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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY R (機動戦士ガンダムSEED ASTRAY R, Kidō Senshi Gundam Seed Astray R) is a manga published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized Shonen Ace magazine in October 2002 – May 2004. It follows the main SEED Astray storyline from the view point of Lowe Guele and his friends, this manga also provides additional story and information to tie together some elements of the SEED Astray universe.


Junk Guild

Kisato Yamabuki

Natural, fellow Junk Tech with Lowe, Liam, and the Professor. She has the hobby of collecting memorabilia of the First Coordinator George Glenn. She lacks self-confidence and easily frightened when there is fighting, pilots a custom Kimera and later a modified version of the BuCUE Andrew Waltfeld Custom.


Artificially Intelligent computer found by Lowe on a drifting spacecraft. Named after the only visible writing on its casing, it serves as a co-pilot for Lowe's Gundam Astray Red Frame.

Liam Garfield

As the Garfields wanted to bridge the gap between Naturals and Coordinators, Liam was born as a Coordinator while his twin brother is a Natural. Due to his unique background, he has a habit of observing the Naturals' behaviors (especially Lowe). He pilots a customized Kimera and a Works GINN.

Lowe Guele

A Natural, he is an excellent engineer, technician, and pilot of the MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame. He works with the Professor, Kisato Yamabuki, and Liam Garfield.

The Professor

Natural; real name and her past unknown. A brilliant scientist and captain of the Marseille III-class ship, HOME, she is also a close friend of Morgenroete's Erica Simmons. She later creates a holographic body for George Glenn so that she won't have to bother with commanding the new Cornelius-class ship, ReHOME

George Glenn

The first Coordinator, he obtained his doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at the age of 17. He had numerous achievements: he was a star athlete, an Olympic silver medalist, as well as a famous American football player. He was also an ace pilot in the Air Force, and has numerous achievements in the field of aerospace engineering. As he departs for a mission to Jupiter, he revealed his Coordinator identity and gave away his genetic secret to the world. Years after his return to Earth, he created a new concept for space colony construction which would lead to the PLANTs. He was assassinated in C.E. 53 by a young Natural, but his brain was preserved (exact methods unknown) in the GG Unit. 18 years later, the Junk Guild team of Lowe, Liam, Kisato and the Professor obtained the GG unit, and the Professor created a holographic body for George Glenn.

Serpent Tail

Kazahana Aja

6 years old and highly intelligent daughter of Loretta. Due to her background, she has adult-like judgement and mental toughness, and she serves as liaison to Serpent Tail's clients. Unknown if she is a Natural or Coordinator.

Loretta Aja

Natural, mother of Kazahana Aja and the only woman among members of Serpent Tail. She is an explosives expert and tactician. She is very popular among the mercenaries, and previously works for EA, unknown why she left.

Elijah Kiel

Coordinator and Gai's wingman, he pilots a custom ZGMF-1017 GINN. For a period of time, he was with ZAFT. He has a very handsome look, but although he is a Coordinator, he does not possess the superior physiology of Coordinator. As such, his MS maneuvering skills are poor initially, but through the experiences he gained on the battlefield as a mercenary, his skills have improved substantially. A "2" can be found on the Serpent Tail emblem on his mobile suit.

Gai Murakumo

Coordinator, a shrewd mercenary with excellent battle sense and the leader of the Serpent Tail mercenary company, and pilot of the MBF-P03 Gundam Astray Blue Frame. He first meets Lowe Guele at the remains of Heliopolis. Nobody knows his past, where he was actually a Combat Coordinator developed by the Earth Alliance. His combat abilities were completed at a high level, but his mental control was incomplete when he escaped the research facility. A "1" can be found on the Serpent Tail emblem on his mobile suit.

Reed Wheeler

Natural; captain of Serpent Tail's Laurasia-class frigate. He was a former Earth Alliance intelligence operative and still has contacts within the EA. A known alcoholic.


Martin DaCosta

Coordinator; served as Andrew Waltfeld's second-in-command in the Africa Region. Protects the injured Andrew Waltfeld and is found by Lowe and gang.

Andrew Waltfeld

Coordinator; the "Desert Tiger" of ZAFT, pilots a LaGOWE destroyed by Kira Yamato. At first believed to have been killed along with his lover Aisha, he survives the battle, losing an arm, a leg, and an eye. He is then assigned as captain of the Eternal but steals the ship with the Clyne Faction.

Lacus Clyne

Coordinator; daughter of Siegel Clyne, PLANT's Chairman, a very popular idol in PLANT. Leader of the Clyne Faction.

Ash Gray

Coordinator; ZAFT Special Forces Ace Pilot, pilots the ZGMF-X11A Regenerate.

Orb Union

Rondo Gina Sahaku

Coordinator; co-head of the Sahaku family of the Orb Union. He desired Orb to rule the Earth Sphere, but was killed in July C.E. 71 by Gai Murakumo. Highly aggressive pilot of the MBF-P01 Gundam Astray Gold Frame and MBF-P01-ReAMATU Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu.

Three Ship Alliance

Jean Carry

A first generation Coordinator, he emigrated to the PLANT after both his Natural parents died during the Type S2 influenza epidemic, and blossomed as a professor of engineering. Being anti-war, he return to Earth when the warring sentiment amongst the Coordinators increased. Joined the Earth Alliance when the first Alliance-PLANT War broke out to stop the hatred from spiralling out of control. Pilots a captured ZGMF-1017 GINN in a white paint scheme, and prefers to disable his enemy and not kill them. His impressive performance earned him the nickname ""Glimmering Cursed Star J". Later piloted a white GAT-01D Long Dagger, and fought with Yzak Jule and his GAT-X102 Duel Gundam at the Battle of Porta Panama. Was eventually released by the Alliance and decided to join the Junk Guild, but was directed to the Clyne faction by Lowe.



Creator of the mobile suit-use sword, Gebera Straight, and taught Lowe on the use of a katana.

