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Mobile Suit Gundam - Zeon MS Boys: The War of Independence (機動戦士ガンダム MS BOYS-ボクたちのジオン独立戦争-, Kidou Senshi Gundam MS BOYS - Bokutachi no Jion Dokuritsu Sensou, Kidou Senshi Gundam: Zeon MS Boys)is a two-volume manga written and illustrated by Mizuho Takayama published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized in the Gundam Ace magazine from August 2009. Based in the anime Gundam 0079 One Year War is a late stage, the hero of Zeon soldiers During the war was commissioned to an Army Corps of Engineers, Odessa Gaiden original work is painted the back of the One Year War That They experience history.


Universal Century, October 0079. Kurt Blatt offered to Principality of Zeon forces and with the sergeant Alexei were assigned to the engineering battalion Zaku tank pilots from front-line situation. They believed in the victory of Zeon and have witnessed the collapse of the brutal reality on the battlefield in Odessa you just fall.


  • STEP.01 Odessa Fire
  • STEP.02 Beyond the line of sight
  • STEP.03 Escape route to the battlefield
  • STEP.04 Means to fight
  • STEP.05 Princess of the battlefield
  • STEP.06 Encounter with a lion
  • STEP.07 Ace ghosts
  • STEP.08 The Blue
  • STEP.09 Bonds
  • STEP.010 Messengers from the colonies
  • FINAL STEP Us war of independence


Principality of Zeon Army

  • Kurt Blatt
Hero. Corporal rank is. 16 years. Born in Granada in the month. The father's opposition to pacifism, the boy enlisted in the military volunteered Principality. Originally it had been properly authorized by the applicant even MS pilot, the situation of the front [1] is assigned to pilot Zaku tank the engineering battalion from the experience of the Odessa look unchanged. Fate would be great to celebrate the turning point of encounter with Zeon soldiers Borudobayaru rascally captain soon. After disappearance of the captain to protect the saran Borudobayaru "Silver Wolf in Mongolia" is to misrepresent the name of the potential does have a high skill against MS, from the surroundings he lives up to its name does not show a suspect.
  • Alexei Coffs Novi
Sergeant rank is. 18. Kurt is the "senior" big brother called witty personality. There is also a clever aspect to worry about around other hand, may indicate a judgment and action in hot water sometimes unsuspecting. Responsible for driving Zaku tank main role.
  • Saran
The heroine of this work. 17. Borudobayaru girls team and accompany the Zeon. Tough but lovable character appearance. Invitation of the Prime Minister's daughter rank Kipu Rawdon Side 6, Astrid Kipu Rawdon. Father figure of hate to take opportunistic attitude to both the Federal Zion, after getting off the planet, threw himself into Borudobayaru team. Now have a favor to Kurt, and Kurt 'Mongolian Silver Wolf "when the then Nanzhuang forsworn himself a haircut," Kurt Brat "they claim to act together.

Earth Federation Forces

  • Andrew Mallory
Commander of the information belongs. When Vinson federal program has been involved in the government ranks searched Saran side 6 to haunt them for clues around the Black Sea. That way, quite aggressive and domineering .
  • David Tucker
Pilot MS. Note class. Ruthless nature such as murder soldiers fled from Odessa to surrender at Zeon hunting. Mallory was scouted in a place seeking to raise the battle, go into battle with the Silver Wolf. Land battle of the gym equipment for a gym-enhanced armor.
  • "Blue Death"
Appeared suddenly in the front carrier based near Fortaleza, MS do their mysterious ultra-high performance in the short term as far as destruction. Unknown no more.


Principality of Zeon Army

Mobile Suit

Earth Federation Forces

Mobile Suit

Mobile Pod



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