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Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway or Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash (機動戦士ガンダム 閃光のハサウェイ Kidō Senshi Gandamu Senkō no Hasawei?) is a 2021 Japanese animated film. The film is a sequel that takes place twelve years after the events of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. Part of the UC NexT 0100 project, it adapts volume 1 of the Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash novel series. It was released in Japanese theaters on June 11, 2021 [1], and to non-Japanese audiences by Netflix on July 1, 2021 [5].


The year is U.C. 0105. Twelve years have passed since the end of the second Neo Zeon War (Char’s Rebellion). Even after “the Axis Shock,” which seemed to indicate the future of humanity and the Universal Century, the world is still in a chaotic situation where intermittent military conflicts continue to break out. The Earth Federation government is more corrupt than ever, and its leadership has not only accelerated Earth's pollution, but also implemented an inhuman "Man Hunting" policy in which civilians are forcibly exiled to outer space.

The anti-Federation government organization “Mafty,” led by someone called “Mafty Navue Erin," has taken a stand against the corruption of the Earth Sphere. Mafty carries out fierce acts of terrorism, assassinating high officials of the Federation government one after another, but it gains a certain level of support from the populace who are growing more opposed to the Federation government.

The person who calls himself “Mafty” and leads this organization is Hathaway Noa, the son of Bright Noa, an officer of the Earth Federation Forces who once participated in the One Year War. Hathaway himself joined the forces trying to stop Char’s Rebellion. With firsthand knowledge of the ideals and ideologies of Amuro Ray and Char Aznable, he has become a warrior following in their footsteps, and plans to clear a path forward through armed resistance. His destiny, however, is drastically altered as he encounters the Federation Forces officer Kenneth Sleg and a mysterious young beauty named Gigi Andalucia [6].


In U.C. 0105, space colonies and the Moon bask in sunlight. Two mobile suits riding sub flight systems escort the passenger vehicle Haunzen. Flight 356 is heading to Earth.

Gigi Andalucia MSG Hathaway 1h02m14s.png

As passengers receive refreshments, Hundley Yeoksan, sitting on the starboard side, winks at a young boy. Kenneth Sleg picks up two glasses of wine from flight attendant Mace Flower's trolley, who is collecting the remains of the in-flight meal from passengers. She proceeds to offer a drink to Hathaway Noa, who is reading Aerial Environmental Botany, a book by Amada Munsun. Hathaway asks for another glass of what he had previously, to which Ms. Flower tells him that he's the only passenger who's finished every meal since they left the moon.

Hathaway overhears a girl asking Kenneth whether he's going down to Earth to wipe out "Mafty Erin". She suspects that Kenneth is a captain, and asks him whether he's going to Earth to "eliminate" Mafty Navue Erin. He asks why she'd ask him that; she replies the Haunzen is a special flight that one needs connections to get on, with most of the passengers being Federation officials, cabinet members and their family members on their way to the Adelaide Conference (the 25th Earth Federation Government Cabinet Meeting). The girl compliments Kenneth's suit, but notes that "the smell is still on you," implying that he has not disguised himself sufficiently, implying that his mission is why he is on this flight. She compares Kenneth to Hathaway, sitting across the aisle, saying "He's probably in the same business." Kenneth hadn't noticed Hathaway. She says he doesn't notice others, noting that he had removed a wedding ring from his hand, implying that he ignored a spouse in a way that led to divorce. He objects rudely. She introduces herself as Gigi Andalucia, and dismisses him. He apologizes, and confirms her guess.

Kenneth responds with his opinion on Mafty. They continue their discussion on Mafty and its ideology as she reads a news article comparing Mafty to Char Aznable [quote 1], but Gigi grows bored, and dismisses him. A different man then requests to sit next to Gigi, saying that is is his turn to sit next to her.


Terrorist Attack - Mobile Suit Gundam- Hathaway - Multi-Audio Clip - Netflix Anime

The Haunzen reaches Low Earth Orbit, and the escort mobile suits depart. The crew of the Haunzen detect a destroyed surveillance satellite, and suspect it was destroyed by Mafty. This has caused a blind spot in Oceanic airspace. The autopilot activates the atmospheric re-entry sequence. After re-entry, high in the atmosphere, an ORX-005 Gaplant lands on top of the Haunzen. The seatbelt sign turns off. Kenneth washes his hands as he thinks of Gigi and Mafty. Leaving the rest room, Ms. Flower offers Kenneth a towel, prompting Kenneth to flirt with her. Kenneth notices the Gaplant flying away. It leaves behind a capsule docked on top of the Haunzen.

Hijackers, masked and armed, enter the Haunzen, attacking flight attendants and security guards. Kenneth protects Ms. Flower. The capsule that carried the terrorists undocks, causing a brief moment of turbulence. Ms. Flower lands in Hathaway's arms who tells her to put her seatbelt on. While the terrorists take over the cockpit, Kenneth loads his pistol but is stopped by Minister Karl Eyinstein, who doesn't want to get the passengers involved in the hijacking. This delay is long enough for the hijackers to enter the passenger cabin unopposed, taking the passengers hostage. Their apparent ringleader, wearing a pumpkin mask, addresses Captain Kenneth by name, telling him to put his gun down on the floor. Hathaway calmly tells Ms. Flower to not make eye contact.

Kenneth surrenders his weapon to the leader of the terrorists, who proclaims himself to be "Mafty Erin." After telling Britanny McGovern to shut up, he tells the hostages that they will be freed if the government pays a ransom of war funds. Receiving the passenger manifest from the purser, Mafty Erin works through the cabin, identifying many of the passengers, he reaches two seats booked by Gigi, and accuses the Inner Space Surveillance Minister currently occupying one of travelling with teenage girls. Gigi laughs, and shows the animation that she was watching on her tablet. She tells the self-proclaimed "Mafty Navue Erin" the etymology behind his name, highlighting its ridiculousness [quote 2].

Mafty Erin asks why she's booked two seats if she's traveling alone. Gigi explains that she booked two seats to keep away unwanted suitors, beginning gossip amongst the other passengers about her patron. Public Health Minister Hiram Mescher stands up to ask the terrorists how they found the vessel. Mafty Erin shoots Minister Mescher in the head, splattering blood on his wife, Beatrice, who panics and knocks herself out running into the exit door. Hathaway volunteers to clean up the corpse, claiming experience from the last war, Mafty Erin realizes who he is after looking at the manifest [quote 3]. Hathaway and the purser bag Mescher's body and secure it in his seat. Beatrice regains consciousness and rushes to her husband's body, sobbing loudly as she hugs her husband's corpse. Mafty Erin shoots her, also.

