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Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash (機動戦士ガンダム 閃光のハサウェイ kidō senshi Gundam senkō no Hathaway) was a series of three novels written by Gundam-creator Yoshiyuki Tomino from February 1989 to May 1990. They chronicle the later life of Hathaway Noa, the son of Bright Noa, twelve years after the events of the Second Neo Zeon War as seen in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika's Children. The novel featured four new mobile suit designs by Moriki Yasuhiro, the mechanical designer of Hades Project Zeorymer.

Plot Synopsis

In Hathaway's Flash Hathaway Noa, still haunted by his past actions (not to mention the spirit of deceased Newtype Quess Paraya), joins a terrorist organization called Mufti and adopts the alias "Mufti Nabiyy Erin". The organization Mufti is fighting a terrorist campaign against the Earth Federation government, and they are eventually able to acquire the incredibly powerful prototype Ξ Gundam, which Hathaway becomes the pilot of. Using the Ξ Gundam Mufti attempts to attack a meeting of high-ranking Federation cabinet members in Adelaide, Australia to force them to vote down a provision which would strengthen the Federations already considerable powers.


Following the collapse of the Republic of Zeon’s autonomy, the Earth Federation government declared an end to all wars. However, the absolute control exerted by the Earth Federation government has caused the system to decay. Government brass abused their privileges and forcefully deported illegal residents into outer space in a practice known as “manhunting”. The year is Universal Century 0105. In order to break the decayed system of the Federation, the secret society “Mufti” begins its operations.



  • Chapter.01 – GiGi
  • Chapter.02 – Lounge
  • Chapter.03 – Kenneth
  • Chapter.04 – Hijack
  • Chapter.05 – Hathaway
  • Chapter.06 – Landing Ground
  • Chapter.07 – With Gigi
  • Chapter.08 – Hotel
  • Chapter.09 – Contact
  • Chapter.10 – Hunter
  • Chapter.11 – Minovsky Flight
  • Chapter.12 – Be Frightened
  • Chapter.13 – Commander
  • Chapter.14 – Young Pilot
  • Chapter.15 – Kirke Unit
  • Chapter.16 – Runaway
  • Chapter.17 – On the Ocean
  • Chapter.18 – Dining Room
  • Chapter.19 – Lodoicea
  • Chapter.20 – Pathway
  • Chapter.21 – Take Off
  • Chapter.22 – Showdown


  • Chapter.01 – Standing Position
  • Chapter.02 – 
  • Chapter.03 – Valiant
  • Chapter.04 –
  • Chapter.05 –
  • Chapter.06 – Mufti Nabiyy Erin
  • Chapter.07 – Gigi & Kenneth
  • Chapter.08 – Apartment
  • Chapter.09 – Underwear on the bed
  • Chapter.10 –
  • Chapter.11 –
  • Chapter.12 – Departure From Darwin
  • Chapter.13 – Information
  • Chapter.14 –
  • Chapter.15 – Gigi's Spring
  • Chapter.16 –
  • Chapter.17 –
  • Chapter.18 –


  • Chapter.01 – Local Broadcast
  • Chapter.02 –
  • Chapter.03 –
  • Chapter.04 –
  • Chapter.05 – Touch-and-Go
  • Chapter.06 –
  • Chapter.07 –
  • Chapter.08 –
  • Chapter.09 –
  • Chapter.10 –
  • Chapter.11 –
  • Chapter.12 –
  • Chapter.13 –
  • Chapter.14 – After That
  • Chapter.15 – Murrumbidgee



Earth Federation Government

  • Minister Einstein
  • Culture and Education Promotions Minister McGovern

Earth Federation Forces

Criminal Police Organization


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Earth Federation Forces

Mobile Weapons

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Notes & Trivia

  • Hathaway's Flash follows an alternate version of the events of Char's Counterattack, depicted in Yoshiyuki Tomino's novel Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika's Children. As such, Hathaway's Flash has several discrepancies when compared to the animated film.

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