earth Alliance base, reports are coming in from all over the world regarding the ZAFT insurgents which include southern Australia and South America. Phantom Pain is sent out to assist a base that is under attack by one of the remants of ZAFT mobile suits loyal to Patrick Zala. Mudie Holcroft pilots the GAT-X1022 Blu Duel, Shams Couza pilots the GAT-X103AP Verde Buster, and Sven Cal Payang pilots the Strike Noir. The first two mobile suits are lifted out by helicopter, but Sven launches in the Strike Noir through the base's catapult towards the conflict.

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