Hathaway reaches towards Mafty Erin, as if to stop the shooting. Mafty Erin turns to him. While staring down the barrel of Mafty Erin's gun, Hathaway hears Quess Paraya's voice in his head, followed by Gigi the repeating the same words aloud [quote 4]. Hathaway disarms and disables the fake Mafty, stealing his pistol to shoot the terrorist at the front of the cabin. Kenneth trips the terrorist at the rear of the cabin, and restrains him. Hathaway goes to the cockpit to deal with the rest of the terrorists, who have slaughtered most of the crew. He kills one and tackles the second, but is unable to defend himself when a third terrorist rises from the pilot's seat. The clown-masked terrorist laughs threateningly at the defenseless Hathaway, but is shot by Kenneth.

Although the flight was bound for Hong Kong, the incident forces the Haunzen to land at an airport in Davao, the Philippines. Upon landing it is approached by the Earth Federation Forces in Light-Utility-Vehicles. Lieutenant Lagoid stands atop one of the LUVs, stating that the priority of his squad is to secure the group that was armed, with squad 2 being responsible for passenger safety. Ms. Flower helps the passengers off and Hundley exits. Hathaway remains on board and takes interest in Gigi. Gigi notices and exits with a smile. Kenneth tells Hathaway and Ms. Flower that what Gigi said might be true and the terrorists weren't the real Mafty. Kenneth has similar suspicions, postulating that they could be a splinter group from Oenbelli, the Northern Territory, Australia, known as Mafty's Army. Lt. Lagoid and his subordinates come aboard and Kenneth orders them to take the surviving terrorists into custody before the Bureau of Investigation can. As Hathaway leaves for the lobby to re-arrange a flight and make a statement, Kenneth Sleg formally introduces himself as the newly-appointed commander of the Federation forces in Davao. Hathaway Noa reciprocates. His surname surprises Kenneth.

In the airport lobby, Hathaway requests a ginger ale. Gass H. Huguest and another Buereau of Investigation agent rendezvous with Chief Yeoksan. Mrs. McGovern and other grateful passengers saved by Hathaway on the flight approach him. She knows that he was a soldier when he was younger, and Logan McGovern adds that if they had been taken prisoner, it would have been a terrible blow to the Federation government. They take Hathaway away to introduce him to other passengers.

Later, Chief Yeoksan approaches Hathaway, recognizing him as the son of Captain Bright Noa of the EFSF 13th Independent Unit and Ra Cailum. He asks Hathaway if he entered combat as a mobile suit pilot during Char's Rebellion. Hathaway admits he stole a mobile suit and flew around in it; the incident was overlooked because they won the war. Chief Hundley Yeoksan formally introduces himself as a member of the Criminal Police Organization, informing Hathaway that he is to be interviewed by the two Buereau of Investigation agents with him. Hathaway agrees to stay in Davao until the following morning as long as he can get to Manado (on Sulawesi Island) that day. Hathaway explains that he's training as a botanical observer on the Minahasa Peninsula. Chief Yeoksan asks Huguest to arrange a hotel room for Professor Amada Munsun, whom Hathaway is studying under. Chief Yeoksan quotes Professor Munsun as he sees a mobile suit on a BJ-K232 Kessaria hover outside, believing in similarities between the professor's philosophy, "no revival without purification," and the Criminal Police Organization. Short on time, Chief Yeoksan and the agents exit. As Hathaway wonders if the Criminal Police Organization is the head of the Man Hunters, Huguest returns to request a brief account of the situation, and then leaves.


Hathaway's Secret - Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway - Multi-Audio Clip - Netflix Anime

A reflection of light off of Gigi's earring catches Hathaway's attention, and he sits with her. He asks how she knew the terrorists were Mafty imposters. When she responds that the real Mafty Navue Erin is him, Hathaway Noa, he laughs it off, mindful of the police presence in the airport terminal. Her reasoning stems from him being on the Haunzen despite his age, the way he fought and most importantly, the unease he felt when the terrorists used the name "Mafty". Although Gigi intends not to say this to any one else, Hathaway tells her that words can get people killed. After Hathaway briefly lectures Gigi on her actions, an agent takes her to another table in the lobby.

Huguest returns and interviews Hathaway. The agent that questioned Gigi gives Hathaway a hotel card; as long as Hathaway remains in Davao, the government will cover all charges he makes with it. In fact, it was Gigi that arranged for the hotel. She and Hathaway travel in her ministerial limousine to the Tasaday Hotel. Hathaway and Gigi have been booked in different rooms, but Gigi insists that Hathaway's things be placed in her two-bedroom suite on the 32nd floor. Hathaway assents. Gigi wishes to go dancing later that night on the 43rd floor, but Hathaway declines.

Gigi claims she came down to Earth to be in good spirits, though she intends to live in the mountains of Japan rather than Hong Kong, where the Haunzen was supposed to land. Hathaway mentions Japan is where his mother's ancestors are from. Gigi believes the way Mafty does things isn't right, to which Hathaway asks for another way. He laughs when she responds with the idea of a dictatorship incapable of making mistakes, Hathaway believes any human capable of that would essentially be a god, and that by the time someone like that appears, all of humanity would be gods. Gigi thinks he's referring to Newtypes, leading Hathaway to re-affirm her schooling that they don't exist.

After taking a shower, Hathaway finds Oenbelli's coordinates on a map. Leaving his bedroom, he accidentally sees Gigi changing, His scornful response upsets Gigi, who runs into her bedroom. As he leaves the hotel, Hathaway contemplates his actions; the situation reminds him of when he was with Quess Paraya.

Hathaway rendezvous with his fellow Mafty members, Mihessia Hence and Kenji Mitsuda, at the Davao Environmental Botanical Garden. Mihessia receives Hathaway's book so she can hand it over Iram Masam. She tells Hathaway that people who believe Mafty's base is in Australia have been gathering in Oenbelli. Hathaway suspects that Quack Salver is behind it, but she states that the general is happy about it, but they haven't had any contact with them. Thirty-thousand people are in Mafty's Army. Kenji states that Kimberley's main force already made a sortie in Oenbelli. Although Mihessia believes this makes it easier for them in Davao, Hathaway thinks the new commander (Kenneth) looks like trouble. Kenji deduces that the new commander is also responsible for the new model of mobile suit being tested.

At the Agdao Public Market, Kenji tests if Hathaway's card has a tracking function, concluding that all payments made with the card are 100% anonymous. Hathaway and Mihessia sees this as an example of a system created in the corridors of power, Kenji jokes that Hathaway could live forever in luxury, prompting Mihessia to snatch the card from him.