Kenaf Luchini

Coordinator; freelance informant who enjoys manipulating events through careful release of information, and takes a special interest in Lowe Guele.

Evidence 01

Also called the "Winged Whale", it is an extraterrestrial fossil that was found in the vicinity of Jupiter's moon, Europa, by George Glenn. This proved the existence of life beyond Earth, and weakens the influence of many religions, which in turn led to a temporary increase in tolerance for Coordinators. Lowe Guele briefly encountered what may have been a live specimen of the "Winged Whale" in the Pacific Ocean.


Volume 1

In January C.E. (Cosmic Era) 71, Junk Guild technician Lowe Guele discovers two prototype Gundam Astray mobile suits in the ruins of Orb's space colony Heliopolis. Although Lowe discovers the Blue Frame suit first, Serpent Tail mercenary Gai Murakumo steals it and heads out into space. Kisato Yamabuki informs Lowe that Gai is helping his partner, and both Lowe and Liam Garfield realize Gai was betrayed by his employers, who wanted him to erase all evidence of the Astrays. Lowe asks them to help him dig out the Red Frame so that he can go save Gai. Aboard the HOME, the Professor watches Gai and Elijah fight off a group of Moebius mobile armors. Lowe arrives in space and slices at the Moebius' weapons. Later, Gai and Elijah leave and take the Blue Frame with them. Although Lowe says he is happy to have Red Frame and a spare arm from Gold Frame, his personal computer 8 thinks he's lying. The Professor wonders why so many ships are gathering around Heliopolis and wonders if they'll run into any pirates. Gai and Elijah disable a pirate ship and escape. Portia, the young commander of the pirate ship, sends out an S.O.S. signal. In the HOME's hangar, Lowe paints the Junk Guild logo onto the Red Frame and customizes it by spray painting his name onto it. Liam does some research on the Red Frame and discovers that its weapons cannot be used by other mobile suits. Kisato doesn't understand the reasoning, and Lowe explains that it prevents the enemy from using your weapons. The Professor tells everyone about the S.O.S. signal, and Liam thinks they should ignore the signal because pirates often use S.O.S. signals to lure in their prey. He also says rescue ships are already on their way to help, but Lowe insists on helping the ship. Lowe and the others go over to the pirate ship, and Portia lies and says they were attacked by pirates. Lowe lets it slip that he has a mobile suit, and Portia asks if she can see it. After seeing the Red Frame, Portia calls Boss and tells him she's found the ultimate prize. The HOME is hit by several missiles, and Boss demands that they hand over the Red Frame. Lowe has an idea to fight back and asks everyone to help him build some junk. Gold Frame's arm is attached to the assembled junk, allowing it to use Red Frame's beam rifle and acts as a turret and a decoy. They then bombard the pirate ship with junk (Red Frame is attached to one of these junks) and Lowe attacks with his beam saber. The beam saber goes out of control and causes substantial damage to the pirate ship's hull. Lowe can't believe he's caused so much damage and offers the pirates a discount on replacement parts.

In the HOME's hangar, Lowe tests out a GINN sword by slicing a piece of metal that Kisato is holding with her Kimera. Although the GINN sword cuts through the metal, Lowe isn't satisfied with it. He says he needs a weapon in case someone tries to steal the Red Frame, and Kisato tells him he should use the beam saber. Lowe disagrees because the beam saber is too dangerous and drains the Red Frame's energy. Liam performs a search on mobile suit swords, but he says there are too many results. The Professor asks how the search is going and suggests visiting the Graveyard. She explains that many of Earth's artisans migrated to a satellite called Graveyard. She pulls up information on a katana called the Gerbera Straight, and Lowe decides he wants that sword. The HOME arrives at the desolate Graveyard, and Lowe launches in the Red Frame, followed by Kisato and Liam in their Kimeras. The Professor tells him that there were around 100 people at the Graveyard, but her information is quite old. Inside the Graveyard, Lowe receives an audio transmission from someone demanding to know what he wants. Lowe explains that he wants the sword, and the sender accuses him of being a robber. Lowe spots a BuCUE hanging from the ceiling above them. Un No, the pilot of the BuCUE, attacks Lowe. Lowe chases after Un No and his dog Denpachi, insisting that he isn't a thief. Lowe activates his beam saber, and Un No jumps out of the BuCUE and slices apart the beam saber. Lowe and the others chase Un No into a pit and trip some trap bombs. They eventually come upon a door made up of interlocking engraved blocks. Lowe realizes it's a puzzle, and suddenly the ceiling begins to lower. Lowe quickly moves the blocks and completes the puzzle to open the door. In the next chamber, Lowe discovers a graveyard. Kisato wonders if Un No killed all the people in the graveyard. Un No appears and says he realizes Lowe isn't a thief. He explains that he is the last of the artisans that came to the Graveyard, and the others recorded their skills into their graves. He says that they fought against robbers, and six months ago the Gerbera Straight was damaged. Lowe asks him to fix it, and Un No says that's impossible because it's heavily damaged and the smith who built it is dead. Lowe says he can find the smith's data and thinks Un No might as well do something useful before dying.

