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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY B (ガンダムSEED ASTRAY B) is a photonovel written by Tomohiro Chiba and published by MediaWorks. It follows the main SEED Astray storyline mainly from the view point of Gai Murakumo of the mercenary group Serpent Tail, this novel severs to provide additional story and information to tie together some elements of the SEED Astray universe.


Note:Stories do not follow a chronological order.

Chapter 1: Beam Rifle

Serpent Tail is employed to destroy the generator of a military facility in an asteroid. This generator cannot be penetrated from the outside, and the only way to get close to it is through a narrow tunnel that barely fits a MS. Gai sneaks into the facility while his teammates are fighting outside. The tunnels are like a maze and he only has 10 minutes as beyond that, he is likely to be discovered and they will cut off his escape route. As he reaches the generator, 7 minutes have passed. For this mission, Blue Frame is equipped with a high output beam rifle that can only fire one shot. Gai likes the tense atmosphere but considering the time needed to get out, he has to finish it quickly. He pulls the trigger and left. He did not wait to confirm the destruction of the generator as currently there are few anti-beam defenses.

Chapter 2: High Speed Booster

A high speed experimental spacecraft goes out of control and Serpent Tail is employed to retrieve its data. For this mission, Blue Frame is equipped with a booster larger than itself. During the journey, Gai is knocked unconscious by the long period of acceleration but is awaken by a pre-set alarm. His sight is rather blurry and he thinks that it is caused by the bursting of a small blood vessel beneath the eye. The alarm means that he is close to the spacecraft. He then matches Blue Frame’s speed with the spacecraft and starts the recovery work.

Chapter 3: The Invisible Enemy

Serpent Tail’s new mission is to destroy a stolen Moebius equipped with Mirage Colloid for an EA weapons manufacturer. The employer builds the optional sensor unit inside Blue Frame’s database for free to help out in this mission. Reed sends out Elijah and Loretta to scout out the enemy’s hideout. Elijah is attacked by the enemy without warning and he warns Loretta away. During the battle, Elijah notices something about the enemy. After their successful escape, Elijah passes on the information to Gai. Blue Frame launches with the optional sensor unit and lures the enemy towards a shoal region nearby. From Elijah, Gai knows that when the dissipated colloid particles got onto other surfaces, they will render that area invisible. Gai activates the optional sensor and orders the computer to inform him when any of the surrounding area suddenly goes missing. The computer immediately responds and Gai fires his beam rifle at the location and destroys the enemy. The location of the invisible enemy is revealed due to changes in the surrounding.

Chapter 4: Gerbera Straight

Gai accompanies an EA fleet to look for some missing nuclear weapons, and they arrived at Literia space colony after receiving a tip-off. Gai is sent ahead of the fleet and meets with Elijah who is on another mission. From Elijah, Gai learns about what happened to the nuclear weapons. The EA fleet is then attacked by Red Frame and they request help from Gai, but he turns them down as his mission is already completed. Gai then meets up with Lowe, who proceeds to show him his new weapon, “Gerbera Straight” katana. Their meeting is interrupted by a Moebius team and Lowe suggests a competition to see who can take down more enemy units. Gai wins and Lowe gives them a free ride and helps to repair Elijah’s GINN.

Chapter 5: Full Weapons

Serpent Tail lands on Earth after they are employed by EA and their first mission is to destroy ZAFT forces at a particular location. As this is a secret mission, Gai does not have all the details and they will not be receiving backup from the regular forces. Serpent Tail only knows that their enemy has a minimum of 9 MS. This is the first time their opponents consist entirely of MS and Elijah is very worried. As Gai and Elijah arrive at the location, they are immediately surrounded by 12 MS. Elijah is quickly demoralized but Gai comments that the situation is within his expectation. During the battle, Elijah learns the enemy is inexperienced in MS battles and he easily defeats them. For this mission, Blue Frame is in its “Full Weapons” form and Gai dispatches his enemy with ease.

