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Mobile Suit Gundam High-Streamer (機動戦士ガンダムハイ・ストリーマー Kidō Senshi Gandamu Hai Sutoriimaa?) is a novel written by Yoshiyuki Tomino. Originally titled Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (機動戦士ガンダム 逆襲のシャア Kidō Senshi Gandamu: Gyakushū no Shā?), the novel included illustrations by Yukinobu Hoshino and was published by Tokuma Shoten between the years 1987 and 1988 in the magazine Animage. The plot of the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack film was a modified adaptation of this novel.

When the decision was made to turn High-Streamer into a movie, Tomino drew up a new story outline which added Beltorchika Irma and turned Amuro Ray into a family man. The sponsors didn't like the idea, and reverted to the original High-Streamer storyline, albeit with a few changes. Tomino later wrote a new novel based on his rejected movie plot.

In 2002, the novel was reprinted with new covers, new illustration and new designs by Chimaki Kuori. At this time the official title of the novel was changed to Mobile Suit Gundam High-Streamer.


In U.C. 0093, Char Aznable returns as leader of Neo Zeon, and is determined to drop the asteroid base Axis on Earth. Opposing him is the task-force Londo Bell, led by Amuro Ray and his ν Gundam. The final battle will take place over the Earth Sphere.


Volume 1 – Amuro

  • Chapter.A: Cunningham Joe
  • Chapter.B: Alena’s Escape
  • Chapter.C: Acting
  • Chapter.D: Alena Paige
  • Chapter.E: Mobile Fight
  • Chapter.F: Cross Time
  • Chapter.G: Again
  • Chapter.H: Zeta’s Invasion

Volume 2 – Quess

  • Chapter.I: Relief
  • Chapter.J: With Bright Noa
  • Chapter.K: Nu Gundam
  • Chapter.L: Alena’s Room
  • Chapter.M: Second Contact
  • Chapter.N: Full Attack
  • Chapter.O: Diversion
  • Chapter.P: Londenion

Volume 3 – Char

  • Chapter.Q: Under Meeting
  • Chapter.R: Training
  • Chapter.S: Nanai’s Room
  • Chapter.T: Foul Operation
  • Chapter.U: Axis Field
  • Chapter.V: Nucleus Light
  • Chapter.W: Many Times
  • Chapter.X1: Wave of Influence
  • Chapter.X2: Color of the Cosmos


Earth Federation Forces

  • Amuro Ray
  • Bright Noa
  • Chan Agi
  • Bergmann Offer
  • Christina
  • Cunningham Joe
  • James Shutronger
  • Jeff
  • Joe Sei
  • John Bauer
  • Kimberly
  • Kimeron
  • Krad
  • Macias Tester
  • Marian
  • Mestemar Dillon
  • Milton
  • Orjan Blomkfir
  • Toffler Langelarge

Neo Zeon



Londo Bell/Earth Federation Forces

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

Neo Zeon

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units


  • MS-06 Hobby Zaku
  • Gabool Bergson Model 2


Original Version

2002 Illustrations




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