Lowe trains with Un No on sword forms. Un No tells Lowe that his form is wrong because the katana doesn't use it's weight to cause damage. He explains that the thin part does the cutting and must be perpendicular to target. He says that with a proper form Lowe can slice anything apart with just one cut. Lowe asks Un No to teach him secret moves, and Un No tells him he has to master the basic forms before he can ever learn any secret moves. While Lowe practices, Liam programs all of Un No's moves into the Red Frame's OS. Elsewhere, the informant Kenaf Luchini examines pictures of the Red Frame and sees that it's quite a discovery. Kenaf gives the information to three mercenaries, along with pictures of the HOME's crew. Lowe uses a mobile suit-sized hammer to repair the Gerbera Straight. Un No examines it and determines that it needs to be sharper. Un No thinks to himself that he was wrong about Lowe. He figured Lowe was an impatient punk, but he sees that Lowe simply absorbs information very quickly and is eager to learn. Kisato complains that she isn't doing anything while everyone else works so hard, so the Professor suggests she go help Lowe and Liam. Kisato comes over with her Kimera to help, but she crashes into a wall and makes a mess. Lowe tells her it isn't her fault, and Liam tells her they're doing fine on their own. Kisato leaves, and Liam thinks that she's blaming herself for the accident. Kisato goes off on her own and says to herself that she's a screw up. She thinks that she only causes problems and wishes she'd never been born. Suddenly, the three mercenaries come around the corner with GINNs and capture Kisato. The mercenaries tie Kisato up to one of the GINN head crests and demand that Lowe hand over the Red Frame in exchange for Kisato. Lowe attacks the GINNs with the Gerbera Straight and slices the mobile suit holding Kisato hostage in half. The mercenary escapes with his two comrades and heads straight for the minefield. Un No sees that Lowe's form is perfect, but Kisato's sleeve breaks from Lowe's close cut. Elsewhere, Kenaf thinks to himself that Lowe might be useful in the future.

Later, Lowe, Liam and Kisato search the Debris Belt for parts. Liam and Kisato don't want to go inside the Debris Belt, but Lowe thinks they could find something valuable if they search hard enough. While searching the area they come across the massive ruins of the PLANT Junius Seven. Lowe is amazed by the size of the PLANT, and Liam explains that it once had more than 243,000 inhabitants before the Earth Alliance destroyed it with nuclear weapons. Kisato says she wants to leave because she's scared, and Liam says they have no reason to stay because they have enough supplies. Lowe says that he loves to fix things and doesn't understand why people have to destroy things. Kisato spots a flash of light, and Liam says they're from a nearby battle. Several Alliance Moebius units attack the civilian shuttle Silverwind. The captain orders the evacuation of their VIP passenger, Lacus Clyne, the daughter of PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Siegel Clyne. Lowe says that he can't let a defenseless civilian ship be attacked, so he sends a loud transmission to the Alliance ship to stop. The Alliance captain tells Lowe he is intercepting a ZAFT ship, and Lowe calls him a liar. Elsewhere, Kenaf meets with a pirate named Elisa Azana. She asks him why he's fooling around with the Junk Guild again, and he says it's just for fun. He explains that he leaked information to the Alliance stating that the Silverwind was a ZAFT ship disguised as a civilian shuttle. He tells Elisa that the Red Frame is a secret Orb mobile suit built from stolen Alliance technology, and she decides to capture it. Lacus is placed into an escape pod, and Lowe and Liam move in to investigate the Silverwind after the Alliance ship leaves. Lowe suddenly comes under attack by Elisa in her GINN Tempester and Otark's GINN Fuego. Lowe dodges their attacks until his battery runs out of energy. He gets a spare from Liam and realizes the GINNs must be low on power too, but they are still moving very quickly. Liam thinks they probably have batteries hidden in the debris and are quickly changing batteries with their dual mobile suit attack. Lowe times his next attack when Elisa's power is low. Liam tracks both GINNs and determines where the batteries are hidden. Lowe reaches the batteries first and slices Elisa's GINN in half. Liam tells him an escape pod launched from the Silverwind, and he hopes whoever is in it is safe. Elisa floats around in space and is rescued by Kenaf.

Volume 2

Kenaf meets with a woman named Hannah, whose fiance Domio was killed while testing an experimental ZAFT weapon in a GINN. Hannah says that she didn't want Domio to join ZAFT, and she wishes to mourn his loss in peace. Kenaf offers to do anything he can to help. After leaving, Kenaf meets up with Elisa and she asks him what game he's playing at. Kenaf explains he made sure that Domio's GINN would fall into Lowe's hands in the hopes of prompting Hannah into action. He wants to see how Lowe reacts to someone who isn't clearly an enemy. At a ZAFT dock, Lowe, Liam and Kisato sign over Domio's GINN back into ZAFT's possession. Hannah appears and asks Lowe to destroy the GINN because it killed Domio. She doesn't want ZAFT to repair it and use it to kill more people and cause further heartbreak. Lowe tells her there's nothing he can do because the GINN belongs to ZAFT again. A ZAFT soldier tells Hannah not to interfere because they plan on retrieving the test data from the GINN's cockpit. He threatens to arrest her if she doesn't leave, and she tells him he'll regret his actions. Aboard the HOME, Kisato says she feels sorry for Hannah. Lowe notes that the cockpit hatch was melted shut and that it would take ZAFT awhile to break it open and get the data. Nearby, Hannah sets off a bomb in the hangar bay, which was provided to her by Elisa. Against everyone's wishes, Lowe heads out in the Red Frame to retrieve the data. Although only two GINNs were destroyed in the initial blast, Hannah plans to destroy Domio's GINN with the remaining explosives. Lowe finds Domio's GINN and quickly breaks the cockpit open. He rips the hard drive out of the cockpit, and Hannah points a gun at him when he gets out. She threatens to shoot him if he doesn't drop the hard drive. When several fuel tanks catch on fire, ZAFT issues an evacuation alert. Hannah says that ZAFT will use that data to make more weapons, and Lowe thinks that's a possibility. However, he saved the hard drive because Domio died for a cause he believed in, and the data could prevent ZAFT from making the same mistake. He tells her that ultimately it's people who pull the trigger, and she should accept the salvation of the drive for Domio's sake. Hannah drops the gun as the area around them explodes. Lowe grabs her and safely returns to the HOME with Red Frame.