Chapter 6: Gold Frame

ZAFT forces are closing onto Heliopolis and Orb has ordered the destruction of the prototype Astray units. However, Gina does not want his hard work ruined and decides to disobey the order. He orders Gold Frame to be transported out first and for all data to be copied onto its computer. When he is informed that the data is too large for the computer, he orders the data to be split among Gold, Red and Blue Frame. He is later informed that Gold Frame’s launch preparation is complete but there is no feasible transport route. Gina replies that he will find a way out and wants the Duel’s bazooka prepared. Gina enters Gold Frame’s cockpit and completes the OS optimization in 2 to 3 minutes. He then picks up the bazooka and destroys the factory’s ceiling. He leaves his subordinates with the final order that he is leaving first and to transport Red and Blue Frame out once they are ready. During his escape, Gold Frame’s right arm suddenly short-circuits and he is forced to eject the arm. Once out of the colony, he meets a Moebius that is send to confirm the Astrays destruction. Gina refuses to handover Gold Frame and destroys the Moebius using the beam saber. At the same time, Junk Guild and Serpent Tail enter Heliopolis from the opposite direction.

Chapter 7: M1 Astray Team

Serpent Tail is employed by Erica to train the Astrays’ pilots. The training ground is a deserted island that also serves as testing ground for M1 and is some distance away from Orb, which is being closely monitored by ZAFT due to the presence of Archangel. The island is selected as Orb wants to keep M1’s existence a secret from ZAFT and EA. M1 and Blue Frame are equipped with low impact firearms for the test. Originally, Orb suggested paintball guns but Gai objects, he reasons that the combat testing is meaningless if the MS and pilots did not experience the impact when a bullet hits. The training is later interrupted by the sudden appearance of 2 BuCUEs that are on patrol. Gai knows that it will be troublesome if they report back about M1, he and Elijah then proceeds to destroy the BuCUEs. Gai then suggests leaving quickly as if the ZAFT HQ knows about this, they will have trouble repelling them and as they are not paid extra for fighting.

Chapter 8: Full Armor Phase Shift System

The war between Naturals and Coordinators has ended, but the situation is still tense and a small spark can restart it (It is unknown which year this chapter is in). Gai’s new employer wants him to destroy an unknown cannon near the sun that is aiming at Earth, and provides Serpent Tail with the Full Armor Phase Shift (FAP) System which is later equipped on Blue Frame Second. While carrying out the final adjustment on his MS as it nears the sun, Gai smiles and thinks that the mission is a rare and interesting one. Sweats soon appear on his forehead and palms even though the heat should be blocked by the PS armor. Ablative gel provided by the FAP system is evaporating at an amazing rate. Once Gai feels that he is close enough to the cannon, he fires the pistols and back mounted laser cannons simultaneously. Although his shots hit the cannon, he is unable to confirm if it is critically damaged. He quickly changes the FAP system to its flight form and flies away as the ablative gel is almost exhausted. Soon after Blue Frame’s successful escape, a large explosion appears on the rear monitor. Gai confirms the mission is completed and did not expect to see the explosion as the precise moment requires a certain amount of luck.

Chapter 9: Elijah VS Gud

Elijah is employed by ZAFT to kill Gud Vair, also known as "The Hero Of ZAFT". Gud has deserted ZAFT as he is tired of the war. Elijah finds Gud at the Literia space colony, but instead of killing him, he befriends him instead as they are both deserters of ZAFT. When EA attacks the colony, both of them launch in their MS to protect the place. However, Gud’s second personality surfaces and attacks Elijah. During the battle, both MS are badly damaged and Gud is killed by Gai who arrives together with the EA fleet. Elijah’s GINN is later fixed by Lowe, using parts from Gud Vair’s GINN. Elijah sees the parts as his memory of Gud and did not repaint them.

Chapter 10: Scale System

Gigafloat is a space port secretly built by EA to counter ZAFT’s effort to contain them on earth. ZAFT discovers the near completed Gigafloat accidentally when a DINN on recon mission is forced to change its course due to a storm. To maintain the secrecy, regular forces are not employed to protect the place; instead, EA employs mercenaries like Serpent Tail, who are better at keeping things a secret. For this mission, Gai equips the Blue Frame with the “Scale System”. Gai later meets with a GOOhN on a recon mission and a fight started. Using the “Scale System”, Blue Frame easily outmaneuvers the enemy and destroys it. Gai then uses the underwater sensor and detects a Vosgulov class submarine in the direction the GOOhN is heading. As the enemy has the numerical advantage, Gai decides to destroy the submarine rather than fight with the MS and rushes forward.