Jollibee MSG Hathaway 0h31m51s.png

The three Mafty members eat at a Jollibee restaurant. With the assumption that the military and Bureau of Investigation will keep him until the next morning, Mihessia offers a diversion. Hathaway initially declines, preferring to keep his actual identity intact. But factoring in Gigi, whom he considers dangerous to have as an enemy, he proposes a diversionary attack on the floors above his.

FCPO Man Hunter vehicles stop on the other side of the street, targeting people suspected of having no residence permits. Recalling that Mihessia was deported once before, Hathaway separates from the others as they escape into the market to hide. Buying clocks at a shop, Hathaway listens as the owner asks why Mafty hasn't fought the Hunters. Hathaway steps into the streets to witness a RGM-89Gmh Jegan Ground Type-A (Man Hunter) shooting at a civilian building. Hathaway gets a taxi back to the Tasaday Hotel. The taxi-driver believes Mafty should fight the Hunters, too, but goes on to say Mafty is eggheaded for trying to get everyone up into space, when Davao isn't as polluted. Despite less greenery and fish, the driver believes it's still enough for them to eat. Hathaway explains that Mafty means a thousand years into the future. The driver laughs, telling Hathaway that those who have to work do not have the luxury of thinking so far a head, he elaborates further.

Hathaway returns to his suite with a message from Huguest. The Bureau of Investigation will send a car for Hathaway at 10am the following day. At sunset, Hathaway finishes dinner alone in the dark. Kenneth enters the suite, Gigi invited him as she was ditched by Hathaway. While Gigi gets ready, Kenneth tells Hathaway that the cabinet ministers are to come to his base the following day, but all Hathaway has to do is sign a statement prepared by him after the Bureau of Investigation finishes their questioning. Kenneth handles the clocks Hathaway bought as he tells Hathaway what he knows about Hathaway's actions during Char's Rebellion; Hathaway allegedly shot down an enemy. Hathaway responds that it was against military regulations, thus causing problems for his father. Nonetheless, Kenneth is impressed he could do it without training. Helping himself to food off of Hathaway's plate, Kenneth tells Hathaway about his predecessor Kimberley, and how the sortie at Oenbelli is being done to spite him. Kimberley wants military achievements/glory before heading to space. Kenneth, born a commoner, wishes he had a noteworthy father like Hathaway, but Hathaway warns about how that can be a weight on one's shoulders. Gigi has changed into a dress and asks Kenneth to put a necklace on her, they leave on their date. While Gigi and Kenneth dance at the club at top of the hotel, Hathaway lies in his bed, reflecting on what various people have said to him about Mafty. He remembers events of Char's Rebellion.

Galcezons carrying Messers fly above the ocean. Captain Civet Anhern of the 2nd Galcezon reports no obstructions in their flight path. Giving their ETA, he tells the others to expect to be intercepted immediately. Gawman Nobile, piloting a Me02R-F01 Messer Type-F01, thinks Kimberley's forces will arrive late. Fencer Mayne and Civet speak word about the enemy's new commander and model, respectively. This does not faze Gawman, seeing as the enemy were careless enough to leave seven cabinet ministers sleeping in Davao. Regardless, Civet orders Gawman to withdraw after 10 minutes without exception. The Galcezons climb, Golf and Fencer take off in their Me02R-F02 Messer Type-F02 units. As Gawman's Messer Type-F01 launches, Civet tells him that the interval is 180 seconds but the communications cut off after Civet mentions Hathaway. Combat is visible as the Kimberley Unit has already detected Mafty. Gawman takes aim at the Regent Hotel [quote 5].

Hathaway awakens at 03:52, and sees the nearby Regent Hotel getting hit. He wakes up Gigi and they leave their suite [quote 6]. Meanwhile, Gawman lands his Messer Type-F01 in some trees. Hathaway and Gigi encounter an escaping man and woman at the elevator, they pause before getting in but Gigi takes Hathaway's hand and they all get in [quote 7]. The man is worried the elevator may stall on them and Hathaway inadvertently pushes their fear further with the mention of bombs. Gigi overhears the woman whispering to the man about their secret affair. Gigi explains why she pulled Hathaway in [quote 8].

Gawman sees the Kimberley Unit's mobile suits regrouping in the distance, barely making out Fencer's mobile suit. Gawman's Messer Type-F01 aims its Long Beam Rifle at the 43rd floor of the Tasaday Hotel. All the while, Hathaway seems to have informed Gigi about the plan. He mentions hearing a bomb to Gigi just before the hotel is hit [quote 9]. The elevator blacks out and stalls at the 5th floor, but briefly continues descent, opening at the 3rd floor. Gigi runs with Hathaway to the streets. Hathaway sees Kenji's car and Emerelda Zubin, whom he's supposed to meet with, waiting across the street. Gigi holds on to Hathaway's jacket, worried that he might leave her. Hathaway takes a step forward but it is to put the jacket on Gigi, before running away. Emerelda throws her cigarette, annoyed and confused as to why Hathaway ran the other way. Joking that Emerelda is scary, Kenji drives off to follow Hathaway. Emerelda, Hathaway, and Gigi all see the RX-104FF Penelope in Flight Form above them. Deducing that it's the new model his comrades mentioned, Hathaway concludes that they've been played by Anaheim.

Gawman continues to do battle with Gustav Karl Type-00 mobile suits. After dodging a grenade launched by a Gustav Karl Type-00, Gawman thinks the enemy are insane for using it near a populated area. He is caught off-guard as the Penelope flies past and gunfire from it causes him to lose his Long Beam Rifle. Emerelda bares witness as the Long Beam Rifle plants itself into the road. She enters a running crowd, following Hathaway and Gigi. Emerelda then sees a Gustav Karl Type-00 hovering above, she covers her ears when a stray beam cuts into the ground, destroying a building and flinging hot debris everywhere; Emerelda survives. Gawman, barely armed, tries to avoid fire from a persistent Gustav Karl Type-00 but begins descent when it damages the left thruster on the back of his Messer Type-F01.

Hathaway hugs Gigi whilst both are lying on the ground, questioning his own actions. They, Emerelda, and the other evacuees get up when a Gustav Karl Type-00 crash lands. Emerelda catches up with Hathaway and tells him to head towards the park. In the park, Hathaway stops running as Gigi is crying, much to Emerelda's chagrin [quote 10]. Gawman's Messer Type-F01 lands near them. Two Gustav Karl Type-00 mobile suits continue fighting despite the collateral damage. The three narrowly survive the mobile suits brawling, taking shelter behind the walls of a building. Hathaway is in a dilemma, not knowing whether to stay with Gigi or run to Emerelda [quote 11]. Emerelda leaves as Hathaway embraces Gigi, but even they have to move now as a Gustav Karl Type-00 crushes the building. Sparks from a beam saber clash burns Gigi's purse but Hathaway pulls her away. Hathaway embraces Gigi as he witnesses the two Gustav Karl Type-00 mobile suits disable Gawman's Messer Type-F01.

