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Mobile Suit Gundam - Zeon MS Boys: The War of Independence (機動戦士ガンダム MS BOYS-ボクたちのジオン独立戦争-, Kidou Senshi Gundam MS BOYS - Bokutachi no Jion Dokuritsu Sensou, Kidou Senshi Gundam: Zeon MS Boys) is a two-volume manga written and illustrated by Mizuho Takayama published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized in the Gundam Ace magazine from August 2009 to September 2010. Based on the anime Mobile Suit Gundam. It is late in the One Year War, a number of Zeon soldiers are assigned to the army corps of engineers and the manga documents their experiences.


Universal Century, October 0079. Kurt Blatt volunteered for the Principality of Zeon forces and with the sergeant Alexei were assigned to the engineering battalion. They believed that Zeon would win but have just been through the Battle Of Odessa.


  • STEP.01: Odessa Fire
  • STEP.02: Beyond the line of Sight
  • STEP.03: Escape route to the Battlefield
  • STEP.04: Means to Fight
  • STEP.05: Princess of the Battlefield
  • STEP.06: Encounter with a Lion
  • STEP.07: Ace Ghosts
  • STEP.08: The Blue
  • STEP.09: Bonds
  • STEP.010: Messengers from the Colonies
  • FINAL STEP: Our war of independence


Principality of Zeon Army

Earth Federation Forces



Principality of Zeon Army

Mobile Suit

Earth Federation Forces

Mobile Suit

Mobile Pod



  • Vol.1 Mobile Suit Gundam - Zeon MS Boys ISBN 978-4-04-715396-7-C0979
  • Vol.2 Mobile Suit Gundam - Zeon MS Boys ISBN 978-4-04-715551-0-C0979

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