Chapter 11: Flight Pack

Lowe is furious when he heard from Gai that Gigafloat is actually for military purposes. However, he continues with the construction as there is no reason to leave it half built and that they can negotiate for civilian usage after completion. Gai thinks that he is too naive but compared to giving up, he prefers Lowe’s way of thinking which is what Junk Guild would do. After the battle in chapter 10, Gigafloat’s location has changed but Gai is certain that ZAFT will try their best to locate it and will attack with a larger force. Besides the Scale System equipped Blue Frame, Elijah has also arrived to provide support. As expected, ZAFT attacks again. Gai wants Elijah to deal with the MS on Guuls and to lure the landing GOOhNs ashore before fighting to prevent an aquatic battle while he fights with the GOOhNs underwater. Lowe also helps out with his Flight Pack equipped Red Frame and together, they cause ZAFT to suffer a heavier than expected causalities and forced them to retreat.

Chapter 12: Long Dagger

Eleven Socius, a Combat Coordinator, escapes from an EA facility together with his Long Dagger as he wants to prove that the Socius clones are still useful to EA and not a threat. He is later joined by Seven Socius and his Long Dagger. They then challenge Gai to a duel as he is the strongest MS pilot in the earth sphere. Gai accepts the challenge but is unaware that he will be fighting 2 opponents. During the battle, Eleven and Seven cooperates perfectly and Gai did not notice that he is fighting against 2 MS. Just as Gai is about to deliver the decisive blow to one of the Long Dagger, Blue Frame is attacked from behind. Gai then realizes that he is fighting 2 MS and soon faints due to his heavy injuries.

Chapter 13: Gai’s GINN

ZAFT’s construction of 4 supply bases on a convenient space route has hindered the transport of goods by civilians. Members of the space freight industry then decide to employ mercenary to destroy the bases. Gai accepts the job and does not mind if they pay him later, he just wants them to prepare a GINN immediately. He later customizes the GINN specifically for the mission. Elijah notes that the modification will mean that the GINN is unsuitable for MS combat and Gai replies that he plans to evade all attacks and has no intention of engaging in MS fight. While destroying the last supply base, Gai encounters Miguel and his customized GINN. As he is unable to shake Miguel off, he is forced into MS combat. Gai does not see the need to defeat Miguel as his aim is to complete the mission. He purposely rushes in and did not dodge Miguel’s attack. Gai then abandons the damaged GINN and escapes. The unpiloted GINN later reactivates and follows its programmed movement course, crashing into the supply base. Miguel is unable to stop the attack as he is too far away already. Gai plans to call his companions after ZAFT forces leave the area. To conserve oxygen, Gai starts to control his breathing and closes his eyes.

Chapter 14: Astray Blue Frame Second

Gai is defeated by Eleven and Seven Socius and is badly injured. Together with his damaged Blue Frame, he is transported back to Orb for treatment. During the repair, Blue Frame is upgraded into Blue Frame Second L. After awakening, Gai expresses his wish to battle Eleven and Seven again and the other members of Serpent Tail did not object as they know it will be useless. Reed then manages to find out that Eleven and Seven Socius has been tasked by the EA to attack ZAFT’s Gibraltar base. Serpent Tail then travels there and offered to protect the base. Using his new MS, Gai defeats the Socius clones and convinces them to reconsider their goals in life. It later turns out that EA is using the Socius clones as a decoy and there is another strike force. Gai turns his attention to this strike force and eliminates them as Serpent Tail has signed a contract to protect the base.

Chapter 15: Gold Frame Amatsu

While Gina is destroying a ZAFT fleet using Gold Frame Amatsu, slightly outside its sensor range, Gai is monitoring his actions in Blue Frame 2nd L. This job is from Erica and he cannot refuse as he feels that he owes her a lot, especially for the Blue Frame’s repair. He is later surprised by Red Frame’s appearance and guesses that Lowe must be responding to ZAFT fleet’s distress signal. Aware of Lowe’s character, he knows that a fight between Lowe and Gina is unavoidable. Gai is doubtful that Lowe can win against Gina, but his past experiences tell him that whatever matter Lowe is involved with, the outcome will always be surprising. Gold Frame Amatsu breaks the Gerbera Straight; this is the moment Gai has been waiting for and he interferes with the battle, giving Lowe the Tactical Arms in sword form. Gina continues to attack Red Frame but is unexpectedly defeated. After the battle, Gold Frame Amatsu aims it’s rife at the leaving Red Frame, but Blue Frame 2nd L stabs the cockpit before it can fire. Gai comments that the enemy should be removed immediately if one can defeat them; such is the law of mercenary. Using Lowe’s strength, Gai manages to remove Gina.