A Kessaria lands, Federation soldiers secure the area, and Gawman exits his Messer Type-F01. Members of Minecche Kestalgino's EFF squad are still stuck in traffic but Kenneth some other subordinates arrive on horseback as it was faster. Lt. Lagoid meets with Kenneth. When Gigi runs towards the Captain, Hathaway is instantly reminded of the time he was in Londenion and Quess ran away to intervene in Char and Amuro's fistfight. Hathaway gets his jacket back and Kenneth tells Gigi to go into the Kessaria cockpit where it's warmer. Hathaway approaches Kenneth to discuss the downed Mafty mobile suit. The Penelope lands and its pilot Lane Aim steps out [quote 12]. Gawman looks directly at Hathaway while being taken prisoner, Kenneth promises to take his time interrogating him. Lane Aim reports to Kenneth who scolds him for losing three machines despite shooting down one, Kenneth even threatens to give the Hathaway the Penelope if it happens again. As Lane heads out, Kenneth tells Hathaway that he's exceptional as a test pilot but useless in actual battle. Hathaway is reminded of himself when he stole a Jegan; full of misplaced overconfidence. Kenneth lets Hathaway enter the Kessaria, too. He sits next to Gigi and shares a hot drink with her, Gigi leans on Hathaway and they tell Federation soldiers that they were at the Tasaday hotel when the air raid happened.

The next morning, RGM-89 Jegans put out fires. At the Davao Air Base, Hathaway stands in the mess hall. Gigi arrives, sporting a jacket she bought at a military store. A soldier tells them that the Captain is running late but would like to join them, with someone from the Bureau of Investigation also meeting them at 10:00. Gigi cuts into a steak while Hathaway has some bread. Kenneth arrives, mentioning that he's renamed the Kimberley Unit to the Circe Unit (after the enchantress/goddess from Greek mythology), now that he is in charge of it. Kenneth alludes to Gigi as they discuss its meaning and then requests her to spend the night with him [quote 13]. Lt. Lagoid interrupts Kenneth's breakfast, reporting that search teams up to the 4th Squadron have been dispatched but Kenneth orders all of them out. Gigi, and then Hathaway, finish eating and leave [quote 14].

Huguest questions Hathaway again [quote 15]. Gigi relaxes on the roof, staring at the moon. Hathaway signs a statement as Kenneth unpacks belongings in his new office, he also had Hathaway's luggage and belongings transferred from the hotel. Kenneth says Hathaway could have been assigned the Penelope if he had joined the unit. Hathaway, once again, describes his combat feats as a fluke that caused problems for his father [quote 16]. Hathaway leaves with just his suitcase, requesting Kenneth to send regards to Gigi. Kenneth reveals to Hathaway that he does not know where she's settling down, with the address she gave them being for an unoccupied apartment. Later, Hathaway is chauffeured in a military limousine to the ferry terminal, Hathaway ponders if Gigi actually kept her mouth shut or might be telling Kenneth everything she knows about him.

Hathaway arrives at the ferry terminal. An announcement is made detailing additional security screenings and cancellations due to the terrorist attacks [quote 17]. The cancellation means Hathaway has to buy an evening ticket for the Davao Aquabus, so he puts his suitcase in a locker. The announcements are then interrupted by Mafty, who have hacked into the ferry terminal's displays and audio systems [quote 18].

Hathaway walks through Davao, arriving at Talamo Beach. Pouring sand out of his shoes, he sits as a Gustav Karl Type-00 flies above on a Kessaria. A boy arrives on an outrigger boat with a message. Apparently arranged and paid for by Emerelda, Hathaway gets onto the boat [quote 19]. After getting far away enough from the beach, the boat stops in the shining sun. Kenji and Emerelda arrive on a cruiser. Kenji hops onto the boy's boat where Hathaway hands over his jacket which has the keys to the locker at the ferry terminal. Emerelda pulls Hathaway aboard the cruiser which speeds away. On the cruiser, Hathaway explains his recent actions to Hendrix Hiyo (who's driving the cruiser) and Emerelda [quote 20]. After a while, the cruiser rendezvous with a flying boat.

Back in Kenneth's office, Gigi fills out her statement. She explains to Kenneth why her apartment in Hong Kong is unoccupied and how she got a ticket for the Haunzen; her relationship with Count Boundenwooden [quote 21]. Gigi decides to leave. Meanwhile, Hathaway looks out the window as flying boat nears its destination. Kenneth requests Gigi to stay, calling her a "goddess of victory" as before, but the conversation takes a different turn when Gigi mentions Hathaway [quote 22].

The flying boat reaches the camouflaged Mafty base where Hathaway, Hendrix and Emerelda disembark. Hathaway runs past Raymond Cain who passes word from Iram that the operation will be a mid-air pickup. Raymond tells Emerelda to also get ready. Just after Iram asks Julia Suga to lend Maximilian a hand, he sees Hathaway. Fencer calls Hathaway "Mafty" and Max Harriet smiles. Hathaway apologizes to Civet for what happened to Gawman. Iram suggests to plan a rescue operation. According to Iram, the Valiant should have arrived in the designated waters. Despite what they've heard from Mihessia, the operation is still going to be a mid-air pickup. Hathaway agrees with the plan.

Hathaway puts on his pilot suit while Iram reads Hathaway's botany book. Iram mentions that both yesterday and today, they received a request in plaintext for support by Mafty's 1st Army; Oenbelli has been attacked by more than ten of Kimberley's Gustav Karls. The actions of this group are getting in the way of Mafty's plan, according to Hathaway. They have one chance at getting their cargo, and Hathaway would rather it not fall into the Federation's hands. A siren suddenly sounds; Mafty have intercepted a signal from a nearby enemy submarine. Hathaway and Iram rush to the control room.

Fencer is okay to go in Messer unit 3 (his Type-F02), Mihessia wishes him well. Golf's Type-F02 is also ready. Civet heads out in the 2nd Galcezon. Mihessia reports where the submarine signal came from and predicts its current location. Iram grants them authorization to take down the submarine, he then tells Hathaway that the submarine's message regarded the jet Hathaway arrived in. Mihessia posits the possibility that the message could be relayed through other means. Those in the control room conclude the submarine was sent by Kenneth [quote 23].

Vessel enter exit logs MSG Hathaway 1h10m21s.png

Minecche has logs for vessels. He zooms in on an image of the cruiser (a motor boat registered by "Harrison Lee" at Mati), reporting to Kenneth that the cruiser entered the bay once (at 3:50 PM) and then withdrew (at 5:13 PM). Frustrated at how shorthanded they are, Kenneth orders his subordinates to press the harbour bureau and naval force, having them report on any movement, no matter how small. Kenneth also asks for the Davao police chief.

