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Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Full Boost (機動戦士ガンダムエクストリームバーサス:フルブースト) is the sequel to Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. The game was announced on November 28, 2011 for release in arcades in 2012 and is headed for a PS3 release on January 31, 2014, with additional units exclusive to the console version. The theme song for Full Boost is titled FIGHT IT OUT feat. K(Pay money To my Pain, performed by both Akihiro Namba of Hi-Standard and Takeshi Ueda of AA=. An additional update called Maxi Boost is slated for release in March 2014 with even more units.


Extreme Vs. Full Boost retains the trademark gameplay of previous installments of the Gundam Vs. series, with a few adjustments and changes. During a standard arcade battle, each team is given a resource meter of 6000 points; when a mobile suit is shot down, its cost is deducted from the meter, and the first team to hit 0 loses. Each mobile suit costs 3000, 2500, 2000, or 1000 points, with higher cost machines being more powerful while cheaper machines are much weaker. A few missions, particularly boss battles, eschew this in favor of making a single machine the target and having its defeat be the goal of the stage (the player's side still has a resource meter and will lose as normal if it's depleted).

Gamplay makes use of four primary buttons: Shoot, Melee, Jump, and Search. There are also three sub-commands used by pressing Shoot and Melee (Sub-Weapon), Shoot and Jump (Special Shooting) and Melee and Jump (Special Melee). In addition to these, machines can have two different charge attacks, activated by holding the Shoot or Melee button until a meter on the ammunition display fills.

Extreme Vs. adds in two important gameplay changes. Extreme Action is the ability to dash-cancel one's attacks, allowing the player to string together larger and more damaging combos. Extreme Burst is a super mode, similar to older games' Awakenings, activated by pressing Shoot, Melee, and Jump together when a meter at the bottom of the screen is filled. Several machines (primarily those piloted by the protagonists of each series) also have a super-powerful Burst Attack, executed by pressing Shoot, Melee, and Jump together while Extreme Burst is active. Full Boost will give Burst Attacks to every mobile suit in the game as well as spliting Extreme Burst into 2 two types, Assault Burst and Blast Burst. Assault Burst gives grants a boost to attack power, speed and melee range while improving the lock on range. In addition, the EX gauge will not be depleted completely upon using an EX Burst, though the time spent in EX Mode is more than halved. Blast Burst offers a defense increase as well as speed and melee, though not as much as Assault. In addition, the EX Burst depletes the gauge completely, just as in Extreme Vs. However, weapons that require the user to stop and fire can now be cancelled.

The PS3 version will feature its own Mission Mode, similar to the original's Trial Mission. Missions are organized in a list rather than a map and class and the Extreme difficulty is added. Additionally, the difficulty of these missions can be adjusted by the player. There are much less missions, but an online co-op feature has been added to allow friends to join in and assist them. Level caps have also been extended beyond Lv 38 as well. Replacing the emblems from Trial Mission are figurines of the playable suits as well as the boss units. Lastly, the game will feature custom soundtracks similar to the first game, but the feature has been significantly improved to not only adjust volume levels, but they may even be used during online sessions.

DLC for the game's console release will include the MSA-0011(Ext) Ex-S Gundam as a first print bonus as well as alternate costumes for pilots and even characters for units as well as themed HUDS, features that were available in the arcade release through a Namco-Bandai Passport. Many of the other DLC units are either pre-existing NPCs such as the GNX-609T GN-XIII, color swaps such as Poe's MRC-F20 SUMO or pilot swaps with cost adjustments like Lacus's 1000 ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam.

As of Version 1.08, a new GP Points system will be added. These points can be gained by playing or logging online. With these points, players can purchase the alternate costumes and HUDs without having to spend money. In addition, you can also use these points to purchase "trial" versions of the DLC units themselves and will be unlocked for play until you finish play of whatever mode you are in, lose or are disconnected from the servers.