Chapter 16: Gel Finieto

Gai is suspicious of his new mission but still accepts it as he wants to know what is making him uneasy. Upon reaching the location specified by the employer, Gai meets with Lowe and knows that his instinct is correct. He suspects that they are setup by Kenaf Luchini and the latter immediately praises him for guessing correctly. Kenaf explains that he tricks them here as he wants to know who will win if Lowe and Gai has a fight. Blue Frame 2nd L and Red Frame then goes out of control and attacks each other. As both MS hold their ground, Kenaf finds it boring. He decides to make it more interesting and Blue Frame 2nd L is hit by an invisible enemy. Gai realizes that Kenaf is hijacking the MS’s computer and that the enemy cannot be seen because the sensors are being controlled. Kenaf then discloses that his MS, Gel Finieto, is equipped with a virus that can infect quantum computer, allowing him to control other MS. Lowe then shuts down the computer and transfers the control of Red Frame over to 8, freeing Red Frame from Kenaf’s control. Red Frame then slashes at a seemingly empty space, causing Kenaf’s MS to appear. As his MS has no other abilities, Kenaf tries to run away. Red Frame’s attack seems to stop the spreading of the virus and Gai regains control of his MS. Gai then attacks Kenaf and slices Gel Finieto in half. He sees Kenaf leaving the MS just before the strike but does not intend to pursue as he is not getting paid.

Chapter 17: Sword Calamity

Gina strikes a deal with Azrael to help reclaim Victoria base in return for Orb’s safety. In the battle, Gina is assigned 2 teams, each with 1 Sword Calamity and 2 Strike Daggers. The pilots for the Sword Calamity are Four Socius and Edward Harrelson, Gina recognizes their abilities and did not give them any detailed orders. They perform as expected, slicing apart ZAFT MS with each strike. Gina activates the Mirage Colloid system and infiltrates the enemy’s positions, causing confusion. The battle is a success due to the special force commandeered by Gina. He later receives news of Orb’s fall, but did not hate Azrael for his betrayal. He feels that it is Uzumi’s fault and is glad that the old Orb disappears. At the same time, a new ambition starts to grow in his heart.

Chapter 18: Red Frame’s Salvage Unit

After successfully defending the Gigafloat from ZAFT’s attack, Lowe requested Kisato’s help in swapping Red Frame’s equipment. He explains that the pilots of fallen ZAFT MS may still be alive and he wants to save them. He believes that since the fighting is over, there is no difference between enemies and allies. Gai does not want to help and Lowe understands as mercenary do not work for free. Gai is astonished by Red Frame’s underwater equipment. Diving into the sea, Lowe immediately discovers some MS wreckages and ties ropes around them, his companion on the Gigafloat then recovers the units. He comes across a MS pinned down by a metal frame and knows that it cannot be simply pulled up like the rest. He detaches Red Frame’s Salvage unit and slices apart the metal frame. After pulling the MS out, Red Frame quickly surfaces as water start to seeps in after purging the Salvage unit. Although this is his decision, Lowe’s head starts to ache upon thinking of the MS maintenance after this.

Chapter 19: EA’s Serpent Tail

EA launches multiple attacks to reclaim the captured Nova as ZAFT moves it from L4 to L5. Although all the resource has been mined, EA is not abandoning it as they do not want to admit defeat. Furthermore, ZAFT is converting Nova into a base while transporting it within EA’s view. However, the results of their numerous battles are disastrous. Elijah is unhappy about participating in the battle to reclaim Nova as there is a large disparity in terms of fighting power and wonders if EA officers know their math. Gai explains that EA knows the additional MS will not improve their winning chance; they are doing this as they do not want to waste their fighting strength on a hopeless battle. Elijah wonders if the fight is just to preserve EA’s reputation. Gai did not answer his question but states that it is a good chance to test Blue Frame’s performance and to see if it can work well with Elijah’s GINN. During the battle, Gai discovers that Blue Frame’s current weapons are not suitable for fighting against multiple enemies as the beam weapons consume too much energy too fast. After stealing a GINN’s bazooka and destroying the GINN, Gai starts to consider using GINN’s weapons as optional equipment for Blue Frame. EA forces are defeated again and in the ending stage, Gai encounters Mikail.

