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Mobile Suit Gundam 0079: Card Builder is a collectible card and strategy arcade video game developed and published by Banpresto in 2005 utilizing Sega's NAOMI 2 arcade system. Based on the One Year War of the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series players take the role of a force commander in either the Earth Federation Forces or the Principality of Zeon military. The game utilized a card-based system and IC Cards to track player stats. Players could build faction specific decks to play single player or multiplayer, with up to eight players a match within the same game center or across Japan via network play.

On the 1st of November, 2006 it was announced that the game would be upgrading to expand beyond the time frame of the One Year War. The game was rebranded to Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Card Builder, which began operation in March, 2007.


Each 0079 Card Builder arcade system has one large central screen unit with eight satellite consoles facing it in two rows of four. The large screen displays a map of the battlefield and overall progress of the current battle, and sometimes focuses on battles between individual players. The players themselves are seated at one of the satellite consoles.

Players build decks of physical cards to use on the console's playfield to battle against the computer or in networked games against other players of the opposite faction. Ten-card Federation or Zeon starter decks were available for 1,000 yen. Four types of cards exist: Mobile Suit, Character, Weapon and Custom. All cards were faction-specific, except for Custom cards.

One play session cost 300 yen, though two play sessions could be had for 500 yen. During a game players slide their cards across the play area and press buttons to effect the battle in real-time. Players can also control their battleship with a trackball, which can resupply their mobile suits and attack enemies. When a game ends players and their pilots gain experience, which is saved to their IC Card, and a random card is ejected from the machine for the player to add to their collection. There are over 400 cards of differing rarities to collect.

Original Characters

Each faction initially has four characters which serve as the player's secretary, relaying information to them during gameplay. Upon reaching the rank of General, players unlock a secret fifth secretary. The two secret characters were designed by Mine Yoshizaki, and became the mascots of the series and getting their own merchandise.

Earth Federation Forces

  • Anne-Marie Bernard
  • Erina Goodwill
  • Cecil Medici
  • Matthew Lambert
  • Reiko Holinger

Principality of Zeon


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