As thanks for saving the test data, ZAFT grants the HOME crew temporary passports to enter the PLANTs. Lowe, Kisato and Liam stop at a streetside restaurant to eat the famous jungle hot pot. The Professor calls Lowe and informs him that they've been given a new contract for repair work on Earth. Lowe's interest is piqued because he grew up in space and has never been to Earth. A strange old man named Mond approaches Lowe and asks Lowe to take him to see the winged whale, aka Evidence 01. He explains that he's a member of the Friends of George Glenn Society, which worships George Glenn as a hero. Kisato asks him if they're anything like Blue Cosmos, and Mond insists they aren't terrorists. He says that George came across an angel and received the approval of the gods. He believes that all Coordinators aside from George are frauds, which is why he wants a Natural like Lowe to take him to see Evidence 01. Lowe is interested and agrees to take Mond to see it. While the Professor stays at the dock to repair Red Frame, Lowe and the others head for the PLANT Aprilius One in the HOME. Mond cries at the sight of Evidence 01 and profusely thanks Lowe for bringing him to see it. Just then, a Blue Cosmos terrorist pulls out a machine gun and shoots at Evidence 01. Mond gets in the line of fire to protect the artifact and is shot. With his last breaths, Mond thanks Lowe for not judging him and allowing him to protect the winged angel. He gives Lowe a box called the GG unit and claims that it has all of George's knowledge. ZAFT soldiers arrest the terrorist, who tells Lowe that a ship will be attacking the PLANT. In anger, Lowe punches the terrorist in the face. A Blue Cosmos fleet comprised of a Drake class ship and 12 Moebius mobile armors begins its attack on Aprilius One. Lowe launches in the Red Frame and attacks them before ZAFT can arrive. The fleet is disabled, and ZAFT revokes everyone's passports for engaging in unauthorized combat within PLANT airspace. Lowe decides that he wants to go to Earth to see what the Naturals there are like.

In the HOME's mobile suit hangar, Lowe tests out a new ability of the Red Frame by creating orbs of energy from the hand plugs that supply power to weapons. Lowe believes that if he works on it he can use the orbs of energy to blind or attack opponents, but Liam doesn't believe the Red Frame was built to handle that kind of power. Elsewhere, Kenaf realizes that a dangerous person whom he is tracking will cross paths with the HOME. He decides to help them out because he can't stand the thought of someone else killing them before he does. The HOME docks next to a one kilometer long colony fragment, and the Professor explains that if they don't recover the fragment it will fall into Earth's atmosphere without burning up. She also says that as soon as they finish this job they have to go down to Earth because the Junk Guild wants them down there. As he works with the Red Frame, Lowe senses that something is wrong and asks Liam and Kisato to retun to the ship. Lowe investigates the area and is attacked by the one-armed Gold Frame piloted by Rondo Gina Sahaku. With no beam rifle and little energy left, Lowe uses his Gerbera Straight to fight back. The Professor sends Lowe a beam rifle, but Rondo moves in for a close attack, so Lowe responds by expelling energy from his hand, which destroys Gold Frame's head. The Professor then uses HOME's manipulator arms to knock Rondo away. Although his unit was damaged, Rondo accomplished his mission by making sure that the colony fragment would fall on ZAFT's Gibraltar base. As Lowe begins atmospheric re-entry, the Professor lands the HOME on the colony fragment and uses its thrusters to maneuver towards Lowe. The Gibraltar base attempts to fire missiles at the fragment, but Kenaf hacks their system and locks up their computers. The fragment continues its descent towards Gibraltar, and Lowe heads out in the Red Frame to destroy the colony's control switch and ignite the last thrusters. The colony fragment barely avoids crashing into Gibraltar, and the HOME is damaged beyond repair.

Lowe and the others search for a new mothership, and their search leads them to the land battleship Lesseps, which was heavily damaged in battle with the Archangel. Kisato wonders if they're allowed to take the Lesseps, and Liam explains that ZAFT relinquished their rights to it because they deemed the ship unrepairable. The Professor explains to Kisato that the Lesseps belonged to Andrew "Desert Tiger" Waltfeld, and that it destroyed several local towns while fighting guerilla forces and the alliance. Lowe, Liam and Kisato work on repairing the ship, and Kisato tells Lowe that someone is on the ship. Lowe explores the interior and finds former first officer Martin DaCosta hiding in a secret room. DaCosta pulls out a gun and asks who they are, and Lowe explains they're from the Junk Guild. The Professor asks DaCosta why he stayed with the ship, and he tells her that he needs to bring something on the ship back to ZAFT, but he can't do it without moving the ship. Aside from the repairs, the area is surrounded by the Desert Dawn guerillas and Blue Cosmos. DaCosta says that the war keeps creating new enemies each day, and he hopes the information on the Lesseps can help bring an end to the war. Lowe thinks that DaCosta is an interesting guy and decides to help him. DaCosta asks if he can help with the repairs because he knows about the ship's construction. Elsewhere, several Blue Cosmos operatives watch the Lesseps and decide to attack when they spot DaCosta. As the repairs continue, the Blue Cosmos commander hails them over the radio and threatens to attack them with missiles. He gives them the opportunity to commit suicide so they die with dignity, and DaCosta calls back and offers to surrender himself. He says he is Blue Cosmos' target, and he doesn't want Lowe and the others to get involved. Lowe tells DaCosta he doesn't have to do that and launches in the Red Frame. The Blue Cosmos terrorists fire their large capacity missiles, and DaCosta asks the Professor to start the engines. The ship's scale system sends vibrations through the sand, and Lowe uses these vibrations to lift up a colony wall fragment as a shield. After the missiles hit the wall, the Blue Cosmos terrorists retreat. Lowe and the others drop DaCosta off near the Gibraltar base, and DaCosta tells Lowe that meeting him confirms his belief that the war is a mistake. Lowe believes that if he can be friends with someone like DaCosta that the war will eventually end.