Chapter 20: Dreadnought Gundam

Siegel Clyne employs Gai and wants him to join the mock battle involving ZAFT’s experimental MS and to hide his mercenary identity. Gai is unable to conceal his astonishment when he sees Dreadnought Gundam. He is able to conclude from its look that it uses data from the 4 stolen Gundams. During the mock battle, Gai discovers that his radar is not jammed and concludes that Dreadnought has NJC and thus, a nuclear engine. He then realizes the issue is much more complicated. Gai’s GuAIZ is no match for Dreadnought and is defeated. After the mock battle, Gai receives a disk from Siegel’s subordinate. The disk reveals that nuclear-powered MS is an unauthorized development carried out by ZAFT. Siegel has a headache deciding what to do with it. Although he can terminate its development, he is unsure if that is the correct decision for PLANT. Siegel wants Gai to understand the gravity of the current situation and to do the right thing about Dreadnought. Gai accepts the mission and Siegel is soon executed.

Chapter 21: Jean Carry

Jean Carry joined EA as he wants to end the war quickly but was chased out after he developed the Natural use OS for them. When in EA, his MS is painted white so that his action can be easily monitored but he does not mind. It is because of his performance in a white MS that make him famous and after that some enemies automatically surrender after spotting his MS, which is the ideal outcome he wanted. In the battle of Panama, he meets and battles Duel Gundam. During the fight, Jean realizes that it is impossible to win without damages as the opponent is currently one of the few ZAFT pilots skilled in MS fights. One of the major advantages Jean used to have when battling ZAFT MS is their pilots’ lack of experience in MS fight. Long Dagger purges its extra armor at extreme close range, releasing a blinding flash. This is an additional feature in Long Dagger and Yzak is caught off-guarded. Jean thought that the fight is over as he attacks with both sabers but Yzak blocks with Duel’s shield and pulls out its saber. Jean is surprised by Yzak’s reaction speed. Yzak yells that it is too early for the fight to end and Jean senses that he is enjoying the fight. Long Dagger is suddenly disabled by an EMP and Jean is prepared for his death. However, Duel just stares at it and left after a while. After recounting his past to Lowe, Jean says that he wants to meet Yzak as he did not kill a defenseless enemy and feels that they can understand each other without fighting.

Chapter 22: Strike Rouge IWSP

Lowe witnesses a MS test through the Kusanagi’s lounge windows but there is something he does not understand. Usually, the best pilot is used in the test but this does not seem to be the case here. Lowe feels that the current pilot is overwhelmed by the MS capabilities. The MS that Lowe is watching is Strike Rouge, which he sees in parts form while at Orb previously. He does not recognize the IWSP and thinks that it is a messy bunch of stuff put together, but he still likes it. Lowe knows that to use such equipment well requires a pilot with certain skills, and he does not blame the failure to control it well totally on the current pilot’s lack of skill. He wonders if there is a more suitable pilot and whether the pilot is selected by Erica, as the current one is rather lacking. From their movements, Lowe identifies the 2 M1 Astray accompanying Strike Rouge IWSP as Kikuchi’s and Kuno’s, he thinks that either of them is a better choice.