Playable Units

Series Mobile Suit Pilot Cost
Arcade Mobile Suits
Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78-2 Gundam Amuro Ray 2000
MS-14S Char's Gelgoog Char Aznable 2000
MSN-02 Zeong* Char Aznable 2000
MSM-04 Acguy Akahana 1000
YMS-15 Gyan M'Quve 2000
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Kamille Bidan 2500
MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki Quattro Bajeena 2000
RX-178 Gundam Mk-II Emma Sheen 2000
PMX-003 The-O* Paptimus Scirocco 2500
PMX-000 Messala Paptimus Scirocco 2000
RX-139 Hambrabi Yazan Gable 2000
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ FA-010S Full Armor ZZ Gundam Judau Ashta 2500
AMX-004 Qubeley Haman Karn 2500
AMX-004 Qubeley Mk-II Ple Two 1000
AMX-011S Zaku III Custom* Mashymre Cello 1000
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack RX-93 ν Gundam Amuro Ray 3000
MSN-04 Sazabi Char Aznable 3000
Mobile Suit Gundam F91 F91 Gundam F91 Seabook Arno 2000
XM-05 Berga Giros Zabine Chareux 1000
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam LM314V21 Victory 2 Gundam Uso Ewin 3000
LM312V04 Victory Gundam Uso Ewin 1000
LM111E02 Gun-EZ Junko Jenko 1000
ZMT-S33S Gottrlatan* Katejina Loos 2500
Mobile Fighter G Gundam GF13-017NJII God Gundam Domon Kasshu 2500
GF13-011NC Dragon Gundam Sai Saici 2000
GF13-001NHII Master Gundam Master Asia 3000
GF13-021NG Gundam Spiegel Schwarz Bruder 2000
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero Heero Yuy 3000
OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon Milliardo Peacecraft 3000
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero EW Heero Yuy 3000
XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe Hell (EW) Duo Maxwell 2500
XXXG-01H2 Gundam Heavyarms Custom (EW) Trowa Barton 2000
OZ-00MS2B Tallgeese III Zechs Merquise 2500
After War Gundam X GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X Garrod Ran & Tiffa Adill 3000
GX-9900-DV Gundam X Divider Jamil Neate 2500
NRX-0013-CB Gundam Virsago Chest Break Shagia Frost 2500
∀ Gundam SYSTEM ∀-99 ∀ Gundam Loran Cehack 3000
AMX-109 Kapool & AMX-109 Kapool Corin Nander Custom Sochie Heim & Corin Nander 2000
MRC-F20 Gold SUMO Harry Ord 2000
CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X Gym Ghingham 3000
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam* Kira Yamato 2500
GAT-X105 Strike Gundam Kira Yamato 2000
GAT-X252 Forbidden Gundam Shani Andras 2000
ZGMF-X13A Providence Gundam Rau Le Creuset 2000
GAT-X102 Duel Gundam Yzak Jule 1000
TMF/A-803 LaGOWE Andrew Waltfeld 1000
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam Kira Yamato 3000
ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam Athrun Zala 2500
ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam Shinn Asuka 3000
ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam Shinn Asuka 2500
ZGMF-1000/A1 Gunner ZAKU Warrior Lunamaria Hawke 2000
ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam Stella Loussier 2000
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73: STARGAZER GSX-401FW Stargazer Gundam Sol Ryuune L'ange & Selene McGriff 2000
GAT-X105E+AQM/E-X09S Strike Noir Gundam* Sven Cal Bayang 2500
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 GN-001 Gundam Exia Setsuna F. Seiei 2000
GN-002 Gundam Dynames* Lockon Stratos 2000
GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei Nena Trinity 2000
GN-0000 00 Gundam Setsuna F. Seiei 3000
GN-006 Cherudim Gundam Lockon Stratos 2500
GN-007 Arios Gundam* Allelujah Haptism 1000
CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam Ribbons Almark 3000
GNW-20000 Arche Gundam* Ali al-Saachez 2500
GNX-Y901TW Susanowo Mr. Bushido 2500
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie -A wakening of the Trailblazer- GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] Setsuna F. Seiei 3000
CB-002 Raphael Gundam Tieria Erde 2500
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Banagher Links 3000
RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Marida Cruz 2500
MSN-001A1 Delta Plus Riddhe Marcenas 2000
MSN-06S Sinanju Full Frontal 2500
YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu Angelo Sauper 2000
NZ-666 Kshatriya Marida Cruz 2000
Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex" Christina Mackenzie 1000
MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai Bernard Wiseman 1000
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam "Zephyranthes" Full Burnern Kou Uraki 2000
RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis" Anavel Gato 2500
