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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Battle Destiny is a battle action game for PSVita developed by Artdink and published by Bandai Namco Games, in which players can experience events of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.


The game follows the same tradition as the Gundam Battle Games that came before it. Players can create a male or female character plus a partner to participate in the events of 71 C.E. and 73 C.E. as a Natural or Coordinator, siding with either the EAF or ZAFT Factions in the beginning.

There are no resupply points in this game. To replenish ammunition, orange supply containers in the map need to be found and opened. Some destroyed warships and MS also drop these containers during long missions.

Later events will give you a choice to remain with your chosen faction or join the Archangel/Three Ships Alliance later on. Three runs will be needed to unlock everything, since allegiance decisions are a one-time affair. Moreover, certain missions and MS are exclusive to one faction.

After finishing certain missions, bonus missions in the Another Arc, EX and Hyper Boss Battle are gradually unlocked. The Another Arc features minor events from MSV as well as some miscellaneous missions involving MS types; EX Missions are the same as the first basic timeline missions but allows all the missions to be playable regardless of chosen faction, and Hyper Boss Battle involves fighting the famous pilots and their units with tripled stats.

Featured Series


Note that some characters appear by name only and do not have portraits nor voice clips.


Earth Alliance

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Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

Junk Guild

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Serpent Tail

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Orb Union

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Phantom Pain

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Deep Space Survey and Development Organization (DSSD)

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Playable Pilots

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SEED Destiny

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Notes And Trivia

  • Coordinator-type original characters can become EA Pilots but Naturals can't join ZAFT until a feature is unlocked.
  • Even if they defect to the Three Ships Alliance/Archangel, the original characters will not change into Orb Pilot Uniforms. They will just stick with the one from their former affiliated army (EAF/ZAFT).
  • Some Mobile Suits are restricted to specific environments like before, but pilot type limitations are not as strict in SEED Battle Destiny: Naturals can still man MS meant for Coordinators, but the system warns players that the pilot will not be able to use the unit properly. The corresponding penalties are obvious with AI-controlled characters, who get defeated easily by grunts even if the unit has been tuned up.
  • Original characters who start out as Naturals can be given the Biological CPU or Extended ability in order to effectively pilot certain MS. Once applied, the ability can't be removed. The stat bonuses slightly resemble the ones for Coordinators, but when MS HP is at 30%, all stats will drop. It will also cause a personality change that varies per character type.
  • High-energy, multi-phase and positron beams can pass through obstacles whereas regular beams cannot.
  • All MS can hover over water in the ocean stages. ZAFT AI units use Guuls for purposes of accuracy but they are not necessary gameplay-wise and therefore not accessible to the player.
  • The absence of underwater sections and stages may be the reason the UMF-4A GOOhN was not added to the lineup. This could also be why the Abyss Gundam also cannot use its MA mode.
    • On a related note, beam weapons being ineffective in water is demonstrated here to a limited degree. When an MS is knocked down on any body of water, it will be partially submerged. In that state, the water will block all beam attacks including multi-phase and positron ones unless fired from point-blank range or a high angle (while boost jumping or flying). Quadruped units crouch when blocking so they can use the water as protection without having to be knocked down.
  • Shields can nullify any attack property by 100% until it is destroyed. MS can still block even with no equipped shield, but there will be some damage inflicted.
  • There is a minor timeline canon conflict for the EAF side. Strike Daggers will be available as starter units for the original characters and can be used as early as the events in Heliopolis (January 25, 71 C.E.) despite the fact that it wasn't officially rolled out until several months later (May 25, 71 C.E.).
    • Incidentally, later variants like the 105 Dagger also unlock early, going against their actual rollout date. This was probably done for gameplay balance purposes (also since the Moebius and F-7D Spearhead aren't playable units and the Moebius Zero is space-use only).
  • The narrative is linear for all factions, with only a short detail of the original character pilots wanting to know the truth behind the war in between if they opt to side with Archangel. Regardless of mission results on either side (especially for ZAFT/EAF), the ending per timeline is always just a text summary of the respective ending of SEED and SEED Destiny.
    • Furthermore, trying to prevent the demise of certain characters has no visible effect on the in-game story. The only benefit is the "Defense Bonus" that adds to the mission score and rank grade.
  • There are no operators in this game. Miriallia Haw and Meyrin Hawke are not even part of the game's cast. To make up for this, some ship captains (Murrue Ramius, Talia Gladys, etc.) and commanding officers/superiors (Natarle Badgiruel, Muruta Azrael, etc.) praise the player for certain actions taken in some missions.

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