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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Memories of Sid (機動戦士ガンダムAGE ~追憶のシド~; Kidou Senshi Gundam AGE Tsuioku no Shido) is a manga sidestory written by Hiroshi Nakanishi, It was serialized in the Shōnen Sunday Super magazine.


In A.G. 151, the space pirates "Bisidian" have taken advantage of war to extend their power. The Bisidian are associated with Ract Elfamel who supports them in finding the treasure. Once they have located the treasure, Captain Angrazzo ordered his son, Wivik Lambro, to come up a strategy to retrieve the treasure Bisidian has been looking for some time, but when he infiltrates a certain asteroid in pursuit, who should be lying in wait but federation veteran Largan Drace's platoon!


Volume 1

  • First Story: Space Pirates and Treasures
  • Second Story: Secret of the EXA-DB Treasures
  • Third Story: Track the Sid

Volume 2

  • Forth Story: Recall the Sid
  • Fifth Story: Dark Hound
  • Sixth Story: Decision

Volume 3

  • Seventh Story: Space pirates ordeal
  • Eight Story: Beginning of Bisidian
  • Ninth Story: Sid, once again
  • Final Episode: Captain Ash



Son of the space pirate “Bisidian” leader. He is the pilot of the G-Xiphos.
He was a former member of the Earth Federation's special forces, he caught on to the Federation’s injustices and in order to oppose them. Angrazzo formed the space pirates “Bisidian".
  • Jazooey Breeze
She is a member of Bisidian and pilots a Shaldoll Rogue.
  • Giml Manning
He is a member of Bisidian and pilots the G-Exes Jackedge.
  • Dam Bradey
He is a member of Bisidian and pilots a Shaldoll Rogue.

Earth Federation Forces



Heroine of the story. Discovered in cold sleep within EXA-DB, she was accidentally awakened by Wivik. She claims to be a scientist and administrator of EXA-DB. Her father is a developer of EXA-DB.
It is a massive databank of pre-AG technology. It contains a collection of blueprints, data, and formulated strategies which was supposed to be destroyed but was compiled in secret by the Earth Federation Government at that time. Fezarl Ezalcant, who was an officer with the Earth Federation at that time, took a portion of the data 80 years ago and went to the Mars Sphere and ended up leading the Vagans against the Earth Federation Government. The data he apparently stole was reverse-engineered by the Vagan engineers and became the basis in which they created Vagan's warships as well as their mobile suits. Its current location was unknown although Captain Ash (Asemu Asuno) told the Diva that it was hidden in an asteroid somewhere in space in which Kio's AGE Device can assist in locating it.



Mobile Weapons

Vehicles & Support Units

Earth Federal Forces

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles & Support Units


Mobile Weapons


Mobile Weapons


Trivia & Notes

  • The Bisidian space pirates have been confirmed to appear in the third generation of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam AGE; the arc's opening theme features a brief shot of a black mobile suit strongly resembling the AGE-2 Gundam, with the Bisidian emblem in the background. This gundam was confirmed to be Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound, who was piloted by Asemu Asuno, who used the name Captain Ash in Kio's arc. Apparently, Asemu admitted that the Bisidian under his leadership have now targeted only Earth Federation Ships that have been colluding with the Vagan Forces, but Asemu targeted the Diva as they pass through their territory simply to obtain the AGE System that it carries since the Diva's command were now manned by new personnel. However, after a three-way battle between Bisidian, Diva and the Vagan Mobile Suits. Asemu is convinced that the AGE System is still in safe hands with Flit and Kio around, and sends them a message beacon which explains the existence of EXA-DB in which Zeheart also has knowledge about based on the data that Ezalcent obtained 80 years ago.



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