Chapter 23: Gunbarrel Dagger

Although Reed no longer works for EA, there are still many who respect him and this helps him greatly in his mercenary work. Gai recently accepts a job to manage a nuclear powered MS and to observe the trends in the changing world. Due to this reason, Serpent Tail cannot ignore the existence of EA’s Peacemaker force. Using his contacts, Reed manages to infiltrate the EA as a ‘military adviser’. In the observation room of the Peacemaker force flagship, Reed looks at several monitors displaying real time war information. He is curious about what the Peacemaker force can do. During the attack on Boaz, he witnesses Morgan Chevalier launching in his Gunbarrel Dagger and commanding a large group of Strike Daggers to clear a path for the nuclear missile equipped Moebius units. 10+ minutes after the battle started, Morgan already loses 3 gunbarrels as the wires for controlling them are easily cut during battle and he is forced to call for replacement units. A new Gunbarrel Striker is immediately launched and after attaching the rear portion of the Striker on his 105 Dagger, he lets the front portion return. Boaz is soon destroyed by the nuclear missiles. After observing Morgan’s fighting style, Reed thinks that it fits his nickname, ‘Moonlight Mad Dog’. He remarks that the light from the nuclear attack may be enough to cause some to reconsider what they are fighting for and adds that perhaps the name, ‘Mad Dog’, is more suitable for the higher-ups that created this battle plan.

Chapter 24: GINN High Maneuver Type

In his GINN High Maneuver Type, Mikhail Coast complains about the lousy skills of the enemy MS pilots. He is worried that with the way things are his piloting skills are going to get rusty. As he looks for a new target, he spots Blue Frame 2nd L. He gets excited and recognizes it, even though it is modified, as the one he fought while protecting Nova (which become Boaz). Although Blue Frame 2nd L is fast, it is no match for GINN High Maneuver Type. Mikhail is confident he has pushed the enemy into a corner but is unaware that Gai is luring him into a trap. He later notices the high adhesive nets, but could not stop his MS in time from crashing into them. Mikhail’s MS is immobilized and Gai tells him to freeze and not to waste his life; a MS without pilot is just an object while a pilot who wastes his life is a 2nd rate one. Mikhail feels extremely humiliated, but is not stupid enough to choose death. He swears that he will get his revenge as he opens the cockpit. Serpent Tail successfully captures the GINN High Maneuver Type that EA wanted and their ship is about to leave the place when Gai spotted Sword Calamity closing in. Gai tells Elijah to leave and the latter did as told. Gai is unsure of Edward Harrelson’s performance in space but he knows not to underestimate his enemy. Their machine then clashes.

Chapter 25: Hyperion Unit 3

Gerard Garcia is bitter that he will be held accountable for Canard’s attack on lunar base even though the latter did it without his knowledge. He then has an idea; since the fault is not his, he can get someone else to shoulder it. He immediately informs his subordinate to contact someone. Gai arrives at Artemis to accept his new job but is suddenly attacked by Hyperion Gundam unit 3. Garcia then informs him that his mission this time is to die. Garcia intends to kill Gai and frame him for Hyperion unit 1’s theft and its attack on the lunar base. Gai wonders why he is chosen and Garcia explains that he needs someone highly skilled to make the higher-ups believe his story. Garcia is confident that Gai cannot defeat the Hyperion Gundam but is unaware that Gai fought with Canard previously. Using his previous experience, Gai knows that the 360⁰ beam barrier can be penetrated using equipment that has anti-beam treatment. Blue Frame 2nd L then rushes towards Hyperion with Tactical Arms in sword form and penetrates the barrier. Gai explains to the shocked pilot that the sword has laminated armor and reveals the concealed gatling gun. Hyperion gundam unit 3 is destroyed and Gai turns toward Artemis, wondering if he should attack it. Garcia quickly activates the Umbrella of Artemis but is unsure of its protection.

Chapter 26: DRAGOON System

Despite its ordinary look, the asteroid factory is in fact a prototype weapon factory for EA as well as one of Blue Cosmo’s R&D facilities. It has multiple layers of defence and continues to produce weapons even though the war has ended. Once this news spread, it naturally becomes an eyesore for some but all the attacks ended in failure. MS does not have the firepower required to penetrate its solid, rocky exterior and although a warship can do the job, it is easily destroyed by the MA guarding the place. Finally, Serpent Tail is employed to destroy it. As the mission starts, Gai moves the Blue Frame 2nd L ahead while his teammates provide support. Pergrande immediately deploys its DRAGOONs and Gai dodges their attack with the slightest movement possible. He fought with such weapon before but it was wire-guided then, the wireless version has a greater variability in its attack. He is waiting for the DRAGOONs to return for recharging and when this occurs, Blue Frame 2nd L rushes towards Pergrande. Gai powers up the Lohengrin launcher’s nuclear engine as Blue Frame 2nd L make contact with Pergrande’s core. Due to N-Jammers, nuclear engine can only function if it is within a certain radius of the NJC, which is not easily manufactured. Thus, Gai decides to use the enemy’s. Although this sounds simple, doing it involves getting real close to the enemy and this requires piloting skills at Gai’s level. Gai fires the Lohengrin launcher and the positron beam penetrates Pergrande and hits the asteroid factory behind it, destroying both in a single shot. Gai then detaches the launcher that is now useless and returns to his teammates.