The status of the group sent out to deal with the submarine is unknown according to Mihessia. Hathaway, Iram and Emerelda have no choice but leave the base in an ekranoplan.

At Davao Air Base, Kessarias, each carrying pairs of Gustav Karls sortie. In the hangar, the Circe Unit remains on stand by. Lane Aim sets his eyes on the Penelope.

Hathaway, Iram and Emerelda arrive at their destination where Maximilian Nikolai, Julia, and another mechanic await at a dry dock accompanied by another ekranoplan. Maximilian tells Hathaway that there shouldn't be any trouble but he can't guarantee that they'll make it back. Emerelda waits anxiously before climbing into the 1st Galcezon where Raymond has been waiting [quote 24].

Minecche has dug up info on the cruiser's owner, Harrison Lee. He has been identified as a parliamentary official from Side 3, currently on a Hong Kong-bound flight on his way to the Adelaide Conference. An officer relays a message from the Naval Force to Kenneth stating that unidentified forces were detected flying over the center and west coast of Halmahera Island.

Kenneth is in the interrogation room with the handcuffed Gawman Nobile. Gawman stresses that it would be too dangerous for him to know everything. Kenneth moves the topic to Hathaway, whom he believes is the real Mafty. Gawman admits that Hathaway plays the role of Mafty Erin, which leads Kenneth to conclude thay someone else must be pulling the strings. Kenneth threatens to set up Gawman as Mafty and execute him should he not tell him, but Gawman has nothing more than rumours. Gawman jokes that Mafty might be the ghost of Char Aznable, prompting Kenneth to slam his head onto the metal table. Gawman rolls on the floor with his nose in pain. Kenneth picks up the chair Gawman was sitting in and knocks Gawman unconscious.

Gawman later awakens in the cockpit of the Penelope. Pilot Lane Aim introduces himself to Gawman and explains why he's there [quote 25]. The Circe Unit has sortied with the Penelope accompanied by six Gustav Karls (two on three Kessarias).

The submarine has been defeated and Mafty members have returned to the base. Golf comments that the submarine was an antique, despite this he receives word from Hendrix that the Circe Unit are coming and Iram tells him that they were abandonning the base for the Valiant and Seawrack.

The 1st Galcezon launches from the ocean on a booster bed, carrying a Me02R-Fc Messer Type-F Naked (Commander Type). After the second boosters separate, they match the azimuth angle to that of the descending Cargo Pisa. Raymond detaches the booster bed after a quick calculation of the database variables. Moments later, they detect Cargo Pisa 30 degrees to them, and the Galcezon hatch detaches. Emerelda does a final scan for enemies with Hathaway's assistance, detecting an one at 10 o'clock. Emerelda departs from the 1st Galcezon in her Messer Type-F Naked (Commander Type), breathing rapidly. She accidentally pushes the Cargo Pisa. With no second chance, she accelerates with the thrusters before finally grabbing onto Cargo Pisa. As Emerelda calms down, Hathaway leaves the cockpit. He begins to reflect on how his naivete led to their present situation [quote 26].

The Messer Type-F Naked (Commander Type) returns to the 1st Galcezon and Hathaway changes into a different pilot suit. He uncovers a cloth covering the head of the "Xi G" aka the RX-105 Xi Gundam.

Officers discuss where the object was launched from and the Lane Team's relative position. Minette believes it's unlikely they can be contacted. Kenneth concludes they have to rely on Lane's judgement. He is convinced that Mafty Navue Erin is Hathaway, recalling his physical skills from the Haunzen [quote 27].

Lane spots the descending Cargo Pisa and orders his team to intercept it. Hathaway boots up the Xi Gundam while the heat of re-entry is about to burn up Cargo Pisa. Hit by one of the Penelope's beams, Hathaway flashes back through the events of the last few days and hears the voice of Amuro Ray [quote 28].

More of the Penelope's beams hit Cargo Pisa, Hathaway must get out or else the Valiant will be caught up in it, too. The Penelope is descending headfirst and matches the velocity of Cargo Pisa. Lane and Gawman see the Xi Gundam climbing out of it. The Penelope fires two simultaneous shots from its shoulder-mounted Mega Particle Cannons, but to Lane's surprise, the Xi Gundam dodges them [quote 29].

The Xi Gundam shoots back at the Penelope, but it dodges. The Penelope returns fire with its Beam Rifle but nothing hits. Gawman tells Lane to ascend.

The empty Cargo Pisa hits the ocean. Cargo floats near the Valiant while two Galcezons fly around (one carrying a Messer Type F-01). The Gustav Karls deploy from their Kessarias and begin the descent. They fall and try to grab onto the Xi Gundam. It pushes some away as it climbs and fires on others. The Xi Gundam destroys two of the Kessarias with its Beam Rifle, causing the Gustav Karl Type-00 pilots to lose their footing. One lands on a small island, port side.

As Hathaway guesses where Lane is next, the Penelope successfully lands a hit on the Xi Gundam, severely damaging its shield. The two gargantuan mobile suits clash with their Beam Sabers. Lane opens a communications channel to Hathaway. Because of this, Hathaway hears the screams of Gawman [quote 30].

The Lane backs off for a moment, keeping the Penelope at a distance. A Gustav Karl Type-00 fires upon the Xi Gundam but Lane somehow gets the pilot to withhold fire. Acknowledging that Lane is an honorable man, Hathaway moves the Xi Gundam and opens its hatch. Gawman drops from the Penelope into the Xi Gundam's cockpit.

The Penelope, in pursuit of the Xi Gundam, releases Funnel Missiles which crash on impact with the ocean surface, creating columns of water. The Xi Gundam glides just above the water's surface and seemingly makes a sharp turn to the Penelope's right. Not noticing the green beam trail, Lane shoots the Penelope's beam rifle at the target, thinking it's the Xi Gundam. The target explodes after 5 shots. The Penelope flies over to where the explosion. Lane raises his head to see the Xi Gundam confronting him, unleashing its Funnel Missiles.

The Penelope falls back, firing its Vulcan machine guns, but the Funnel Missiles severely damage the Penelope and it crashes into the water. Lane regains consciousness sometime later. Dismounting himself from the pilot seat, he is in disbelief. Lane opens a survival pack case containing a firearm while recalling how he thought he shot the enemy down. Lane then opens the cockpit hatch, flooding the cockpit with water. Climbing out of the water, onto the back of the Fixed Flight Unit, Lane looks around for an enemy, aiming his firearm. It is dawn, the puzzled Lane lowers his weapon, positive that he finished the Xi Gundam off.