Later, the Gibraltar base attacks the Lesseps, and when DaCosta asks what the reason is, he is told that ZAFT received a tip that Blue Cosmos is using the Lesseps now. In the desert, Lowe is attacked from the air by DINNs and on the ground by GINN OCHER Types. Kisato doesn't understand why ZAFT is attacking if the ship is registered to the Junk Guild, and the Professor believes they've fallen into a trap. Lowe has no desire to fight, but he uses his Gerbera Straight to cut the hands off the attacking GINN OCHER. The abundance of sand causes Lowe to lose his footing, and more GINN OCHERs approach with ZuOOTs for backup. From nearby, the Blue Cosmos commander watches the battle and sees that ZAFT responded to the fake intelligence report he created. He created this trap to get revenge on Lowe, but at the same time he hopes all the attacking ZAFT forces are destroyed too. Lowe comes under heavy fire from the GINN OCHERs and ZuOOTs, but he plans to fight until he's out of energy. At the Gibraltar base, DaCosta meets with some mercenaries and asks for their help. He explains that ZAFT is attacking the Lesseps under the false impression that it belongs to Blue Cosmos. In the battlefield, Lowe is overwhelmed by BuCUEs until the arrival of the BuCUE Waltfeld Custom Type. The custom BuCUE attacks the others, and the pilot tells Lowe to jump on his back. Lowe jumps on the back of the custom BuCUE and drives away the remainings BuCUEs and DINNs. The Professor uses a Kimera to locate and disperse the Blue Cosmos terrorists. After the battle, the pilots of the custom BuCUE are revealed to be Serpent Tail's Elijah Kiel and Loretta Aja. Elijah explains that they were at Gibraltar for another job when DaCosta asked for their help. Lowe is happy to hear that because he knew DaCosta was an honorable man.

Volume 3

Lowe hears about an object that fell into the ocean and decides to investigate local stories of an evil god returning to the area. As Kisato and the Professor lay in the sun to tan themselves, Kisato says that she feels sorry for Liam because Lowe dragged him along. For his underwater expedition, Lowe has modified the exterior of a GOOhN to function as a diving suit for the Red Frame. Lowe and Liam search ocean floor and discover a large meteor. Liam guesses that the metal ore in the meteor is extremely rare and probably not on the elemental charts. Lowe spots a ZAFT Vosgulov class submarine approaching, and the ship's captain orders the mobile suits to launch so that the Alliance doesn't get the meteor. A ZnO, two GOOhNs and a GINN WASP Type launch from the sub and attack Lowe and Liam, damaging the latter's Works GINN. Lowe calls Kisato to tell her to tow the meteor up, but the intercom isn't working. Lowe dodges an attack and pulls out his Gerbera Straight. When the attacking force closes in, Lowe discards his GOOhN armor and slices apart all the ZAFT suits. The sub captain orders ramming speed to destroy Red Frame, despite an officer objecting and says the sub can't handle that kind of damage. As the sub begins its kamikaze run, Kisato plugs in a cable on the radio and hears Lowe's request to pull up the meteor. Lowe approaches the sub and uses his Gerbera Straight to slice it in half. Lowe and the meteor reach the surface, and he tells Kisato that he has to go back down. Liam's Works GINN suddenly rises out of the water. He says he saw a dark shadow lifting him to the surface, and three old fishermen conclude that it must be the god of the ocean.

Late one night, Kisato goes to the bathroom on the Lesseps and sees what she believes is a ghost. When she returns to her room, she sees the ghost again before it vanishes. The next morning, Kisato tells everyone about the ghost, but no one believes her. Later that night, Lowe walks through the ship wearing a backpack that uses flexible blocks for various tasks. He and Kisato spot the ghost near the Professor, the latter runs away in fright and knocks into a ZAFT operative who has sneak on board the ship to retrieve the meteor. The ZAFT operative runs away as lowe chases after him. Lowe climbs onto the ship's deck and finds the pilot jumping into his stealth GINN Tactical Air Recon Type, which vanishes. The stealth GINN then punches Red Frame and knocks Lowe down. He puts his close combat beam rifle up against Red Frame's cockpit and tells Lowe to hand over the meteor and metal if he wants to live. Lowe remembers seeing the GINN when it moved and realizes that the stealth system only works when it isn't in motion. Liam thinks that Lowe needs help, but the Professor thinks he'll be fine. Liam turns around and is shocked to see George Glenn, the long-dead first Coordinator. A giant shadow of George appears outside the Lesseps, and the distraction gives Lowe enough time to pull out his Gerbera Straight and destroy the GINN. Liam asks what's going on, and George explains that someone saved his brain when he was assassinated and put it into the GG unit. He says he asked the Professor to create a new holographic body for him, but it's not complete yet. Liam says Kisato will be happy when she hears the news because she's such a big fan of George, but he asks Liam not to say anything until his holographic body is complete.

Later, Lowe and the others board a shuttle and head back into space. Kenaf calls Gai and tells him that Lowe and his friends are in danger. Gai asks Kenaf why he's telling him this, and Kenaf says he just wants to hear Gai's reaction. Lowe and the others reach their new spaceship, the Cornelius class ReHOME George introduces himself as the ship's captain, and Kisato is shocked to see him. George admires Lowe's Gerbera Straight, and Lowe tells him the story about Un No and the Graveyard. Suddenly, the ship receives a distress call from a ZAFT ship. They follow the signal and find a destroyed Laurasia class ship, along with Rondo Gina's Gold Frame Amatsu. Gai asks Kenaf what Rondo Gina wants with Lowe, and Kenaf tells him that Rondo Gina is working with the Alliance. Rondo Gina tells Lowe that he's looking to build the ideal world, and to do so, sacrifices must be made. He then activates his Mirage Colloid and attacks Lowe from behind with his spears. The ReHOME moves in to help Lowe, and Rondo Gina is distracted long enough for Lowe to break free. Lowe rushes in and attacks with the Gerbera Straight, but Rondo Gina blocks the attack and breaks the sword. Suddenly, Gai appears with Blue Frame Second L and gives his Tactical Arms sword backpack to Lowe. Lowe takes the sword and uses it to attack Rondo again. Later, Lowe heads to the Graveyard to find Un No and repair the Gerbera Straight. Kisato thinks it's strange that the area is so quiet, and Liam spots Un No's dog, Denpachi. Lowe follows Denpachi and finds Un No lying on the floor.