Serpent Tail

Kazahana Adja


6 years old and highly intelligent daughter of Loretta. Due to her background, she has adult-like judgement and mental toughness. She serves as liaison to Serpent Tail's clients. Unknown if she is a Natural or Coordinator.

Loretta Adja

Natural, mother of Kazahana Adja and the only woman among members of Serpent Tail. She is an explosives expert and tactician. She is very popular among the mercenaries, and previously works for EA, unknown why she left.

Elijah Kiel

Coordinator and Gai's wingman, he pilots a custom ZGMF-1017 GINN. For a period of time, he was with ZAFT. He has a very handsome look, but although he is a Coordinator, he does not possess the superior physiology of Coordinator. As such, his MS maneuvering skills are poor initially, but through the experiences he gained on the battlefield as a mercenary, his skills have improved substantially. A "2" can be found on the Serpent Tail emblem on his mobile suit.

Gai Murakumo

Coordinator, a shrewd mercenary with excellent battle sense and the leader of the Serpent Tail mercenary company, and pilot of the MBF-P03 Gundam Astray Blue Frame. He first meets Lowe Guele at the remains of Heliopolis. Nobody knows his past, where he was actually a Combat Coordinator developed by the Earth Alliance. His combat abilities were completed at a high level, but his mental control was incomplete when he escaped the research facility. A "1" can be found on the Serpent Tail emblem on his mobile suit.

Reed Wheeler

Natural; captain of Serpent Tail's Laurasia-class frigate. He was a former Earth Alliance intelligence operative and still has contacts within the EA. A known alcoholic.

Junk Guild

Lowe Guele

A Natural, he is an excellent engineer, technician, and pilot of the MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame. First operated from the HOME, with the Professor, Kisato Yamabuki, and Liam Garfield, later transferred to ReHOME.

Kisato Yamabuki

Natural, fellow Junk Tech with Lowe, Liam, and the Professor. She has the hobby of collecting memorabilia of the First Coordinator George Glenn. She lacks self-confidence and easily frightened when there is fighting, pilots a custom Kimera and later a modified version of the BuCUE Andrew Waltfeld Custom.

Orb Union

Rondo Gina Sahaku

Coordinator; co-head of the Sahaku family of the Orb Union. He desired Orb to rule the Earth Sphere, but was killed in July C.E. 71 by Gai Murakumo. Highly aggressive pilot of the MBF-P01 Gundam Astray Gold Frame and MBF-P01-ReAMATU Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu.

Erica Simmons

Senior engineer of Morgenroete, the munitions company which equips the Orb Union's armed forces. She is a Coordinator but hides this fact initially. Failed to develop an Operating System (OS) that would allow a Natural to fight on a similar level as a Coordinator until the arrival of Kira Yamato with Archangel, who helps her construct an OS for the Orb Union's own mobile suits, the MBF-M1 M1 Astray. Later, she helps rebuild the Strike and equips it with the Natural use OS system (which is later given to Mu La Flaga), and constructed the Strike Rouge on the Kusanagi near the end of the war.

Earth Alliance

Gerard Garcia

Natural; Admiral in Eurasian Federation forces, in charge of the Artemis asteroid fortress. After the "Umbrella of Artemis" was destroyed by GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam and the escape of the Archangel, he contacted with the Serpent Tail mercenary company for defense of the base. Later, held Elijah Kiel hostage when he wants to acquire the Gundam Astray Red Frame to make up for the lost of the Strike. When Gai Murakumo fights with Lowe Guele and successfully bring the Red Frame close to the control room, the situation reverses and Garcia was held hostage by Elijah. As shown in X Astray, he was spared by the Serpent Tail, and ended up as the commander of Canard Pars. However, his failure to acquire the N-Jammer Canceller prior to the Atlantic Federation receiving it from Rau Le Creuset through Fllay Allster resulted in him being demoted.