In the Davao Air Base mess hall, Gigi begins to put batteries into a clock Hathaway left behind. She and Kenneth discuss Lane and her current plans [quote 31]. It is approximately 05:20.

The sun rises and the Valiant sets off. Galcezons, Messers and the Xi Gundam have been loaded aboard. Hathaway steps out of the Xi Gundam, welcomed by Civet, Golf and another pilot. A doctor looks after Gawman. Max Harriet tells Julia that equipment repairs are top priority, but Julia takes no notice as she inspects the Xi Gundam's head. Maximilian reads the Xi Gundam's manual on a tablet and mentions that the beam rifle is missing, as Gawman is being tended to, he explains that Hathaway used it as a decoy; the Penelope was shooting at that instead of the Xi Gundam. Hathaway elaborates that he just let go of the beam rifle when he fired it, almost hitting himself. Gawman is thankful for the hit-and-run attack. Maximilian, one the other hand, isn't pleased as the spares (that were in Cargo Pisa) are likely at the bottom of the sea. Raymond refuses to lend Emerelda the the leader's machine as it gets targeted first, but Emerelda states Hathaway said she could have it. Emerelda suggests to leave immediately to scout out Oenbelli, Hathaway agrees with her, as does Iram. The captain of the Valiant is already on it, though Maximilian needs to give everything he has. Kelia Dace catches up with Hathaway, and hands him a bottled energy drink [quote 32].

Gigi, sporting a sun hat, is escorted down the steps by Kenneth to a Military Limousine, discussing Hathaway and his father. Gigi has decided to stay in Davao for two or three days longer [quote 33].

Hathaway steps out onto the deck of the Valiant, seeing the Seawrack in front.

Two days earlier, Oenbelli was devastated by conflict with an Earth Federation Forces flag burning.



Earth Federation

Earth Federation Forces

Circe Unit
Londo Bell

Cabinet Ministers

  • Karl Eyinstein

Criminal Police Organization

Bureau of Investigation

Haunzen Crew

Neo Zeon




Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

  • Galcezon
  • Cruiser
  • Flying Boat
  • Ekranoplan
  • Cargo Pisa
  • Valiant
  • Seawrack

Earth Federation Forces

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

  • Military Vehicle (LUV)

Criminal Police Organization


Neo Zeon





  • Möbius by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] feat. mpi & Laco & Benjamin

Insert Song

  • TRACER by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] feat. Benjamin


  • Senkou by Alexandros
  • Senkou (English ver.) by Alexandros (Netflix releases)

Title Timestamp Notes
Möbius (OP) 00:16:00
TRACER 00:37:45
Senkou (ED) 01:31:00 Senkou (English ver.) is the ending for all audio tracks on the Netflix international release.


Italics indicate thinking.

  1. Kenneth: As for Mafty, he's a dangerous individual. He's disrupting the order of the Earth Federation government.

    Gigi: But the public loves Mafty. They say he's Char Aznable come back to life, that he'll do what people want.
    Kenneth: That's quite extreme. According to Mafty, once they've assassinated all of the Federation ministers, all of mankind will have to leave Earth for the sake of the environment.
    Gigi: Without exception, right?
    Kenneth: Yes. All of humanity without exception. It's a childish idea, really.
    Gigi: You shouldn't dismiss the idea just because it's childish.
    Kenneth: The world is a lot more complicated than that.
    Gigi: That's what they all say. You have to get your hands dirty. What do you think?
    Kenneth: The wheels of society must be greased, I suppose.
    Gigi: Everything you say is so predictable.

    —Kenneth and Gigi, 0h03m13s to 0h04m11s

  2. A combination of Sudanese, Arabic, and Old Irish. Isn't it ridiculous? It's barely even a name! Mafty Navue Erin.

    —Kenneth and Gigi, 0h09m53s to 0h10m04s

  3. Hathaway: I've seen corpses of all kinds in the old wars.

    Mafty Erin: You're…
    Hathaway: Yes, that's me.

    —Hathaway and Mafty Erin, 0h03m13s to 0h04m11s

  4. Quess: Do it! Do it! they're fakes!

    Gigi: Do it! They're fakes!

    —Quess and Gigi, 0h12m23s to 0h12m09s

  5. Do a good job, Golf and Fencer! My condolences to the souls of those who get caught in the crossfire. Forgive us.

    —Gawman, 0h40m20s to 0h40m31s

  6. Hathaway: Put your shoes on! This place is a target too!

    Gigi: Why?
    Hathaway: Because those Federation bigwigs are staying here!
    Gigi: Is it Mafty?
    Hathaway: I don't know. An air attack on an urban area is unheard of.
    Gigi: But you're Mafty Erin!
    Hathaway: Mafty is an organization. It's not a single individual.
    Gigi: Liar.

    —Hathaway and Gigi, 0h40m57s to 0h41m19s

  7. It's fine. Let's get in.

    —Gigi, 0h42m00s

  8. Gigi: Why did you ask me?

    Hathaway: I was betting on your instincts.
    Gigi: Well then, clear up that confusing conversation from before.

    —Gigi and Hathaway, 0h42m26s to 0h42m40s

  9. Gigi: I knew it. You do scary things.

    Hathaway: Did you hear that? It sounded like bombs.
    Gigi: I think so...

    —Gigi and Hathaway, 0h43m08s to 0h43m17s

  10. Hathaway: Gigi, are you okay?

    Emerelda: They're coming down!
    Hathaway: I'm dealing with enemies... Many kinds!

    —Hathaway and Emerelda, 0h47m43s to 0h47m50s

  11. Hathaway: It's all her fault. Am I going to ruin it all again? Emeralda... I should just leave her and run over there! That's all there is to it.

    Gigi: It's horrible... Why would they do this? I'm scared!
    Hathaway: You're right. It's a horrible thing to do...