RX-78GP03S Gundam "Dendrobium Stamen"* Kou Uraki 2500
AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra Cima Garahau 2000
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team RX-79[G]Ez-8 Gundam Ez8 Shiro Amada 1000
MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom Norris Packard 1000
Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: The Hidden One Year War EMS-10 Zudah Jean Luc Duvall 1000
YMT-05 Hildolfr Demeziere Sonnen 1000
Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth Tobia Arronax 3000
XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Kincade Nau 2500
XM-X2ex Crossbone Gundam X-2 Kai Zabine Chareux 2000
XM-X3 Crossbone Gundam X-3 Tobia Arronax 2500
Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny RX-79BD-1 Blue Destiny Unit 1* Yuu Kajima 2000
MS-08TX[EXAM]Efreet Custom Nimbus Schterzen 1000
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika's Children RX-93-ν2 Hi-ν Gundam Amuro Ray 3000
Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash RX-105 Xi Gundam* Mafty Navue Erin 3000
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame Lowe Guele 2000
MBF-P03secondL Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L* Gai Murakumo 2000
MBF-P01-ReAMATU Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu* Rondo Gina Sahaku 2000
Gundam EXA Extreme Gundam Type Leos Eclipse Phase Leos Alloy 2500
Extreme Gundam Type Leos Xenon Phase Leos Alloy 2500
Extreme Gundam Type Leos Agios Phase Leos Alloy 2500
PS3 console-exclusive Mobile Suits
Mobile Suit Gundam MS-06S Char's Zaku II (DLC) Char Aznable 2000
MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type (DLC) Cucuruz Doan 1000
PF-78-1 Perfect Gundam (DLC) Shiro Kyoda 2000
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam RX-178 Gundam Mk-II (Titans) (DLC) Kamille Bidan 1000
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ MSM-04 Acguy (DLC) Haman Karn 2000
MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam (DLC) Roux Louka 2000
MSZ-006 Zaku Head Zeta Gundam (DLC) Iino Abbav 1000
RX-178 Gundam Mk-II (DLC) Elle Vianno 1000
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack RGZ-91 Re-GZ (DLC) Chan Agi 1000
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam LM312V06 Victory Gundam Hexa (DLC) Marbet Fingerhat 1000
Mobile Fighter G Gundam GF13-050NSW Nobel Gundam (DLC) Allenby Beardsley 2000
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero (DLC) Quatre Raberba Winner 2500
XXXG-01S2 Altron Gundam (DLC) Chang Wufei 2500
XXXG-01SR2 Gundam Sandrock Custom (DLC) Quatre Raberba Winner 2000
OZ-00MS2 Tallgeese II (DLC) Treize Khushrenada 2500
After War Gundam X GX-9900 Gundam X (DLC) Garrod Ran & Tiffa Adill 2500
∀ Gundam MRC-F20 Silver SUMO (DLC) Poe Aijee 2000
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam (DLC) Nicol Amalfi 2000
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam (DLC) Lacus Clyne 1000
ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam (DLC) Lunamaria Hawke 2000
ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam (Waltfeld Colors) (DLC) Andrew Waltfeld 2000
MBF-02+EW454F Strike Rouge Ootori (DLC) Cagalli Yula Athha 2000
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 GNX-609T GN-XIII (DLC) Patrick Colasour 1000
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie -A wakening of the Trailblazer- GN-011 Gundam Harute (DLC) Allelujah Haptism & Marie Parfacy 3000
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RX-0[N] Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn (DLC) Riddhe Marcenas 3000
RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (DLC) Banagher Links 3000
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory MS-14A Gelgoog (DLC) Anavel Gato 2000
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team RX-79[G]Gundam Ground Type (DLC) Shiro Amada 1000
Mobile Suit Variations MS-06R-2 Zaku II High Mobility Type (DLC) Johnny Ridden 2000
MS-06R-1A Zaku II High Mobility Type (DLC) Shin Matsunaga 2000
Mobile Suit Gundam 00V GN-001/hs-A01 Gundam Avalanche Exia (DLC) Setsuna F. Seiei 2500
GN-0000GNHW/7SG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G (DLC) Setsuna F. Seiei 3000
Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash RX-104FF Penelope (DLC) Lane Aim 3000
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray MBF-P01-Re2AMATU Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina (DLC) Rondo Mina Sahaku 2500
MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Dragon (DLC) Lowe Guele 2500
Gundam Sentinel MSA-0011[Ext] Ex-S Gundam (DLC) None 3000

