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Mobile Suit Gundam: EX Revue (機動戦士ガンダム EX-REVUE) is a 1994 fighting arcade game developed by Allumer and published by Banpresto in Japan. The game can be played in English or Japanese, suggesting that Banpresto might have planned to release this game internationally. It is based on the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and is the updated and retitled version of the 1993 Mobile Suit Gundam arcade game.

Game system

In the Japanese version of the game, in addition to the location, each stage is named after an episode of the original series.

Pilot Mobile Suit Stage Unlocked or Hidden
Kai Shiden RX-77-2 Guncannon New York
Icelina- Love's Remains
Playable from the Start
Char Aznable MSM-07S Char's Z'Gok Jaburo (inside)
Char Returns
Playable from the Start
Ramba Rall MS-07 Gouf Sodon
Ramba Ral's Attack
Playable from the Start
Soldier2 MSM-07 Z'Gok Belfast
A Spy on Board
Playable from the Start
Soldier1 MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type Ogasawara
Cucuruz Doan's Island
Playable from the Start
Soldier2 MSM-04 Acguy Jaburo (outside)
Tragedy In Jaburo
Playable from the Start
Gaiya MS-09 Dom Odessa
Black Tri-Star
Playable from the Start
Soldier1 MS-14 Gelgoog Solomon
The Glory of Solomon
Playable from the Start
Ma Quve MS-15 Gyan Side 5
The Duel in Texas
Playable from the Start
Char MS-06S Char's Zaku Luna II
Escape from Luna II
Playable from the Start
Amuro RX-78-2 Gundam Side 7
Gundam Rising
Playable from the Start
Char MS-14S Char's Gelgoog Side 5
A Fateful Encounter
Playable from the Start
Char MSN-02 Zeong A Baoa Qu
Space Fortress: A Baoa Qu
Hidden Characters
Ramuico Shutein MS-19 Dolmel A Baoa Qu
Hidden Characters

Non playable Characters and Mechanics

  • Anavel Gato
  • Aiguille Delaz
  • Gihren Zabi
  • Sayla Mass
  • Uragang
  • Ortega (mention)
  • Mash (mention)
  • Lalah (mention)
  • ACA-01 Gaw
  • Gallop-class
  • HT-01B Magella Attack
  • MA-05 Bigro
  • Salamis-class
  • SCV-70 White Base
  • Gwazine-class
  • Haro


  • System programmer - Mark'N
  • Main programmer - Mark'N
  • Graphic
    • Yoshiyuki Shikano
    • C. Domon
    • Yukie Sugimoto
    • Teiji Kobashi
    • Makoto Yamanaka
    • Sou Kajiwara
    • Takayuki Nanjō (credited as Takayuki Nanjyou)
    • Kyousuke Shinba (credited as Kyousuke Sinba)
    • Masaru Oshima (credited as Masaru Oosima)
    • Masanori Yoshihara (credited as Masanori Yosihara)
    • Tomoko Nakayama
  • CG produce - ST Dews
    • Tadao Odaka
    • Koji Tanaka (credited as Kohuji Tanak)
    • Kiroyuki Konda
    • Koji Kobayashi (credited as Kohuji Kobayashi)
    • Yoshinori Moriizumi (credited as Yosinori Moriizumi)
    • Keiko Imamura
  • MS design - Kunio Oogawara
  • Character design - Hiroshi Osaka (credited as Hiroshi Ausaka)
  • Sound effect - Hirosi Yamanaka
  • Music - Nadya Doi
  • Sound programmer - Hiroshi Yamanaka
  • Hard - Takahiro Azuma
  • Advertise - Tomoyo Sekiguchi
  • Voice actor
  • Directer - [Makoto Hijiya]
  • Producer - Takehiko Hoashi
  • Special thanks
    • Yoshiaki Kashiwagi
    • Toshiyuki Iwata
    • Yasuhiro Ota
    • Jun Ichikawa
    • Hitoshi Kanemaru
    • Sou Kajiwara
    • Sachiko Itō (credited as Sachiko Itou)
  • Presented by
    • Banpresto
    • Allumer, Ltd.



  • After the credits roll, an image of Zeta Gundam appears with the message "What's next?" Implying the possibility of a sequel based on Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. However, the game never received a sequel.

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