    —Hathaway and Gigi, 0h48m47s to 0h49m12s

  12. Kenneth: That's the Penelope. The Gundam I sent ahead of me, before I took this post.

    Hathaway: A Gundam? That must be your best pilot in there.
    Kenneth: He can do better. The Penelope is capable of so much more. Looks like I overestimated Lane Aim.
    Hathaway: Lane Aim? A Gundam…

    —Kenneth and Hathaway, 0h52m23s to 0h52m48s

  13. Kenneth: I've decided on the new name.

    Hathaway: What are you talking about?
    Kenneth: The name of the Kimberley Unit. The current name is lame, and I'm not obliged to keep it. That said, "Kenneth Unit" would sound massively egotistical. Well? Take a guess.
    Gigi: I don't know. The South Pacific Unit?
    Kenneth: That would be silly! It's the Circe Unit. Good name, isn't it?
    Gigi: It's weird. it doesn't sound tough.
    Hathaway: Circe? I've heard of that.
    Gigi: Oh, I see! You mean that famous Circe? Circe, the enchantress who makes fierce animals obedient. Daughter of Helios, god of the son.
    Kenneth: That's right. It's the name of a goddess. And Gigi, it would seem you have the power to make fierce men obedient.
    Gigi: What? Isn't that goddess...
    Kenneth: Yes. You're special. Gigi, spend the night with me.
    Gigi: Is this really the time for that?
    Kenneth: What I mean is, you're our goddess of luck. If you sleep with me, the Circe Unit will gain the powers of its namesake.
    Hathaway: Captain! Don't talk like that, it's distasteful.
    Kenneth: What do we have here? We have another contender for your affections, Gigi

    —Kenneth, Hathaway and Gigi, 0h55m51s to 0h57m13s

  14. Lt. Lagoid: Commander! Search teams up to the 4th Squadron have been dispatched! How should we proceed?

    Kenneth: Send them all out. All of them!
    Lt. Lagoid: All of them, sir?
    Kenneth: Make the arrangements immediately!
    Lt. Lagoid: Yes, sir!
    Kenneth: What are you, five? You'll never win her heart that way.
    Gigi: You're right. But I'm equally disgusted by your lack of sincerity, Captain.
    Hathaway: Leave me out of it.
    Kenneth: You should make up your mind.
    Hathaway: nd you should try to be less vulgar.
    Kenneth: Why are you so awkward around her, anyway? Did you get your heart broken real bad in the past or something?
    Hathaway: I'll get some sleep before the Bureau of Investigation gets here.
    Kenneth: Good idea. Thanks to Mafty, I won't be getting much sleep for a while. They've killed 18 cabinet ministers now. What's wrong?
    Hathaway: I was just thinking… Mafty's lofty ideals won't save him if he keeps up the killing. He'll have to die in the end.
    Kenneth: Exactly. And I'll be the one to take his head.

    —Lt. Lagoid, Kenneth, Gigi and Hathaway, 0h57m15s to 0h58m30s

  15. Gass H. Huguest: I see. Thank you. That concludes our investigation. You're free to go now.

    Hathaway: Why were there so many ministers on that flight, anyway? They must have known they were entering a Mafty hotspot. And they were in that conspicuous hotel--
    Gass H. Huguest: I wouldn't know. I was assigned to this remote area. I don't know what goes on in space. But one thing's for certain… We'll be seeing a lot more of Mafty from here on. Eventually, no one will care whether they're the real thing or imposters. That said, they're essentially terrorists. The public won't support them forever.

    —Gass H. Huguest and Hathaway, 0h58m39s to 0h59m18s

  16. Kenneth: I could've assigned the Penelope to you if you joined my unit.

    Hathaway: I told you. My combat feats were a fluke. They caused problems for my father.
    Kenneth: I guess having a famous father isn't all sunshine and rainbows.
    Hathaway: It wasn't that bad. Plenty of girls approached me to talk about my father.

    —Kenneth and Hathaway, 0h59m51s to 1h00m11s

  17. In light of recent events, all passengers must undergo security screening before boarding. Passengers bound for Makassar with a stop-over at Manado, please proceed to Gate 10 for boarding. As we are still dealing with the aftermath of last night's events, all inbound ships scheduled

    to arrive today have been canceled.

    —Ferry terminal announcer, 1h00m56s to 1h01m14s

  18. Mafty: In this day and age, we can no longer justify mankind's existence on Earth. It is our sincere desire that you understand this. The current Earth Federation government has forgotten why we migrated to space.

    Man A: What's this?
    Man B: Mafty hijacked the airwaves.
    Man A: Bunch of assholes. They're blowing our city up! Filthy terrorists!

    —Mafty's message and the public's response, 1h01m18s to 1h01m39s

  19. Boy: Have you heard of the Nejen? Come on! I've been paid for this! Want me to explain the view?

    Hathaway: No, I'm good.
    Boy: So the sea isn't really your thing, is it? That woman said so.
    Hathaway: What? Oh, right.
    Boy: Boy, I like an older woman! That's nice. I wish I could find one too.

    —Boy and Hathaway, 1h02m38s to 1h03m10s

  20. Hendrix: What's all this about?

    Hathaway: I just bailed on the bizarre relationships I formed on the Haunzen.
    Emerelda: I bet none of them realized they were with Mafty himself.
    Hathaway: No, Kenneth will figure it out.
    Emerelda: What?
    Hathaway: He'll figure it out, even if Gigi keeps my secret.

    —Hendrix, Hathaway and Emerelda, 1h04m08s to 1h04m30s

  21. Gigi: So Hathaway left without saying anything to me?

    Kenneth: He said he might have second thoughts if he saw you.
    Gigi: Don't you think that's rude?
    Kenneth: As a man, I sympathize with him.
    Gigi: Is that right?
    Kenneth: When things are settled here, I'll take you to Hong Kong. I've arranged a cottage for you until then.
    Gigi: How very kind of you. Or perhaps you can't relax unless you keep me under surveillance? Kenneth: I did some digging. You applied for the Haunzen through Boundenwooden. Are you related to him?
    Gigi: Of course not.
    Kenneth: So why were you on the Haunzen?
    Gigi: Because I have a close relationship with Count Boundenwooden. Now that you have the missing piece to my puzzle, you probably regret wasting a cottage on someone like me.
    Kenneth: You're joking, right? The Count must be in his eighties.
    Gigi: That's right. He's in good health, but he's also terribly lonely.
    Kenneth: Your apartment in Hong Kong is unoccupied.
    Gigi: The Count bought it for me. I'm going to see it for the first time.
    Kenneth: That explains a lot.
    Gigi: Disappointed? I'm not as pure as you think. Don't worry. I'll be gone soon.

    —Gigi and Kenneth, 1h04m58s to 1h06m19s

  22. Kenneth: No, wait. You can stay. My instincts tell me you're a goddess of victory.

    Gigi: That's a stretch.
    Kenneth: Soldiers who risk their lives in battle tend to be superstitious.
    Gigi: Really? But Hathaway wanted nothing to do with me.
    Kenneth: That's because he wasn't a real soldier. And besides… Gigi, what did you just say?
    Gigi: What?
    Kenneth: What did Hathaway tell you? Or perhaps you sensed something about him?

    —Gigi and Kenneth, 1h06m27s to 1h06m59s

  23. Mihessia: The submarine the signal came from hid behind Tidore Island and seems to be in the sea, west of Makian Island. We're counting on you, Civet.

