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Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space is the third and final compilation movie in the Mobile Suit Gundam movie trilogy. It adapts from the episode 31 to the last episode of the original series.


The One Year War comes to a close, as the Zeon forces now retreat back into space. Amuro Ray learns much more of his Newtype abilities and tries to use them the best way he can. He's pushed to his limit as he encounters the infamous Char Aznable once again. He also falls in love with a mysterious woman named Lalah Sune, who knows the full potential of the Newtype abilities.

The greatest battle is about to begin, as many loved ones fall to the power of war. Can the Earth Federation defeat the Principality of Zeon? Or will they fail? Can Char prove that he's the better Newtype than Amuro? They all will be answered now...


And anticipation of your insight into the future...



Title Timestamp Notes
Beginning (BGM) 00:22:01 Theatrical Mono & 1998 English dub
Meguriai 01:56:51 Theatrical Mono & 1998 English dub
Beginning 02:10:17 Theatrical Mono & 1998 English dub
Meguriai (ED) 02:14:59
Beginning (ED) 02:17:18 Theatrical Mono & 1998 English dub


Each of the three movies are largely composed of old footage from the TV series, however Tomino felt that some things could be changed for the better. Tomino removed several aspects of the show which he felt were still too super robot-esque for the real robot series he intended Gundam to be. The G-Armor upgrade parts were also completely removed and replaced in the narrative by the more realistic Core Booster support fighters. Hayato receives a Guncannon at Jaburo to replace the disadvantaged Guntank and this third movie also includes a substantial amount of new footage expanding on the battles of Solomon and A Baoa Qu.


The movie was released on an English subtitled VHS on April 13, 1999. The English dubbed VHS was released on January 1, 2000.

The trilogy was released again both separately and in a DVD box set in America on May 7, 2002. However, said DVD is only available in Japanese audio with English subtitles. The video in the DVD boxset is identical to the Japanese special edition where most of the original voice cast members rerecorded their lines. The special edition release is digitally remastered but many of the sound effects are replaced, most notably the futuristic gun sounds being replaced by louder machine gun sound effects. Also, the music soundtrack, while not remixed is rearranged and in some cases removed from some scenes. The ending song of this movie begins at a different timestamp in the special edition (with Meguriai being the final song heard rather than Beginning). These changes were supervised by Yoshiyuki Tomino.



  • The shirt Mirai sewed for Bright whilst at Side 6 has a red Nippon Sunrise logo.


  • When the RX-78-2 Gundam fires the beam rifle to the Rick Dom, the Dom's destruction sequence is reused from the 35th Episode, which is hit by missiles instead of the Gundam's beam rifle shot.
  • Sayla leaves the FF-X7-Bst Core Booster on A Baoa Qu at 2:04:01 but at 2:04:11 there are reused frames of the G-Fighter which doesn't appear in the rest of the movie.

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