Lowe takes Un No and asks him what happened. Un No insists that he's fine and says that an apple he ate before a nap made his gums bleed. Un No pulls out a katana and gives it to Lowe so that they can spar. Un No taunts Lowe at first, but Lowe beats him. Un No tells Lowe that he's kept his skills sharp, and Lowe says that he'll show Un No that he can repair the Gerbera Straight. Kisato tells Un No it must be a fluke that he lost, but Un No says that Lowe has achieved the rank of "sword of the master." He explains that in kendo, one must first learn the basics to gain the rank of "sword of the assassin." Afterwards, he says that one develops their own fighting style to achieve the rank of "sword of the master." He says that Lowe has improved since they first met and has found his purpose. Lowe then comes up to them with the Red Frame to show off the re-forged Gerbera Straight. Un No examines the sword and says that it's better than the first one. Lowe says that he used his own techniques along with what he learned from Un No to re-forge the sword. He then says he plans to use the rare metal from the meteor to build a giant sword, but right now he isn't sure how big it will be. Elsewhere, Elisa asks Kenaf why he's monitoring Lowe. He says that ZAFT is trying to get that rare metal back, so they sent an assault team to the Graveyard. Lowe shows Un No and Kisato his latest creation: a 150 meter long Gerbera Straight created from the meteor's metal. Un No looks at the sword and says he's glad there's idiots like Lowe in the world. Suddenly, a squad of ZAFT GuAIZ mobile suits enter the Graveyard and demand that Lowe hand over the metal. Un No pulls out his katana and uses it to slice off the barrel of one of the GuAIZ's beam rifle. He then jumps into his custom GINN and deflects a beam attack from another GuAIZ. Un No attacks the other GuAIZs, but one of them fires a beam rifle and damages the GINN. Un No is injured, and a GuAIZ pilot asks again where the metal is. Lowe says that he'll show them where it is and destroys them with the giant Gerbera Straight. Lowe asks Un No if he's okay, and Un No says that he was dying anyway. He asks Lowe to erase the data of all the Graveyard craftsmen. He says that even though he's going to die, his knowledge will live on inside Lowe.

On the Three Ships Alliance ship Eternal, DaCosta tells Lacus that the ReHOME is bringing them supplies. Andy spots his old custom BuCUE and asks DaCosta what happened to it. DaCosta says that they couldn't bring it up from Earth, and Andy comments that his ferocious tiger has become a tame house cat. Lowe tells Kisato that it's very odd to see an Alliance, ZAFT and Orb ship together. Kisato tells him he managed to repair Red Frame quickly after it was damaged swinging the giant sword. Lowe says that if he doesn't think of a solution to that problem, he won't be able to use the sword. On the Eternal, DaCosta greets Lowe and thanks him for bringing supplies. Lowe says that it must've been hard to get independence from the Alliance and ZAFT, and DaCosta says they've been in several battles because of it. Andy introduces himself to Lowe and explains that he was in the capsule on the Lesseps. Lowe understands who DaCosta was defending now, and Andy thanks Lowe for saving his life. After supplying the Eternal, the ReHOME docks with the Archangel and begins sending over supplies. Lowe meets chief mechanic Kojiro Murdoch and notices the headless Freedom Gundam. He asks Murdoch if he wants to put a GINN head on it, but Murdoch says that they already have replacement parts. Lowe is disappointed and comments that he would've liked to have seen the Freedom Gundam in action. Later, Lowe begins sending supplies to the Kusanagi and meets up with the M1 Astray girls. Lowe tells Liam that although they're watching the war from the sidelines, he wants to do the best he can in any situation. Later, as the ReHOME prepares to leave, a battle alert is sounded. Lowe asks DaCosta if he wants him to help with Red Frame, but DaCosta tells him it's okay. Lowe watches Athrun Zala's Justice Gundam take off and is amazed when it docks with the METEOR weapons platform. DaCosta says that it' the METEOR is a top secret reinforcement part, but he trusts Lowe. Lowe thinks about the METEOR and believes that he can build reinforcement parts to wield the giant Gerbera Straight.

Nine months earlier, Gai visits the space fortress Artemis to negotiate on behalf of the Alliance for the release of Commander Garcia. After Artemis was damaged in a ZAFT battle, pirates invaded the fortress and repaired the lightwave Umbrella. Pirate leader Anstan asks Gai how much he's going to pay for Garcia, and Gai tells Anstan he can pay with his own life. He says that if Anstan surrenders Artemis and releases Garcia, he'll let him live. Anstan asks Gai who he thinks he is, and suddenly the base rocks from an explosion. Anstan is informed that the shield generators have been damaged, and Gai tells Anstan he should've accepted the offer. In the shield control room, Loretta attacks several pirates and takes control of the area. In space, the Serpent Tail shuttle approaches Artemis. Elijah and Reed discuss how the pirates would've never expected Loretta to drift into the base by herself. Anstan asks Gai who he is, and Gai answers that he's from Serpent Tail. Reed slams the shuttle through one of Artemis' gates to pick up Loretta and Gai. Anstan jumps into his custom GINN and heads into space to attack Gai. Gai tells Anstan that he sealed his death when he refused the offer, and he uses his beam saber to destroy Anstan's GINN.