    Iram: You have permission to shoot them down. Take them out!
    Civet: Leave it to us.
    Hathaway: What's the submarine saying?
    Iram: They're asking about the jet you arrived in.
    Mihessia: They can't get a direct line with all these Minovsky particles, but they can still get through to Davao by relaying the message to nearby vessels.
    Female Doctor: I've never heard of submarines in Davao.
    Iram: It seems the new commander has been keeping himself busy.
    Hathaway: Yes. We can't be too careful of Kenneth Sleg.

    —Mihessia, Iram, Civet, Hathaway, Female Doctor, 1h09m33s to 1h10m16s

  24. Hathaway: How does it look?

    Maximilian: You shouldn't have any trouble, but I can't guarantee you'll make it back. What?
    Emerelda: Am I really doing this? Never mind, don't answer that. We don't have any spare pilots available for this.
    Raymond: Emme, pick up the pace! Get that data into the Messer, quick.
    Emerelda: I know already!
    Raymond: This operation is beyond insane, Hathaway.
    Hathaway: I'm sorry, Raymond.
    Hathaway: It's all right. I'll make sure I get you there.
    Hathaway: I'm counting on you. This is an operation we can't let you take part in, Raymond.
    Raymond: Well, she's the one I feel sorry for.

    —Hathaway, Maximilian, Emerelda, and Raymond, 1h11m41s to 1h12m39s

  25. Gawman: A mobile suit?

    Lane: It's the Penelope. I'm Lieutenant Lane Aim. Captain Kenneth said to use you as a hostage. He wants me to use you as a shield if things go south.
    Gawman: You bastards! That's low!
    Lane: I have to disagree. Unlike Mafty's indiscriminate terrorist attacks, only one life will be lost… yours. But that's not my style. I guarantee your safety as long as I can fight in the Penelope.

    —Gawman and Lane, 1h14m24s to 1h15m06s

  26. My naivete led to this situation. When it was time to return from Anaheim, I boarded the Haunzen with my privileges as Hathaway Noa because I couldn't resist the temptation of seeing the cabinet ministers one last time before I killed them. That was a mistake, and now my comrades are in danger. Isn't that right, Quess? If that's your answer, I'll change. I will change… into Mafty Navue Erin!

    Well done making it here on your own, Xi G.

    —Hathaway, 1h18m33s to 1h19m20s

  27. Officer C: Flying objects launched 150km off the west coast of Halmahera.

    Minette: Where's the Lane team?
    Officer B: They're 200km north of Halmahera.
    Minette: It's unlikely we can contact them.
    Kenneth: We have no choice but to trust Lane's judgment.
    Minette: Keep transmitting to the Lane team!

    Kenneth: It's him. I've seen what he's capable of. And if I'm right… afty Navue Erin!

    —Officers, Minette and Kenneth, 1h19m24s to 1h19m50s

  28. Hathaway: I'll cut them off. These confusing relationships and Gigi Andalucia too! Damn gravity! I'm hit!

    Amuro: The grim reaper won't come when you're ready for him, Hathaway.
    Hathaway: Mind your own business! I'm losing my touch! Is it because of Gigi?

    —Hathaway and Amuro, 1h20m06s to 1h21m07s

  29. Hathaway: The ocean! If I don't get out now, the Valiant will be in trouble too! This has to work out somehow!

    Lane: What? It dodged! But how?
    Gawman: Even Mafty can get hold of a Gundam.
    Lane: A Gundam? With a Minovsky flight system?
    Gawman: Don't follow! They'll target us!
    Lane: Don't insult me!

    —Hathaway, Lane and Gawman, 1h21m08s to 1h22m08s

  30. Lane: So Mafty brought out a Gundam copy.

    Gawman: Get back, or he'll get us!
    Lane: Shut up!
    Hathaway: Gawman? Gawman! Have you betrayed us?
    Or are they using you as a shield? Answer me!
    Lane: A shield, you say? Don't insult me! I'm not like Commander Kenneth! Gawman: Forget about me! Destroy this new model! Please!
    Hathaway: Penelope pilot! Lane Aim! So you can't fight unless you have a hostage? You're pathetic!
    Lane: You know my name? You can have him back! I was just following the Captain's orders!

    —Gawman, Lane and Hathaway, 1h23m40s to 1h24m18s

  31. Gigi: Is Lane safe and sound?

    Kenneth: Considering the damage to his machine, it's a miracle he made it back alive. See? You're a goddess of luck.
    Gigi: Am I? I don't feel it myself.
    Kenneth: The fact that you've survived on your own is proof of your good fortune.
    Gigi: I have my own plans, though. I feel bad for the Count.
    Kenneth: You mean Hong Kong? That's life for you. A never-ending string of obligations.
    Gigi: Yes, I suppose you could call it that.
    Kenneth: Life can be such a nuisance.
    Gigi: I'm not that obsessed with living. Not me.

    —Gigi and Kenneth, 1h27m55s to 1h28m47s

  32. Keila: But Maximilian has a problem. We only recovered half the spare parts for the Xi, and the rest sank.

    Hathaway: Kelia? I wasn't expecting you so soon.
    Keila: Well, getting here from Hong Kong is a lot easier than returning from space.

    —Gigi and Kenneth, 1h30m16s to 1h30m34s

  33. Gigi: Hathaway's father is still in the military, right?

    Kenneth: Children don't always take after their parents.
    Gigi: That's a good point. I think I'll test my luck and see if I'm as lucky as you say. I'll be here for two or three days.
    Kenneth: That's a good idea. That may just make things interesting.
    Gigi: I don't know about that.

    —Gigi and Kenneth, 1h30m40s to 1h31m04s


The movie was directed by Shukou Murase who had previously served as a key animator for various Gundam works beginning with Mobile Suit Gundam F91 and character designer for Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Endless Waltz and Operation Meteor.

Hiroyuki Sawano of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn and Narrative returned as the composer for the movie's original score.


It was slated to release on July 23, 2020, but due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the film was delayed and then later announced to be releasing on May 7, 2021 [6]. On April 26 it was announced that the film would further be delayed until May 21, 2021. After being delayed a third time, it was finally released in Japan on June 11, 2021 [1]. The first Blu-ray release only contains Japanese audio and features an English subtitle option. It was available to movie-goers on the day of the premiere as well as for online purchase.

Also on June 11, Netflix announced on their GEEKED WEEK live stream that they would be releasing the movie outside of Japan on July 1, 2021 [5]. On June 15, Gundam Global Portal announced that dubs in 8 languages would be available for its July 1 premiere [2]. The English subtitles on the Netflix version are different to the English subtitles on the initial Blu-ray release. NYAV Post recorded the English dub for Netflix, directed by Stephanie Sheh [4].


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  • As part of a promotional campaign, certain social media accounts for Gundam and Bandai had videos claiming to be hacked by Mafty. For example, the BANDAI NAMCO Arts Channel.


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