Morgan Chevalier

Natural; Earth Alliance ace pilot, and a Eurasian linear tank commander before the introduction of EA mobile suits. Pilots a GAT-01 Strike Dagger, and a GAT-01A1+AQM/E-X04 Gunbarrel Dagger until the end of the war. Also known as the "Mad Dog of the Moonlight", he is actually quite calm and methodical in battle.

Jean Carry

A first generation Coordinator, he emigrated to the PLANT after both his Natural parents died during the Type S2 influenza epidemic, and blossomed as a professor of engineering. Being anti-war, he return to Earth when the warring sentiment amongst the Coordinators increased. Joined the Earth Alliance when the first Alliance-PLANT War broke out to stop the hatred from spiralling out of control. Pilots a captured ZGMF-1017 GINN in a white paint scheme, and prefers to disable his enemy and not kill them. His impressive performance earned him the nickname ""Glimmering Cursed Star J". Later piloted a white GAT-01D Long Dagger, and fought with Yzak Joule and his GAT-X102 Duel Gundam at the Battle of Porta Panama. Was eventually released by the Alliance and decided to join the Junk Guild, but was directed to the Clyne faction by Lowe.


Yzak Joule

Coordinator; pilot of Duel Gundam in the First Alliance-PLANT War, gets a scar across his face from Kira after his cockpit gets stabbed by Kira's knife.

Miguel Aiman

Coordinator; he joined ZAFT in order to earn the doctor's fee for his younger brother who was sick. Known as the "Magic Bullet Of Dusk" because he normally pilots a customized GINN that is orange colored just like the color of dusk. A ZAFT ace under the command of Rau Le Creuset. In January C.E. 71, the Nazca-class Vesalius under the command of Rau Le Creuset is sent out to investigate the mysterious destruction of ZAFT supply bases. While on patrol, Miguel discovers the culprit behind the attacks: Serpent Tail mercenary Gai Murakumo. Miguel's GINN is damaged in combat with Gai's own custom GINN, forcing him to switch over to a standard GINN for the attack on Heliopolis on January 25.

Mikhail Coast

Coordinator; a physician before joining ZAFT, while he has no interest in social or political matters, he joined ZAFT because he is interested in war. He became a physician not with the goals of saving patients but just to satisfy his curiosity about the human body. Always put his own interests as the highest priority and distrust others. With his observation skills and mobility, he controls the mobile suit controller like a doctor uses scalpels. He treats battles like the progression of a disease, and likes to speak with medical terms during battles, such as referring the enemies as "tumors" that requires operations for removal. Nicknamed the "Doctor" because he can determine the core of the enemies like infected areas and quickly deals with it and is feared by the enemies. Pilots the ZGMF-1017M GINN High Maneuver Type.

Gud Vair

Coordinator; originally a pilot of the ZAFT forces and wears the red ace uniform, later left the military because he hates the war and befriends Elijah at the Literia space colony. With ZAFT, his outstanding skills brought many victories. He pilots a customized red colored GINN, and is known as "The Hero Of ZAFT" because once when all friendly forces were annihilated he managed to defeat the enemy fleet single-handedly. In the next year, he did not lose once and opposing enemies are always worried about their fleets being annihilated by him. Gud develops a split personality problem during the war, one personality is kind, helpful, the other is revengeful and wants to kill anyone around him, including his friends. Irritating noises would cause his evil personality to come out, while soothing music such as the songs of Lacus Clyne will calm him down and the gentle side resurfaces.

Siegel Clyne

Coordinator; chairman of the PLANT Supreme Council (the government that ZAFT is part of) and father of Lacus Clyne. More moderate in seeking a peaceful solution to the war, does not have the hate most have towards naturals; this had made him and his supporters the minority in the PLANT council which cost him his chance at re-election and later he gets brutally gunned down by Patrick's minions, who were searching for his daughter.


Kenaf Luchini

Coordinator; freelance informant who enjoys manipulating events through careful release of information, and takes a special interest in Lowe Guele.

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