Volume 4

Kisato wonders if Lowe can complete his modifications to use the giant Gerbera Straight, and Liam says that Lowe comes up with good ideas when his mind is focused on something. Liam says they can do the next job without Lowe, and the ReHOME slows down as it approaches the ruins of Junius Seven. George says that it feels strange to be reunited with Junius Seven, and Kisato asks him what their job is. George explains that the Junk Guild has been contracted by the PLANTs to move Junius Seven out of Earth orbit so that it doesn't crash into other PLANTs. Liam says that it would be easier to dismantle Junius Seven, but he adds that its ruins have become a sort of memorial for all those who died. After rendezvousing with the other Junk Guild ships, the crew spends the next two days working on moving debris. A Junk Guild captain named Narumi Wind says that younger members, Kisato in particular, are much slower than his crews were back in the day. Narumi asks Liam how many supply routes they've completed, and he says that skill is measures by passing through these routes. He lists several of the routes, which include the destroyed Yggdrasil space station, the Mendel space colony and the Endymion lunar crater where the Cyclops System was used and Mu La Flaga became a legend. Narumi looks at Red Frame and says that Lowe probably thinks of himself as a hotshot, but Kisato insists that he's a skilled pilot. Narumi says that Lowe was lucky to find Red Frame, and Kisato says they all risked their lives to get Red Frame out of Heliopolis. Narumi is amazed that Lowe is the man who got the top secret mobile suit, and he says Lowe is lucky he can be so lazy. Lowe spots a bottle of Narumi's dried fish, which he says is his favorite food. He makes a bet with Narumi that if he can finish the job with Red Frame, Narumi has to take back his comments and hand over the fish. In space, Kisato tells Lowe that he's acting strangely, and he answers that he was probably cranky because he's been working without sleep. He tells her that he's finished his project, and he docks with the enormous Power Loader support suit. Just then, the Professor calls Lowe and tells him there's been an accident. She says there was a problem with the attaching of a booster rocket, making Junius Seven unstable. She says that if it breaks apart, the fragments could spin out of control and slam into the PLANTs. Lowe takes off with the Power Loader and uses the giant Gerbera Straight to slice the shaft and cut Junius Seven into two pieces. With the center of gravity changed, the two pieces regain their balance. Liam asks Lowe how he knew where to cut, and Lowe says it was instinct. Afterwards, Narumi apologizes and hands over the fish. Lowe snacks on the fish and joins the rest of the Junk Guild members for a party celebrating the end of the job.

Lowe uses the giant Gerbera Straight to cut apart an asteroid to test the sharpened katana and thanks the Coordinator Jean Carrey, a former mobile suit pilot nicknamed "Glimmering Cursed Star J.", for his help. An Alliance Drake class ship hails the ReHOME, and Captain Cornell demands that Jean hand himself over. Liam asks who Cornell is, and Jean explains that Cornell was his commander when he was in the Alliance. Jean says that he can't involve anyone else with his problems, but Liam points out that Lowe has already launched in Red Frame. Jean tells Liam that fighting now will only bring more fighting later, and Lowe says he doesn't want Jean's talents to go to waste. Jean explains that when he was with the Alliance, he piloted a custom-colored white GINN that had been captured from ZAFT. He says he wanted to fight to end war, so he would disable his opponents without killing them, to the dismay of his superiors. After a battle where Jean was injured, Cornell told him that if he'd killed his opponent, he wouldn't have been injured. In a later battle, Jean confronted several ZAFT GINNs and disables them. Despite his objections, several tanks pulled up behind him and destroyed the disabled GINNs. Afterwards, Cornell told him that his strategy was to completely annihilate all threats. When Jean objected, Cornell told him that Earth didn't need to have any Coordinators on it. Jean then says that after the Alliance created the Strike Dagger, he was drummed out of the military because he wasn't needed. Lowe attacks several Strike Daggers, and Cornell says he'll destroy all possible threats. The Professor sends out both of the Power Loader's sections, and Lowe docks with the unit. He ignores the Strike Daggers and tosses the giant Gerbera Straight like a spear, which slices Cornell's ship in half. Afterwards, Lowe tells Jean that he might fit in better with the Three Ships Alliance instead of the Junk Guild. Jean thanks Lowe for helping him, and as thanks, he says he'll give Lowe information about power cylinders he's developing that would allow Lowe to use the giant Gerbera Straight without the Power Loader.

In space, Rondo Mina tests the repaired Gold Frame Amatsu when an unidentified incoming object is detected. The high-speed machine flies right by Rondo Mina and severs both of Gold Frame Amatsu's legs. Elsewhere, the ReHOME sets course for an area in Lagrange point 4 to deliver vaccines for the deadly Type S2 Influenza that only affects Naturals. Liam explains to George that when the Type S2 appeared, Naturals believed that it was a genetically engineered biological weapon. Lowe wants to take the fastest course to the colony, which will bring them close to a ZAFT base. To ensure delivery of the vaccine, the crew is joined by two other Junk Guild captains: Honest Sakata and Speedy Joe. Kisato tells Lowe that she's worried about that job because sending three ships must mean it's dangerous. She says she doesn't want anything to happen to Lowe, but he tells her not to worry because he's the luckiest man in space. Elsewhere, Kenaf warns ZAFT Commander Cusco at the space station Erudou that Lowe is on his way. Remembering what happened at Heliopolis, Cusco tells his men not to let anyone through their territory. As the three Junk Guild ships approach Erudou, they come under fire. Lowe launches in the Red Frame with the Power Loader and takes one of the ReHOME's shields to draw Erudou's fire. Joe's ship is hit, and several GINNs fire missiles and deploy a large steel net. Lowe pulls out the giant Gerbera Straight and slices through the net to create a path for the ReHOME A GINN fires a heavy cannon and hits Joe's Giga. Joe tells Lowe to deliver the vaccine because his parents were killed by the disease, but Lowe cuts the Giga's cockpit loose and tells Joe he doesn't get to be a martyr. After retrieving the cockpit, the three Junk Guild ships escape. Soon after, Ash Gray's giant Regenerate Gundam attacks Erudou and destroys the base as he considers them as a failure. Kenaf is shocked by what he is seen and wonders how there can be a mobile suit he doesn't know about. Elsewhere, the Junk Guild ships reach the colony and deliver the vaccine in time.