Bold denotes mobile suits and Gundam series' new to Full Boost
Bold italics denotes mobile suits that were added into the arcade version later on via updates
Asterisk (*) denotes new mobile suits that were console-exclusive in Extreme Vs.

Boss Units

Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

Mobile Suit Gundam F91

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: Apocalypse 0079

Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Original

  • Stage: Extreme Universe/Extreme Evolution BGM: Divine Act, Divine Act -The Extreme- and The End of Authority
  • Extreme Gundam (Extreme Gundam Carnage Phase/Tachyon Phase/Ignis Phase/Mystic Phase)

Note: Extreme Gundam is currently the final boss of the game.

Voice Cast

Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

Mobile Suit Gundam F91

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

  • Domon Kasshu - Tomokazu Seki
  • Sai Saishi - Kappei Yamaguchi
  • Master Asia Yosuke Akimoto
  • Schwarz Bruder - Hideyuki Hori
  • Rain Mikamura - Yuri Amano
  • Stalker - Yosuke Akimoto
  • Allenby Beardsley - Narumi Hidaka

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing & Endless Waltz

  • Heero Yuy - Hikaru Midorikawa
  • Trowa Barton - Sigeru Nakahara
  • Zechs Merquise/Milliardo Peacecraft - Takehito Koyasu
  • Duo Maxwell - Toshikiho Seki
  • Relena Darlian - Akiko Yajima

After War Gundam X

  • Garrod Ran - Wataru Takagi
  • Tiffa Adill - Mika Kanai
  • Shagia Frost - Toshiyuki Morikawa
  • Jamil Neate - Kenyu Horiuchi
  • Olba Frost - Nozomu Sasaki

Turn A Gundam

  • Rolan Cehack - Romi Park
  • Gym Ghingham - Takehito Koyasu
  • Harry Ord - Tetsu Inada
  • Corin Nander - Yasuhiko Kawazu
  • Sochie Heim - Akino Murata
  • Dianna Soreil - Rieko Takahashi

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

  • Kira Yamato - Soichiro Hoshi
  • Andrew Waltfeld - Ryotaro Okiayu
  • Aisha - Fumi Hirano
  • Shani Andras - Shunichi Miyamoto
  • Rau Le Creuset - Toshihiko Seki
  • Yzak Jule - Tomokazu Seki
  • Clotho Buer - Hiro Yuki
  • Orga Sabnak - Ryohei Odai
  • Athrun Zala - Akira Ishida
  • Miriallia Haw - Megumi Toyoguchi
  • Lacus Clyne - Rie Tanaka
  • Flay Allster - Houko Kuwashima

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

  • Shinn Asuka - Kenichi Suzumura
  • Lunamaria Hawke - Maaya Sakamoto
  • Stella Loussier - Houko Kuwashima
  • Meer Campbell - Rie Tanaka
  • Meyrin Hawke - Fumiko Orikasa
  • Rey Za Burrel - Toshihiko Seki

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73: Stargazer

  • Sven Cal Bayang - Daisuke Ono
  • Sol Lune Lange - Jun Fukuyama
  • Selene McGriff - Sayaka Ohara

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

  • Setsuna F. Seiei


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