Kenaf examines data on the Regenerate Gundam and tells Elisa he's figured out who Ash is. He says that Ash is a madman and the enemy of all mankind. Ash hears a report from a ZAFT officer that Lacus hasn't been found yet, but a Junk Guild ship is docked with the Eternal to deliver supplies. Ash orders him to attack both ships. The officer objects, and Ash says that if they kill some civilians, Lacus will eventually show herself. The officer continues to protest, and Ash says that he's going to launch. On the Eternal, DaCosta wonders if the ReHOME giving them supplies will cause trouble for the Junk Guild. Meanwhile, Ash flies by and opens fire on the ReHOME Lowe attempts to shoot at Ash with his beam rifle, but all his shots miss. He then docks with the Power Loader to slice Ash apart when he makes another pass. Ash comes in close and surprises Lowe by transforming the Regenerate Gundam from mobile armor to mobile suit mode. Ash says that Lacus is a traitor, so he will kill anyone who is associated with her. Lowe asks Ash if he thinks killing Lacus will end the war, and Ash answers that he wants to kill Lacus because it's his orders. He adds that he also wants to kill as many people as he can, and that he doesn't care about the war or ZAFT. He says that every person he kills gets added to his doll collection, and he wants Lowe to be the next victim. Lowe attacks Ash and slices off the Regenerate Gundam's right arm, but Ash laughs it off. A new arm bursts out of a capsule and docks with the Regenerate Gundam to replace the destroyed arm. Ash says that when parts are destroyed he can swap them out, and Lowe figures that the Regenerate Gundam's backpack is the MS's core, Ash then fires his cannon and damages both the Red Frame and Power Loader.

Lowe asks Ash what the point is of killing them, and Ash answers that he enjoys killing. He says that if he kills all of Lacus' associates, he'll eventually find her. Lowe says that everyone he's met in his travels has believed in something bigger than themselves. He says that no one lives just to kill, but Ash says that's precisely what he does. He says that being part of ZAFT is just convenient because ZAFT develops advanced weapons that allows him to keep killing and killing. Lowe says that Ash is irredeemable, but Ash doesn't think that matters because he's going to kill Lowe. Lowe moves in to attack and receives more damage to the Power Loader. Ash then swoops in for the kill, but he's blocked by a beam rifle blast from Jean's M1 Astray. Ash sees Jean and figures that if he kills him and Lowe, more people will come whom he can kill. Ash attacks Jean and guesses by Jean's fighting ability that he's a Coordinator, and therefore a traitor. Jean says that he isn't with ZAFT or the Alliance and is just trying to end the war. Jean fires at Ash several times, but Ash blocks each shot and transforms to mobile armor mode to absorb the shock of a blast. Ash says that the Regenerate Gundam isn't weak and won't be destroyed by a single shot. A ZAFT officer calls Ash and tells him to return to base because they're under attack. After Ash retreats, Jean comes aboard the ReHOME and greets Lowe. He examines the damage on Red Frame and says that he's come to fulfill his promise from before. The ZAFT officer tells Ash that he never called him back, and Ash realizes that means someone knows about his secret base. Kenaf calls Lowe and tells him he needs his help to get rid of Ash. Lowe asks Kenaf who he is, and Kenaf says he's just an informant who's been following Lowe's progress. He says that Ash possesses something that he considers an eye sore. Lowe asks Kenaf if he's really going to fight, but Kenaf says he's just an informant. He adds that he can get Lowe some help, so he calls Serpent Tail for assistance. Gai tells Lowe that Kenaf's offer is strange, but he's willing to take on Ash. Using Jean's technology, Lowe creates a new pair of arms for Red Frame and dubs it "Powered Red." Ash thinks to himself that he needs to figure out who discovered his secret base. He says to himself that he can't wait for the world to see the power of GENESIS Alpha.

The ReHOME and Serpent Tail shuttle approach GENESIS Alpha, and Ash is surprised that the enemy decided to come to him. Lowe tells everyone that he doesn't want to kill, but he says that Ash has a deadly super weapon and must be stopped at all costs. Ash attacks Jean and Elijah, and the two barely dodge his attacks. After dropping off Loretta and Reed at GENSIS Alpha, Gai returns to the ReHOME to swap out Blue Frame's parts. Afterwards, Lowe launches in the Powered Red, followed by Gai in the Blue Frame Second L. Lowe tells Ash that he's going to defeat him with Powered Red, and Ash responds by de-activating the Mirage Colloid on GENESIS Alpha. He then says that if the Regenerate Gundam absorbs GENESIS Alpha's beam on its anterior side, the lightwave receptors will allow it to travel at very high speeds. Ash speeds up and attacks, but Lowe dodges and damages Ash with the giant Gerbera Straight. Ash says he can just swap out with the spare parts, but Gai reveals that he found all of the Regenerate Gundam's spare parts and destroyed them. Loretta and Reed report to Gai that they've taken control of GENESIS Alpha, and Jean and Elijah report that they've taken out the mobile suit squad. Ash attacks Lowe and says he isn't finished yet. He attempts to call ZAFT for reinforcements, but Kenaf blocks the signal and says that he wants to be the one who controls the transfer of information. Ash then detaches the backpack from the Regenerate Gundam and latches onto Powered Red. He says that if a mobile suit has external connectors, he can jack in and take control of the suit. Lowe struggles to escape, and Gai tells Lowe that he's going to fire his Gatling gun at him. Lowe asks 8 for help, and 8 works quickly to allow Lowe to break free from Ash. Loretta detonates the bombs she's planted around GENESIS Alpha and is shocked when nothing happens. Ash laughs and says that bombs won't do anything because GENESIS Alpha is protected with Phase Shift armor. Ash assembles some spare parts from what's been damaged and recombines. He says that Lowe and Gai are both in GENESIS Alpha's firing line, so they'll both be destroyed for sure. Lowe grabs onto Ash and says he's going to win not because he has superior equipment, but because he cares about his machine. He then punches the Regenerate Gundam's weak spot and says that if someone isn't familiar with their suit, they can't protect it. Without directional controls, Ash realizes that he'll drift uncontrollably through space. Afterwards, Gai says that Ash will drift into Alliance territory and will surely be captured. He asks Lowe what he plans to do next, and Lowe says he wants to clean up GENESIS Alpha.

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